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sabrina carpenter starters
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽from emails i can鈥檛 send
it鈥檚 times like these i wish i had a time machine.
were you lying to me and the family?
you disgust me.
don't say sorry now.
thanks to you i can鈥檛 love right.
i聽get nice guys and villainize them.
god, I love you, but you're such a dipshit.
you were all I looked up to, now I can't even look at you.
I tried to look for the best in the worst, but, like, fuck me that caused a commotion.
you're lucky I'm a private person.
everyone thinks you're an angel, but shit, I would probably use different wording.
I can't read your mind.
you're not my friend and baby, you never were.
tell me, what's gonna happen when it's you and me in a room, but you know you can't have it?
I don't understand how quickly we get right back in our rhythm without missing a step.
I guess maybe that's why I'm lying to my therapist.
I think he's onto me every time I say I'm over that son of a bitch.
we bonded over black eyed peas and complicated exes.
it was all so innocent.
I'm a homewrecker, I'm a slut.
tell me who I am, 'cause I don't have a choice.
I'm too late to be your first love, but I'll always be your favorite.
and all of this for what?
when everything went down, we'd already broken up.
I say I'm done, but I'm still confused.
yeah, I like my bed, but it likes you too.
you used a fork once...聽it turns out forks are fucking everywhere.
there's no hiding from the thought of us.
I wonder how many things you think about before you get to me.
I feel myself falling further down your priorities.
I still make excuses for you constantly.
am I not even a second thought?
bet you wanna touch me now.
I bet you hate the way that you said goodbye.
I hate the way that you left me dry.
I might change your contact to "don't leave me alone".
looking at you鈥檚 got me thinking nonsense.
I think I got an ex, but I forgot him.
I bet your house is where my other sock is.
how quickly can you take your clothes off? pop quiz.
what the fuck is patience?
give me a second to forget I ev械r really meant it.
my feelings used to be serrated.
how鈥檚 your family? how鈥檚 your sister?
well, this was really nice, maybe we should do this on purpose sometime.
won鈥檛 that be too nostalgic?
we won't bring up the past, we'll keep it bureaucratic.
he's good for my heart, but he's bad for business.
you're good at the giving too much then getting scared.
you're good at impersonating someone who cares.
you had me for a minute there.
I wonder why I let your confusion keep me up at night.
there's a weight off my shoulders now that I don't chase you.
being myself, did that emasculate you?
I鈥檓 learning from you that I can walk away too.
I wanna make a video to our future selves
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jenny lewis & the watson twins starters
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 from rabbit fur coat
I'm not betting on the afterlife.
he forgives you for all you've done, but not me, I'm still angry.
I鈥檓 still angry.
why am I always messing with the big guns?
I'll pretend that everybody here wants peace.
why are we still chasing our own tails and running?
who do you think you're changing?
you can't change things, we're all stuck in our ways.
I better wake up.
are you really that pure, sir?
it was not pretty, but she was.
I will take what鈥檚 mine.
I'd rather be lonely.
I'd rather be free.
I like watching you undress.
I think we're at our best聽by the light of the TV set.
I can't remember why I hated you.
my mama never warned me about my own destructive appetite.
I could be happy.
If I place all of my chips on only one bet, I'm all in.
it's a surefire bet I'm gonna die.
It's just you and God, but what if God's not there?
have I mentioned my parents are getting back together again?
nothing is ever as good as it was.
what's good for your soul will be bad on your nerves if you reverse it.
It's bound to melt your heart, one way or another.
are we killing time?
are we killing each other?
when you're kissing someone who's too much like you, it's like kissing on a mirror.
when you're sleeping with someone who doesn't get you, you're gonna hate yourself in the morning.
when I'm with you I'm looking for a ghost.
not nobody, not a thousand beers, will keep us from feeling so all alone.
you are what you love and not what loves you back.
that's why I'm here on your doorstep pleading for you to take me back.
I'm not yours for the taking.
I'm good at it, I've mastered it.
I'm in love with illusions.
I'm in love with tricks, so pull another rabbit out your hat.
I'm not bitter about it.
the fortune faded, as fortunes often do.
mostly, I'm a hypocrite.
you're the best thing that I've ever found.
handle me with care.
baby, you're adorable.
I'm so tired of being lonely.
won't you show me that you really care?
