bribrijen · 9 years ago
Adventure may hurt you, but Monotony may kill you..
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bribrijen · 9 years ago
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HUNTER <3 My baby!!
Just so y'all get a feeling of who I am, here are ten facts about me: 1. I LOVE COUNTRY. Anything country, I love it. 2. Currently, I'm dating my best friend Jake, cause he's the prince to my Cinderella :) 3. I'm a total nerd. Dr. Who, LOTR, Harry Potter, all of it. 4. I'm a theater geek. I love plays, musicals, etc. (I'm an actress and a techie!) 5. I'm from the smallest town ever. Literally, you go to your neighbors' and your best friend from across town is there too. 6. I'm in my school's Varsity Choir, and singing is my passion. 7. I'm an artist. I mostly use acrylics, but I appreciate all forms of art :) 8. My best friend (not my boyfriend-best friend) is a swimmer. Legit eat, sleeps, and breathes chlorine. 9. Technology hates me (sorry if I fuck this up too..) 10. I'm hugely vulgar, I don't give a shit what anyone says, and if you don't like what you see, you don't have to say anything, just freaking leave.
 Hoped that was a little insight into me!
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