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catherine tate rocking up to doctor who with a background in sketch comedy and knowing literally nothing about the show; giving one of the most nuanced, tragic performances in the entirety of sci-fi history; and then dipping after one season with an absolutely horrifically devastating character ending is icon behavior i don’t make the rules
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not a single recipe on earth is honest about how long it takes to caramelize onions
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i want so badly to go back to early 2000s livejournal to have toxic fights about willow/tara from btvs where everyone takes it too far and i hack a user i loathe’s curated spuffy fic forum and delete it and they retaliate by contacting the big name blogs and convincing them to sign a callout post for me that both damns me to a wave of hate and creates a strong counter-army of users who will now defend my every move. we end up mutually doxxing each other and losing our irl jobs over it but we physically cannot stop ourselves, it’s like a frenzied itch we have to scratch, until s7 hits and we suddenly realize that it was all for nothing. but then one day, after years of our blogs being inactive and when everyone has already left the site and left behind their shells of blogs documenting the past years of their lives, i make my last post and say where i’ll be waiting for them and hours later im leaning against the empty bus stop i detailed in my post, kicking my shoes against the gravel because i feel so dumb for hoping, but the bus finally comes and the rusted doors scrape open and only one woman walks off, walks right in front of me, and i finally get to put a face to that damned animated blingee spike icon and it’s raining and theres a slight autumn chill, i don’t have a dollar to my name because of her, i never imagined her cheek would be that soft, and i kiss her right there against the faded ad for goldman’s real estate firm, with its ink bleached of color from time
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Hello! What are some of your hellcheer fic recs?
Hi! I had really good intentions for putting together a succinct list when I started responding to this, but I tripped and wrote a Hellcheer fanfic compendium instead, apparently.
This is a (non-exhaustive) list of completed Hellcheer fics that I love, and is the result of a two and a half hour trip down memory lane. If I've missed an author's tumblr please let me know!
Some of these stories may contain themes/content/tropes that are not your jam. Please read their tags before jumping in!
So, without further ado, in no particular order:
Never Seem to Find the Time by JuliaBrownen
oh it's not real (if you don't feel it) by BeeLove
where the streets have no name by @alltheseghosttowns
more by 71degreesout
aesthetic chills by @sloelimbs
and the twain were casting dice by @the-reylo-void
warm, sold things by @carry-the-sky
Both Alike in Dignity by @astorytotellyourfriends
the light, the heat by @cyraclove
they'll never know by hawkinshellfire
graceland too (whatever she wants) by @cunnninghams
Linger by CircusBones
You've Got Nothing to Lose by @viharker
reality & other highs by @chrissy-n-eddie
Chrissy & Eddie's Infinite Mixtape by @little-scribblers-heart
you really got me now. by melodicvinyl
don't say yes, run away now by @blondiest
i don't know if i could ever go without (watermelon sugar high) by @cricketsatnight
your turn to roll by mrsren
Alive and Kicking by FrostedGemstones22
put your lips close to mind, as long as they don't touch by @percyjacksonfan3
the answers seem so clear by agents_cxrter
twenty-one rules by elanor_gamgee
like a heartbeat drives you mad by redbelles
Gateway Drug by oponn
WAKE 86.9 by TheRookieKing412
Hobbit Birthdays by PlotWeaver
take a chance on me by WomanOf1000Faces
mixtape by @ivy-eyed
until you kill all my prints by silvermarie
Tattooed on my Heart by VPD2396
Camellia by @nevermorered
The Third Date Rule by InvalidUser1D
Loser Kid by @lokinightfury
you are the music in me by fkevino73
like hands that tick on a clock by @eddiemunsvn
she's so sweet with her get back stare by peterpan_in_neverland