I was born secular and inconsolable
sometimes the dam just breaks.
they shake and smile through the harm they've done.
it's your little red wagon and you've gotta pull it.
it鈥檒l take a lifetime to clear your name.
it doesn't count, 'cause I don't care.
it's no cheaper than humiliation: that's free.
the years transform my memories.
I've gone and quit my worshipping of聽the false gods and golden sins.
that is not my lover, that's not even my friend.
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suki waterhouse starters
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽from various songs
I can't forget that night.
you said I looked like Suzi Quatro.
that's alright, at least we feel alive.
at least we feel alive.
I know that I want this.
no one likes to lose.
I know that you're scared someone's gonna ruin you.
don鈥檛 make it complicated, don鈥檛 tell me what you鈥檙e going through.
so is it your place or mine?
I'm okay with history repeating.
I believe in old-fashioned things.
I wish I didn't say what was in my head.
forever always has an end.
maybe I'm just crazy.
you put me through it and I'll go through it again.
it's not to say that I haven't had a good time.
I'm tired of keeping all my feelings to myself.
you only said you loved me one time when we met.
I saw you were with her only last night.
I got caught up by your picture in a headline.
if I read between the lines right, you're mine.
it looks like you love her online.
they want you back tog械ther like a movie.
and I wonder, is there any room for me?
who are all these people anyway?
I'm so foolish that I give it all away.
I love the stories that you tell, they remind me of myself when I was young and loved somebody else.
I know you're thinking of somebody else.
if she calls would you run to her?
I know how it feels when it's not over.
when you got that ex who's crazy, they're always running through your mind.
remember when we had a wild side?
I learned to r械ad between the lines.
I can tell when there's somebody else.
I know I'll be the one that ends up hurt.
I was having a smoke like we used to do.
I'm old, I feel that way.
I don't party like I did.
I used to think that I wanted to be everything you want for me.
I broke your heart so I could break free.
I wasted time on all the little things.
I could b械 something.
and after all, who cares what others think?
I still want you to need me.
I thought I'd uncovered your secrets but, turns out, there's more.
I sped up just to impress you.
you adored me before.
you're not who you are to anyone these days.
we shouldn't be scared to want less.
but you're in love with four people.
I just think anywhere that you are is the coolest place in the world.
we were always on borrowed time?
I was drinking hard, acting鈥卼ough.
it was just a crush.
I only want you 'cause I can't have you.
at least we're no longer pretending.
I heard you got your happy ending.
a broken heart is a fucking nuisance.
I know you're crazy, but I don't mind.
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pom pom squad starters
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽from death of a cheerleader (2021).
open up your mouth and tell me what you mean.
is this really happening to me?
I'm learning how to be someone I could put my faith in if it really came down to me.
just 'cause you know what you want doesn't mean you get to choose.
my worst decisions are the ones I like the best.
my feelings always make a fucking fool of me.
you should ask your mother what she means when she says stay away from girls like me.
I learn the same thing over and over again.
I can鈥檛 feel anything.
I make a game of breaking promises.
if I鈥檓 a bitch, at least I鈥檓 honest.
naturally, I'm alone again.
oh god, what is wrong with me? thinking everyone who loves me fucking hates me.
I'm in hell it feels like home.
I knew that we couldn't just be friends.
I second that emotion.
I try to be happy that I had it, but I'm sad, I'm just fuckin' sad.
I can't stop myself from falling for you.
how'd you get so proud?
was I just a risk you couldn't take?
I won't ever let you say you cared about me.
I feel naked without taking off any of my clothes.
I let myself get drunk on the idea that you loved m械.
in here I'm suffocating, but out th械re I feel so small.
what a wonder to be anything at all.
how do you expect me to figure myself out when I can not tell the difference between bad and good attention?
I need you closer and you鈥檙e not even an inch away.
I don't know how many ways you need me to say I'm sorry.
I'm making claims with my mouth that I can't back up with my body.
I guess I'll see you on the back on the back of my eyelids.
I never meant to hurt you, baby.
It's not my fault you think about me every time that you're with her.
why do you push me away when I know you wanna touch me?
you鈥檙e only kidding yourself when you say that you don't love me.
they say that you're not the same, not since the day you knew me.
I'm yours forever, baby.
tell me that you鈥檙e mine.
I wanna know who's in control.