Ride the Sky by Deathinasmalltown
Didn't Mean to Scare You by its_kira
Open Your Eyes by @natliecole
Of Dio, Billy Joel, and Vandalism by @shroomystar
For Whom the Bell Tolls by memequeen1127
all the missing girls are hanging out without us by greatunironic
haunted house with a picket fence by @wndasmaximoffs
someone reaching back for me by @enoughtotemptme
You make me the best kind of nervous, pretty sure you do that shit on purpose… by @phoenixwrites
alexa, play "she bop" by cyndi lauper by @majicmarker
she's under me and i'm not stopping by @majicmarker
she’s a hardcore candy-store give-me-some-more girl by @majicmarker
you'll need me now, i'll teach you how by @majicmarker (honestly, anything by Maj, I am thinking of starting a fan club)
Waiting on Satan's Call by @broomclosetkink
Duality by @broomclosetkink
It's different for girls by @adelaideelaine
Tenderness by @adelaideelaine
The shop around the corner by @adelaideelaine
Red Light Green Light by @idontgettechnology
You drew stars around my scars by @idontgettechnology
The Devil's Backbone by Maebe
You Got Me? I Got You. by Maebe
trailing stars behind us by @hearjessroar
come on pretty baby (kiss me deadly) by @hearjessroar
heavy metal hung from clotheslines by @hearjessroar
preach electric to a microphone by @hearjessroar
i was thursday's child by @agentmmayy
he's got that special somethin' by @agentmmayy
if there's nothing left for you here honey (then there's nothing for me) by @agentmmayy
Dirtbag by @bettsfic
sick part of a sick thing by @bettsfic
No One Like You by QuestionableCovariates
Burden of Proof by QuestionableCovariates
Bonus! Some excellent series (which also largely contain completed stories):
the 'first one's free to get you hooked' series by @uwusillygirl
the 'man to man' series by @bratanimus
the 'mixtape' series by @majicmarker
the 'self-taught learner' series by @adelaideelaine
the 'five drunks & a cheerleader' series by @phoenixwrites
the 'lay beside me, under wicked sky' series by @glitterslag
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ok follow @linzi-yay and uhm the the the title is uhhh she said “Warm Glow”
Bye I’m dead O___O… x.x
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not me writing a rexsoka post-apocalypse au on this fine thanksgiving day
this is a modern au, sort of, in that it’s set on earth, just in the future. it’s kind of a “what if america had a clone army” au. this takes place at the tail end of the second clone war, which is ending because most of the population has been wiped out. rex has just gotten news that ahsoka has been seriously injured but honorably discharged and is ready to come home. 
He’d left at dawn and arrived at dusk. The VA hospital was a relic of a different world—a cleanly paved parking lot for cars that no longer existed, windows unbroken by stones, electric light streaming out. He slid a mask on over his nose and mouth, secured goggles over his eyes, threw a hood over his head. Years ago this might have made him look suspicious, but now these things were as necessary and common as shoes. 
Inside there was no one at the front counter to greet him. Someone had left a sheaf of papers on which was handwritten, PICKING UP. Below it was a list of names and beside them, room numbers. Many were crossed out already. He flipped to the Ts. 
Caution tape spanned each of the three elevators. He took the stairs. He was certain he’d been here before though he couldn’t remember why. Clones had their own medical facilities. Once he reached the fifth floor, the silence was broken by quiet groaning and crying. Some lights were out and hadn’t been replaced; some were flickering. The central cluster of desks held computers that weren’t on, or maybe even functional. He kept looking for a nurse, doctor, orderly, anyone, but the halls were empty. He reached 5-C, a small room sectioned off with curtains. He peeked behind the first and saw a pale-skinned arm. He moved to the second, near the window, and gently pushed back the curtain. There she was. Only asleep, hopefully. When his men were seriously injured he used to tell them, It’s not bad, you’re fine, just walk it off, soldier. But this, even he had to admit, was bad.
Half of her face was wrapped up in gauze. Her right arm was in a cast, nestled in a sling. He couldn’t see below that, but under the blanket he could tell there was something around her leg. A cast, or some other contraption holding it all together. She was knocked out by something, hopefully pain pills of some kind. He stepped closer, until he was at her bedside looking down at her. He was not a man of many emotions but in that moment it all washed over him—her smile greeting him every day of summer; the terror he’d held inside him from the moment she left, worse than any he’d felt on the front lines. He wished he’d fought her harder, said the exact right thing she needed to hear to convince her no, this wasn’t worth it. Stay, please stay. But back then he thought the war was over. He thought she’d be put behind a desk somewhere, or get sent out to do humanitarian relief. Natural disaster cleanup. That was the life she wanted. Then again, no one got to live the life they wanted. Most people didn’t get to live it at all.
He reached up, gently dragged his knuckles down the uninjured side of her face. Soft brown skin. Warm. He remembered when her cheeks used to be so much rounder, all smiles and a little baby fat. Now she looked thin and sallow, like she hadn’t seen a full meal in years. 
Suddenly she gripped his wrist and put him in a simple but startlingly effective armlock. Her eyes shot open. They were just as blue as they’d always been, but they were angry, and afraid, and he didn’t recognize anything behind them. What had she been through? Who was she now? With his free hand he tugged down his hood. Her gaze flicked upward. Her face softened. “Rex?”
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(TCW Anon again) "my less kind interpretation is that he took everything traditionally feminine out of prequels anakin" Oh I totally agree — it's not an uncommon criticism of TCW from people who are not as fond of the show. I try to give the show a bit of a pass re: emotional consequences as it is a child's cartoon show and there not known for having the greatest emotional continuity, but it definitely does grate. Especially when they do land on emotional topics (like the Zygerria arc)
i don't know, i feel like kids' shows should be about relationships and growth? and not just meaningless battle sequences? like why is a kids' show even about an extremely violent and devastating war fought by humans bred to be expendable? not to mention the political intrigue aspect. like what 12 year old is watching the clone wars like "i'm interested in the political workings of the separatists" and "wow i love watching prolonged senatorial discourse." i give tcw a pass for a ton of other writing issues because it's supposedly a kids' show, but turning an iconic, interesting, conflicted character into a freddie prinze jr. 90s era jock will just always be a point of criticism for me.
i just want a VH1's Behind the Music of filoni and the inner struggles of creative control over star wars animation. i'm sure there's a story there, because i def agree, they land so many emotional topics (not to mention tales of the jedi was phenomenal??); how did the creators miss the mark so badly on others?
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Who was your favorite clone trooper!! If you say Rex who was you second favorite?
definitely my fave is rex, but echo and fives are both a close second. fives up until the brain chip plotline, and echo post-citadel. i'm very excited to watch the bad batch! also hardcase is an honorable mention.
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IMO the problem with TCW is that Anakin is that he's not really movie!Anakin but a 'combination of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo' (which is what Filoni advised Matt Lanter to give during his audition). I tend to think of it as TCW!Anakin is a bro but movie!Anakin is a nerd.
i have.......a lot of thoughts about this.
for the first few seasons of tcw, anakin being ooc really irked me. but i thought about it and it really seems like instead of expanding on anakin skywalker of the prequels, filoni instead expanded on darth vader of the original trilogy. sometimes it seemed like instead of trying to add to the story of the prequels, he was trying to fix the prequels.
that's my kind interpretation. my less kind interpretation is that he took everything traditionally feminine out of prequels anakin. the prequels, to me, have always been a story for gifted girls: you have a character whose emotions are constantly being repressed and invalidated by systemic forces, who is so naturally talented that those systemic forces are terrified of him and try desperately to keep him obedient and compliant. at no point does prequels anakin care about the plot; he cares about the people he loves. tcw anakin, however, is all plot and no feelings. aside from the rush clovis storyline, it's like he and padme don't even know each other. obiwan is just a coworker. tcw was decent at developing individual character arcs but seemed to completely disregard the idea of relationships as something that could develop conflict. obiwan fakes his own death and anakin is mad about it for all of like, half an episode. there's barely any emotional consequence to anything.