I'll get used to feeling useless.
is there a way for me to kill the girl I wish I were?
you always know how to make me sad.
you're only alive when there's somebody there.
I wanna tell you everything that makes me cry.
I wanna tell you that I hate you, but I don't know how.
the truth is that I love you more than anyone else.
now I'm in love with everything I see.
you know that I鈥檓 your pet.
be good and wait for me.
I'll treat every day th械 same, but every night I'll scream your name.
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snail mail starters
聽 聽 聽聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 from valentine (2021).
let's go be alone where no one can see us, honey.
those parasitic cameras, don't they stop to stare at you?
I can't love for us both.
fuck being remembered, I think I was made for you.
why'd you wanna erase me?
you'll always know where to find me when you change your mind.
you won't believe what just two months do.
believe m械, I adore you.
I can鈥檛 hate you.
I ruined me for you.
blame me if you need to.
sucker for the pain, huh, honey?
sometimes I hate her just for not being you.
you said you would'v械 died for me.
I had to make myself believe I deserve it, I'm crazy.
don't act like you've never met me.
I never should've hurt you.
I've got the devil in me.
when did you start seeing her?
guess somebody finally tamed you.
I'm tethered to another world where we're together.
I wanna wake up early every day just to be awake in the same world as you.
I might have made a stranger out of you.
I know that's not my perfume on you.
doesn't obsession just become me?
nothing stays as good as how it starts.
everything we try is failing.
eleven months and still som械 nights I reach for you like you're b械side me.
does an obsession just become you?
come on, I loved you.
so much destruction, look at what we did.
you don't just forget.
everybody wants to taste the wine.
divine intervention was too much work.
I don鈥檛 need absolution.
it just hurts.聽
we鈥檙e not really talking now.
I鈥檓 cursing myself for even getting dressed up.
I used to wanna get even, now I'll just get stoned.
our love's a sickness, baby.
I've come to hate my body聽'cause now it's not yours, now it's not mine.
I'd leave it behind if you wanted me to.
jesus died just to save you.
you owe me.
you own me.
I could never hurt you, my love. you know me.
I could die if I had the guts.
you got so mean.
who was I to ever want like this?
it's thirteen days after but it still feels like I'm cheating.
I鈥檓 like your dog.
it's not enough, conditional love.
when I'm old and rotten, you'll be on your way.
childishly, I'm lonely when it's time to clear out the party.
isn't it strange, the way it's just over?
I've gotta grow up now.
I can't keep holding on to you anymore.
I鈥檓 still yours.
I bet he feels so fuckin' light.
I wish that I could lay down next to you.
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samia starters
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽from various songs.
everyone dies but they shouldn't die young.
now you're deathless in art.
you can have it all, baby, i鈥檓 giving it up.
I got bad news but I didn鈥檛 fight.
a year ago he looked me in the eyes and lied to me.
I got a lover in my bedroom.
I鈥檓 so mad, dude, and I wanna cry.
loving you is鈥卋igger than my head.
i鈥檓 afraid that i need men.
how long do you think we can sit here before we have to move?
I know your middle name, but I might know you if I didn't.
is it too much to ask?
did I make a mistake and do my mistakes worsen?
I would give it up to every man I love, I take what I can get.
I get what I want, and your girlfriend, too.
make a predator of me.
i鈥檒l be good to you.
if you want, I can take鈦焛t鈦無ff and鈦焥how you what鈦焟y mama gave鈦焟e.
I have never really been upset, just hollow and amazing.
all i want is to be like my dad.
all i want鈥檚 to give you what i have.
It's so hot in this restaurant, I might just get fully naked.
I'm hesitant to spend my precious time in class.
you are an opportunist dick.
it is nice to be a hero, but it鈥檚 better to be anything that anyone could want in a woman.
there is nothing wrong with you as long as you make your family proud.
I just wish that I could watch you light your cigarette one more damn time.
I have always been a wreck.
how I matched you in the moment, I don't know.
I'll鈥卪ake鈥厃ou feel good鈥卆gain.
you know it, but I can say it for you.
I wanna go sailing with you to someplace we are not.
I don't need to talk about some disgusting accident of communion.
keep it together for both of us.
I do only ever as I want and especially when it's a test.
I'm sick and tired of bluffing.
I know why I'm going where you are and why I will find you on the way.
can't believe I'm touching pieces of when you were鈦焬oung.
I think I like your mama too much not to say Amen.
I鈥檓 not ashamed of my past.
I tried to tell them that I was monstrous.
you are a monster, yes.
I don鈥檛 much mind the imminent.聽
I鈥檒l be ashamed of my past.
It's been a whole year, I think that I grew up.
no good intention is ever good enough to feel like I've done nothing wrong.
nothing could ever stop my ass from showing up.
I'll admit I faked it.
I wanted to know if you'd be my friend.
I'm a creature instead of me.
I decided that I'll try aging gracefully.
when somebody loves you they take you as you are.
you're just lucky you're tired and not dead.
you gotta act like it doesn't spin you out that no one's saying what they're thinking about.
you cannot make everyone happy, but you can force a smile on their face.
now it's easier to fail the audience.
didn鈥檛 our future seem careless?
I cannot play the princess in your breathtaking charade.
I鈥檓 sorry I dragged you to Starbucks.
I thought you were being too proud.
manhattan鈥檚 too small for the both of us
I'm sorry but I'm just thinking of the right words to say. I know they don't sound the way I planned them to be.
but if you wait around a while, I'll make you fall for me, I promise you I will.
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frances quinlan starters
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 all from her 2020 album likewise.
why would he do such a thing? of鈥卌ourse,鈥厀hat a stupid鈥卶uestion.
dinner, by the way, was divine.聽
I drank the last of the coffee waiting for you to rise.
I was too shocked to make any鈥卭ne鈥卭f my tired鈥卻peeches.
listen, that鈥檚 a rare thing for me.
I love that quick delay before your face lights in recognition.
I know there is love that doesn't have to do with taking something from somebody.
I only managed to stay small by making giants out of strangers.
I have to stop myself and admit I am happy.
I have to stop myself and admit you make me happy.
it turns out one can lose nonetheless looking for witnesses.
it's鈥卋een a long time since we argued and that argument ended.
you walk in and out of pain like a tide.
how did you want me to look? even older?
don't tell me where you've been, okay?
I鈥檓 not making a fuss.
most of this isn鈥檛 even a secret.聽
how can you still talk to them when that long shadow stretches from their little house all the way to the top of your mountain?
when I said "justice" it just isn't what I meant at all.
I look forward to remembering him as a bad man and that's it.
oh, the humiliation of having been perfectly understood.
the owner of the laundromat gave me a ride home.
heaven is a second chance.
I still can't stand hearing the truth.
I know you have to get up early, but it's what I need.
can I crash here with you tonight?
climb one more mountain for me.
we should try again to talk.
I can't be your apologist very long.
you've become what you thought was dumb.
you鈥檝e become a fraction of the sum.
I was trying to help, I guess I pushed too hard.
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the front bottoms starters
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽all from their self titled album.聽
please fall asleep so I can take pictures of you and hang them in my room.聽聽
you are still the only thing and everything I need in my life.
I got your last three e-mails.
when I am sad, I am sad, but when I'm happy, oh god, I'm happy.
you say I hate you, you mean it and I love you sounds fake, it's taken me so long to figure that out.
I used to love the taste. I would do anything for it. now I would do anything to get the taste out of my mouth.
If you had done anything with anyone else It would have worked out so well.
you are an artist and your mind don't work the way you want it to.
if I don't leave now then I will never get away.聽
I love girls with ex boyfriends that they aren't really over.
I love places I've never been. I love the idea of places I'll never go.
it probably won't get easier, just easier to hide.
prepare for an aching the rest of your life.
I will say I love you back to the love that I am given.
I love your eyes, the way they look when you're uncomfortable.
stop taking pictures with your phone.聽
casanova just can鈥檛 turn the charm on.
you can never tell when they're fucking around.
everything you鈥檙e feeling is common, even though you never felt so alone.
you gotta promise not to break, no matter how far you are bent.
mouth the words to me so we can keep things quiet and I鈥檒l still know exactly what you mean.
it is probably just my friends fucking around.聽
you are in one of those moods and I am in one of them, too.
you like a man with muscles and I like you.聽
it's the cops are coming in type of sobering up.
my friends are happy, I am happy, I have learned to adapt.
I am trying not to stare, holding on to hope I'm sure was never even there.