it's interesting that you say filoni directed lanter to sound like luke and han, because prequels anakin has an extremely unique vocal cadence, and that above all other things made him ooc to me. prequels anakin nearly always speaks in couplets, and his language is often stilted and rigid. many people mistook this as bad writing, but his dialogue is written the way darth vader speaks. and to just completely disregard that is so sad to me, because prequels anakin is so carefully wrought and so unique as an action movie protagonist.
not to mention, you know, anakin spends most of attack of the clones afraid his mom is going to die and submitting to padme. there's a whole scene where he gets all weepy and begs her to love him. he offers to do anything for her. tcw anakin might as well not be married for all it impacted the story. (and that pisses me off so bad, like...secret marriage?? it's such a delicious trope??? and he did NOTHING with it.)
in all 3 movies, anakin's emotions are always simmering below the surface. he's dramatic. he's whiny and immature. he has absolutely no control over himself. he's always in a state of inner conflict and turmoil, because he's always in an environment in which he feels he has to perform the role of jedi. hayden's performance is so brilliant. every time i watch the prequels, i'm really in awe of what he managed to accomplish emotionally while maintaining the wooden vader dialogue.
tcw anakin has no conflict except the story arc of the episode he's in at any given time. nothing that happens affects his emotional trajectory. even when ahsoka leaves the order, he's just like "aw shucks" and moves on. his hair is the only thing that grows.
near the end, tcw anakin does get angrier (and larger) but it's still not the same anger of prequels anakin. prequels anakin is desperate and terrified and honestly a little pathetic. tcw anakin is just a kind of an asshole.
and obiwan...you could replace obiwan with nyan cat in every scene and it would have no effect on the events of the story. he feels one (1) emotion and that's when satine dies, but that emotion has no plot consequences. in other words, the great failing of tcw for me is that the plot affects the characters, but the characters don't affect the plot. plot-driven characters, not character-driven plots. and even though i feel like my personal tastes are pretty wide, i'll just never enjoy stories that prize plot over character.
by the end i liked the clones and ahsoka's development. i loved how often bad guys had to go up against bad guys (the fight between sidious and maul...i was screaming). but for me to get there, i had to totally divorce it from my interpretation of the prequels and look at it for its own merit, the way i do with fanfic.
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OFIC Magazine’s 2023 Puschart Prize Nominations
We are thrilled to have showcased some truly tremendous work in our first year as a publication, and we are even more ecstatic to submit a few magnificent pieces for consideration for the Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses series. Those pieces are:
“to drown me out” by S. Renee, Issue #1, April 2022 
“The Basement” by KateLin Carsrud, Issue #1, April 2022
“People Person” by Annabelle Wetzel, Issue #2, July 2022 
“Rolling Over for the Cockroach Man” by Henry Sussman, Issue #2, 2022 
“Thicker Than Blood” by Valerie Hunter, Issue #3, October 2022
“Bonjour/hi” by Kim Porier, Issue #3, October 2022
If you haven’t already, please give these beautiful stories a read and let us (and the authors!) know what you think by leaving a comment. 
Congratulations to our amazing contributors! We cannot wait to see what your futures hold. 
site | subscribe | submit | faq
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[clone wars spoilers]
finally finished the clone wars last night. i didn’t like it nearly as much as everyone said i would like it. or at least, i liked it for different reasons than they thought i’d like it. (the highs were so high! the lows were totally unwatchable.) i really thought it would make me more of an obikin shipper, but they barely have any interaction and what interaction they do have is emotionless and plot-based. that’s not a criticism of the show or anything, like that’s definitely sticking to The Premise, but their relationship in this particular context just didn’t interest me. 
i really thought maybe i’d end the series without a main ship to obsess over? but then rexsoka happened and in like 2 episodes gave me nearly everything i’d wanted from the rest of the series: extreme loyalty that pushes against all other loyalties (he FOUGHT his BRAIN CHIP), mutual protectiveness, age gap, reverse power dynamic, force bond?? an implied future of grief and trauma recovery in a war-torn galaxy. i really didn’t think rex and ahsoka would end up being my favorite characters considering i’ve spent half my life obsessed with anakin skywalker, but here we are. 
anyway i’m 1500 words into a fic already with about a half dozen other ideas. i won’t have time to write all of them (and this particular ship is not conducive to modern au, which sucks for me, considering i don’t write a lot of canon stuff) but hopefully i can get out a one-shot. 