I have this dream that I am hitting my dad with a baseball bat.
it just sucks it played out like this, a聽terrible movie and you can tell none of the actors even give a fuck.
you look good tonight girlfriend, can I sleep in your bed?
I'll do the pushups, I'll wear the makeup, I'll do whatever he wants all night.
as soon as I come you will probably forget my name.
I'm holding my breath for you.
There's no doubt in my mind that if you could then you would try to crack my ribcage open and pull my heart right through.
I'm a creature of a culture that I create.
I'm the last one on the dance floor as聽the chandelier gives way.
I am permanently preoccupied with your past.
I've been around long enough now to know that the good things never last.
How low is your self esteem and how low could it possibly be?聽
I know you're in love with me and I've been ignoring you.
I will address the issues I cannot ignore.
I will be alone probably the rest of my life聽
don't tell me complicated stories about who you used to be but are different and have changed as a person completely.
I am not sure that I want any single part of this. any single part of any of this shit.
you're part of a program. get with the program.
stop crying, you're an adult.
it's just so convenient to be fragile.
this pain is constant and sharp, watching the signals that you send..
I wanna feel lethal on the inside.
all of a sudden I am scared, all of a sudden I can't breathe, all of a sudden I am nothing in this moment, you are everything.聽聽
can you feel that? oh, what a marvelous sensation.
my head has thoughts, what a ridiculous place to start.
I love these songs.
they love my songs.
I am not a dirty god and I don't have a dirty body.
I am alone only half of the time, the other half I am only hiding.
I'm pretty sure I am the only guy聽she's hooked up with tonight but probably, no, probably not.
you have got to do this now or you can never come home again.
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the goldfinch starters
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 all from donna tartt鈥檚 2013 novel . feel free to change pronouns etc
if you care for a thing enough, it takes on a life of its own, doesn鈥檛 it?聽
we don鈥檛 get to choose our own hearts. we can鈥檛 make ourselves want what鈥檚 good for us or what鈥檚 good for other people. we don鈥檛 get to choose the people we are.
stay away from the ones you love too much. those are the ones who will kill you.
you can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. you can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life.
sometimes we want what we want even if we know it鈥檚 going to kill us.
when you feel homesick, just look up. because the moon is the same wherever you go.
as long as I am acting out of love, I feel I am doing best I know how.
psst, you. hey kid. yes you.
no way forward but age and loss, and no way out but death.
whatever teaches us to talk to ourselves is important: whatever teaches us to sing ourselves out of despair.
fate is cruel but maybe not random .
who was it that said that coincidence was just God鈥檚 way of remaining anonymous?
we are so customed to disguise ourselves to others that, in the end, we become disguised to ourselves.
none of us ever find enough kindness in the world, do we?
I'm hoping there's some larger truth about suffering here, or at least my understanding of it.
it was involuntary, hopeless, compulsive.
for years she had been the first thing I remembered when I woke up, the last thing that drifted through my mind as I went to sleep, and during the day she came to me obtrusively, obsessively, always with a painful shock.
I missed her so much I wanted to die.
why do I care about all the wrong things, and nothing at all for the right ones?
where does it ever say, anywhere, that only bad can come from bad actions? maybe sometimes鈥 the wrong way is the right way? you can take the wrong path and it still comes out where you want to be?
I'd stopped myself from blurting the thing I'd never said, even though it was something we both knew well enough without me saying out loud to him in the street - which was, of course, I love you.
hard to put things right. you don鈥檛 often get that chance. sometimes all you can do is not get caught.
maybe I only see a pattern because I've been staring too long.聽
one drink is too many and a thousand鈥檚 not enough.
I can't think of a better way to go insane.
even the tiniest things mean something.
let鈥檚 both be good, and truthful, and kind to each other, and let鈥檚 be happy together and have fun always.
how can I see so clearly that everything I love or care about is illusion, and yet鈥攆or me, anyway鈥攁ll that鈥檚 worth living for lies in that charm?
bad artists copy, good artists steal.聽
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chasing amy starters
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 all from kevin smith鈥檚 1997 movie
I wish I was like these guys - getting stoned, talking all raw about chicks and fighting聽super villains.
I鈥檒l trace a chalk line around your dead fucking body, you fuck!
He started it, fucking cock-knocker! He鈥檚 lucky I didn鈥檛 put my pen through his thorax!
We're keeping it real, and we're gonna get respect - by any means necessary.
Bitch, you almost made me laugh.
How do you manage to get away with this all the time? 聽Shouldn't cops be busting your head open right about now?
When you say it, it sounds so sexy.
Look out, boys - this kitten has a whip.
I just wish I was the one who gets to shoot you.
Archie and Jughead were lovers.
Man, I feel a hate-crime coming on.
I want you to go down to the corner store and buy yourself a clue.聽
Shit like that's bound to happen when you make a kid wear a matching tie and slacks everyday.
I'm sure you can dry your eyes on all those fat checks you rake in.
I'm sorry, did I detect a note of bitter envy in there?
That car's seeing more action right now than it's seen in years.聽
You've gotta respect that kind of display of affection. It's crazy, rude, self-absorbed - but it's love.
You鈥檝e got a weird thing for Canadian melodrama.
I've got a weird thing for girls who say 'aboot'.
We shared a moment. And in that moment, one thing was made abundantly clear: this girl loves me, my friend. Loves me.
There're a lot of chicks in this place.
Hey, hey, hey - you fucked up my cabbage-patch!
What a small fucking world.聽
Could鈥檝e been worse - we could have not met at all.
Get up here and sing, bitch!
She is such a cunt!
I don't usually get all mushy in public.聽
I have to sit here and work up the desire to fuck you later.
I'm sure you don't love every girl you sleep with.
My mother brought me up to believe that if I can't do something right I shouldn't do it at all.
At least you blame yourself for your sexual inadequacies.
You gotta handle it like CNN and the Weather Channel - constant updates.
I'm sure the gay community appreciates your support.
Wait, wait, wait - you're still a virgin?
I move to have that remark stricken from the record, on account of it makes you come off as completely naive and infantile.
You've got like thirty books there!聽 We're only there for two days!
Look at how slow you are. Christ, you move like a geriatric.
She's programming you.
You should just find some other way to express your anger is all I'm saying.
I love you. 聽And not in a friendly way, although I think we're great friends. 聽And not in a misplaced affection, puppy-dog way, although I'm sure that's what you'll call it.聽聽
I love you. 聽Very simple, very truly.聽
You're the epitome of every attribute and quality I've ever looked for in another person.
I know you think of me as just a friend and crossing that line is the furthest thing from an option you'd ever consider.聽
There isn't another soul on this fucking planet who's ever made me the person I am when I'm with you.
Even if we never speak again after tonight, please know that I'm forever changed because of you and what you've meant to me.
Here's my comment: fuck you.
That was so unfair. 聽You know how unfair that was.
Do you remember for a fucking second who I am?聽
I can't just get into a relationship with you without throwing my whole fucking world into upheaval!
I鈥檓 fucking gay! That鈥檚 who I am!
If this is a crush... then I don't know if I could take the real thing if it ever happens.
You looked weirded out back there.
That's my couch you were fucking on.
There's no 'we' here. 聽You're going to have to go through this alone.
For you, this isn't about cool weird sex stuff, it's about love.
Everybody has an agenda. 聽Everyone.
I see you've been taking notes. Historically, yes, that's true.
I'm not with you because of what family, society, life tried to instill in me from day one.聽
How seldom you meet that one person who gets you... it's so rare.
To cut oneself off from finding that person - to immediately half your options by eliminating the possibility of finding that one person within your own gender... that just seemed stupid.聽 聽 So I didn't. 聽And by leaving my options open, I was branded 'gay', which to me was no big deal - labels are labels, you know? 聽They define what you do, not who you are, I guess.聽
You're not the right man. You're just the one.
I give a shit what people think.
That boy loves you in a way that he's not ready to deal with.
Do I detect a little inter-subculture cattiness?聽
See that guy there? 聽He's the devil, you understand?
Men need to believe that they're Marco fucking Polo when it comes to sex - like they're the only ones who've ever explored new territory.聽
The world would be a better place if people would just accept that there's nothing new under the sun, and everything you can do with a person has probably been done long before you got there.
Since most of these people are rooting for the home team, I'm going to cheer for the visitors. I'm a big visitors fan.
I told you I was great at sporting events. Imagine what a bitch I could be if I knew what was going on?