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personal post
i’m a finalist in something??
Tumblr media
i started sending some of my work to screenwriting competitions that accept prose hoping to get some film/tv people interested in my short story collection as a back door to getting it published. my agent agrees it’s a good idea and she’s touching base with the film/tv people she knows too. it’s a fat chance, because it’s always a fat chance, (and when it comes to film/tv, exponentially more of a fat chance) but i went the small pub route, then the trad pub route, and now there’s really nowhere else to go.
this competition specifically has so many rounds. they cut the submission pool down to the top 250, then the top 100, then the top 50, and now the top 10. the only firm prize is (and i find this so funny) a free entry into a different competition. also they put your work on the desks of industry people but there’s really no guarantee anything will come of that. best case scenario: a manager reaches out to me and helps me get staffed in a writers’ room somewhere. insane over-the-top best case scenario: a production company wants to buy film rights and that gets the interest of publishers and also i get to adapt my own work. it will never get produced because .00000001% of these things get produced, but i’d get paid, and that would mean more money for OFIC. 
anyway on this competition site (coverfly) i’m ranked #2 in my genre and they also tell you exactly where you stand compared to everyone else, which is weird.
Tumblr media
i don’t imagine anything will come of it--it’s not like they’re offering to publish me, just connect me with people, and it’s not like i have a solid pilot or feature to pitch anyway--but it’s still a cv line. i sent this particular story out to a couple other competitions, and some other things elsewhere, so we’ll see what happens. the app fees on these things are heinous but i’m justifying it with the grant i won, of which i have a little left.
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Hello! Hope you're having a good day. I read your fic lemon and i'm sooo obsessed with him omg the angst, the mommy kink, the ANGST!! i'm suffering from heavy withdrawal symptoms after finishing it lol so do you have any other fics or just media that have the same energy? Your works are so unique tbh so i doubt i'll find anything similar.
i'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it! i just finished a netflix series called Love and Anarchy that seemed very lemony to me. there's also this fic that i love (that i'm planning to re-read because i just had my annual frozen rewatch last night [i watch it every year on the first snow]).
this is the only other femdom fic i've written, and i have an original story that will probably never be published if you want to read that. it's not a happy story but it was definitely a precursor to lemon. just shoot me an email (sadrobotsdot at gmail) and i can send it to you! (also anyone else who's interested)
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bedroom eyes
stranger things older teens AU! set in the world of Ti West's X (2022), 13k, supernatural n' smutty (read here on ao3)
“Eddie had a fantasy of this film being a one and done, one of those arty enough pornos that hit big and meant Chrissy had to spend just a few hours on her back in a well-shot little movie in exchange for everything Eddie ever wanted to give her — a big house and a dog and groceries and a lawn, set for life. Maybe it was silly to think that he could do all that with a cheap camera and some lights in some shitty Texas farmhouse, but he liked to think that sometimes good things happened to good people. 
And his Chrissy was a good person. You could see it in her eyes — something so earnest and sweet and incorruptible in there, no matter what she was doing.”
or: it’s summer 1979, and a group of antsy hawkins twenty-somethings are off to make a porno and hit it big time. that’s the plan, at least, until people start feeling not so like themselves.