That's what you wanted to hear, isn't it? 聽Isn't that what this little cross- examination of your's is about? 聽Well try not to be so obvious about it next time, there are subtler ways of badgering a witness.
If you wanted some background information on me, all you had to do was ask - I'd have gladly volunteered it. 聽You didn't have to play Hercules fucking Poirot!
Didn't you know? I'm the queen of urban legend.
Some of it I did out of stupidity, some of it I did out of what I thought was love, but - good or bad - they were my choices, and I'm not making apologies for them now - not to you or anyone!聽
I was an experimental girl, for Christ's sake!聽
Maybe you knew early on that your track was from point 'a' to 'b' - but unlike you I wasn't given a fucking map at birth, so I tried it all!聽
Can't you take some fucking comfort in that? 聽You turned out to be all I was ever looking for - the missing piece in the big fucking puzzle.
I want us to be something that we can't.聽
Yo, look at this morose motherfucker here...
You big fucking softie.
I ain't playing. 聽Tell me her name, Mysterio.
Why don't you shut up? 聽Jesus! 聽Always yap, yap, yapping all the time. 聽Gives聽 聽 聽me a fucking headache.
What you don't know about me I can just about squeeze into the Grand fucking Canyon. 聽
You and I hit a wall, because I don't know how to deal with... your past, I guess.
I'm only going to say it once: shut up.
You've had so much experience, had such a big life; and my life's been pretty small in comparison.
I know why you're having such a hard time and it's something that's been obvious forever, but I guess I just didn't acknowledge it.
You鈥檙e in love with me.
You're attracted to me. Just as, in a way, I'm attracted to you. 聽I mean, it makes sense - we've been together so long, we have so much in common...
Just 'cause a guy's got a predilection toward dick jokes...
We've all got to have sex together.
We've been everything to each other but intimates. 聽And now, we'll have been through that together too.
You know I need this. 聽You know it'll help.
That time is over for me. 聽I've been there. 聽I've done it. 聽And I didn't find what I was looking for in any of it. 聽
Maybe I just love you too much. 聽 And I feel hurt and let down that you'd want to share me with anyone.聽 Because I never wanted to share you.
I love you. 聽I always will. 聽Know that. But I'm not your fucking whore.
He鈥檚 yours again.
Well, keep up the good work, man. 聽 Love them dick jokes. 聽Love 'em. 聽See ya.
I finally had something personal to say.
I mean, it can get ugly. 聽I just saw this nun in line call this small child a cunt-rag.
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bartloki 3 years ago
closer starters
聽all from mike nichols鈥 2004 film.
hello, stranger.
I don鈥檛 eat fish. fish piss in the sea.
does it hurt?
you came to. you focused on me. you said,聽鈥榟ello stranger.鈥
what a floozy!
I had dreams of being a writer, but I never had a voice.
what would my euphemism be?
it鈥檚 the only way to leave.聽鈥業 don鈥檛 love you anymore. goodbye.鈥
how does she feel about you stealing her life?
you didn鈥檛 find it obscene?聽
don鈥檛 raise your eyebrows, it makes you look smug.
fish are therapeutic.聽
I don鈥檛 kiss strange men.
she鈥檚 completely lovable and and completely unleavable.聽
men are crap.
you鈥檝e ruined my life.
what is this, patriotism?聽
I don鈥檛 want trouble.
I鈥檓 not trouble.
what are you, twelve?
we were fish, long ago, before we were apes.
why do I feel like a pervert?
I think you鈥檙e the victim of a practical joke.
is he in love with you?
I look like a criminal in photos.
I鈥檓 not going to leave you. I totally love you.
I want to be there for you.
are you ashamed of me?
what were you so sad about?
we need to talk about this.
he鈥檚 very pretty.
I haven鈥檛 even seen you for a year.
look at me. tell me you鈥檙e in love with me.
I鈥檓 not in love with you.
he鈥檚 a stringy fucker.
she has the moronic beauty of youth, but she鈥檚 sly.
you forget you鈥檙e dealing with a clinical observer of the human carnivore.
that鈥檚 the nastiest thing you鈥檝e ever said to me.
you know he鈥檚 in love with you.
I鈥檓 in love with her. we鈥檝e been seeing each other for a year.
I have, at this moment, become an adult.
I hear middle class guilt.
you鈥檙e a piece of shit.
deception is brutal. I鈥檓 not pretending otherwise.