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first one's free to get you hooked (all series links)
part one: first one's free to get you hooked: hawkins’ resident angel chrissy cunningham is drowning in existential dread and decides to buy some weed and make a dirty joke, eddie munson doesn’t let it slide.
part two: wanna make you feel better, wanna make you feel free: eddie needs to feel useful (perhaps too much so), chrissy needs some structure (also perhaps too much so).
part three: there's things i wanna say to you, but i'll just let you live: five times eddie called chrissy out on being a weird little freak, one time chrissy admitted it herself
part four: a better taste: chrissy has a bad day, eddie handles it
part five: you can't feel it for the first time, a second time: eddie and chrissy's first few times, and their most recent one
part six: right when the pleasure begins, my education creeps in: chrissy is pretty sure the dirty, greedy thing inside her is ready to ruin everything. eddie isn't all that bothered.
part seven: chrissy does dallas: chrissy finally gets to see the inside of the adult section of hawkins' family video
part eight: drooling on the tile, i'm a starfish on the kitchen floor: five times chrissy is pretty sure she has a drooling problem, one time she realizes it's probably not that big of a deal
part nine: girl talk: the one where max has really good neighbors
part ten: you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes: chrissy is always in sort of a mood, but tonight she is REALLY in a mood
part eleven: for service and devotion: chrissy flips her shit, eddie helps her unflip it
i intend to post these individually as well with more detailed descriptions and tags (though i'll do that gradually, i don't want to gunk up your dashboard or anything). but for now i thought maybe a little masterlist for this series would be nice to have considering everyone here so far is basically from ao3 hehehe
(i also created a writing page on my tumblr where everything can be found <3)
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it was so good, holy shit. it feels like it was made for me, personally. you’ve got:
older woman/younger man with a weird power dynamic 
who are also boss/employee
anon you say there’s no mommy kink but we got a whole episode of max being berated by his real mother and in the next season he had his lil spiral about sofie telling him she was proud of him even though she didn’t mean it. like no he doesn’t drop the M-word but the spirit is there nonetheless
longform, well thought out discourse around ���problematic” fiction and how writers have to concede major editorial choices for commercial viability
no really, they present the ongoing problem of endless public controversy and the show doesn’t lead you to any good answer, because there is none. everyone is a little bit wrong and everyone is a little bit right.
(except that scene where vivienne runs into the sensitivity consultant and is like “oh honey, if you want to make people happy, go into politics. we work in fiction.”)
every single character is a total goddamn mess
father-induced psychosis
female main character who is both exceedingly competent and totally unhinged
really good sex scenes
max looks like every guy i’ve ever dated
possibly my favorite thing is that no matter how stupid or wild it is, sofie and max ALWAYS follow through on their orders. max, drunkenly: wash all these dishes. sofie: *puts on cruise uniform, washes the fucking dishes*)
there is almost an unbearable amount of angst but i looked up spoilers and made it through
painfully accurate depiction of literary writers 
my only nitpick is that i found it irritating that sofie has a longform psychotic break and everything is made better by a night in the psych unit. no therapy, no meds, no recovery. i get why they did it but it bummed me out a little. 
currently losing my mind over lemon, it's so good!! I haven't watched any of the star wars movies but maybe I should?? anyway, thank you for sharing your writing with the world!have you watched love and anarchy on netflix? It has a similar age gap but none of the mommy kink unfortunately
i haven't even heard of it! okay i just watched the trailer and HOLY SHIT LEMON VIBES. i can't wait to watch this, for real. thank you for the rec!
if you decide to watch star wars let me know what you think! if you just want to see anidala all you need to watch is attack of the clones when they get together, and personally i love revenge of the sith but the anidala is severely lacking in it
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hi i am not meant to be anywhere but a total ao3 mystery but it’s uwusillygirl who occasionally sits in the shadows of this site and i just wanted to tell you i fucking LOVED dirtbag. i still think about it all the time. i left a longer comment on the actual piece but understand if you’re not on there right now!! hope you’re well!!! <3
hello favorite hellcheer writer uwusillygirl!! i'm so glad you enjoyed dirtbag. i'm hoping to eventually write more hellcheer when i need a break from other things. also i'm excited to read your porno fic!!
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