I can鈥檛 see you. if I see you, I鈥檒l never leave you.
I鈥檒l always love you.聽
I hate hurting you.
no one will ever love you as much as I do.
I slept with someone in new york.
you鈥檙e phenomenal.聽
it tastes like you but sweeter.
thank you for your honesty, now fuck off and die.
you have the face of an angel.
are you flirting with me?
are you allowed to flirt with me?
you can鈥檛 cry in here.
come home with me. it鈥檚 safe. let me look after you.
I don鈥檛 need looking after.
everyone needs looking after.
I鈥檓 not your revenge fuck.
lying鈥檚 the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off, but it鈥檚 better if you do.
you鈥檙e all cold at heart.
what鈥檚 so great about the truth? try lying for a change. it鈥檚 the currency of the world.
you haven鈥檛 got the guts to let him hate you.
don鈥檛 stop loving me.
if you love me enough you鈥檒l forgive me.
my intention was not to make you suffer.
a good fight is never clean.
you don鈥檛 know the first thing about love because you don鈥檛 understand compromise.
I wanted to kill you.
you wanted to fuck me.
you could have chosen anyone. why me?
on the way to the hospital, I kissed your forehead.
I don鈥檛 love you anymore.
too late. I don鈥檛 love you anymore. goodbye.
where is this love? I can鈥檛 see it. I can鈥檛 touch it. I can鈥檛 feel it. I can hear it. I can hear some words, but I can鈥檛 do anything with your easy words. whatever you say is too late.
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bartloki 3 years ago
the love-inns starters
all from their debut album split lip.
dust factory
I can鈥檛 work anymore.聽
where the fuck did this come from?
where the fuck did my mind go wrong?
curiosity won鈥檛 get the best of you.
tell me i am just a failure in your eyes.
I just can鈥檛 get it right.
split lip
my head鈥檚 still spinning.
I鈥檓 sick of your shit.
I haven鈥檛 slept.
I almost died tonight.
I don鈥檛 wanna think about you right now.
I don鈥檛 wanna think about you ever again.
I don鈥檛 wanna be friends.
why won鈥檛 you reply?
you鈥檙e so cool
I don't wanna be anywhere else.
I don鈥檛 wanna walk away from this.
it鈥檚 always dark.
no one cares where the kids are.
you鈥檙e so cool.
don鈥檛 hit on me
I think holding hands is dumb.
speak when I say you can speak.
you can kiss me on the cheek.
I鈥檓 not blushing.
don鈥檛 fight for my honor cause my honor fights back.
I won鈥檛 take shit from a guy who can鈥檛 take shit from a girl.
you make me feel like a ghost looking over my body.
did your conservative sex ed class warn you about me?
but don鈥檛 worry we can totally still be friends.
this isn鈥檛 the type of thing you can just gloss over.
I鈥檓 not supposed to interject, but she thinks you鈥檙e a coward.
she literally hasn鈥檛 thought of you in three years.
she won鈥檛 tell you anything.
I don鈥檛 blame them.
who will break your bones when I鈥檓 too far gone?
if your lungs are clean are you unhappy?
if your mind is negative you鈥檙e unhappy.
grown (in bloom)
I鈥檓 sad you quit before I did.聽
I should have left you on your own.
I know you鈥檙e alone.
I want to tell you that I鈥檝e grown.
how could you give up on me? on us?聽聽
I started smoking cigarettes to simulate your taste and breath.
I鈥檓 learning to stop fucking up so bad.
I have got so much to learn.
can you tell me that I鈥檓 pretty if I don鈥檛 cry?
do you need to chase your sleep with beer?
you鈥檒l always be my favorite color, years from now when we don鈥檛 speak to each other.
summer leaves
last night I had a dream about you.
we all have to wake up and put on our long sleeves.
I drank four cups of coffee.
last night I had a dream about you.
last night I scratched my arms till I saw blue.
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bartloki 3 years ago
now, now starters
all from their album聽saved.
I'm on my knees.
you've got me praying for a sign.聽
she's looking for a fight.
just say my name and I'll come running.
I've got it bad.
every time I hear her name my heart is breaking.
just say it, I'm yours.
if only I could read your mind.
I was young and undone.
I could have died with you there in the sun.
it could've been easy.
maybe if I was young, unpredictable.
you know I lost my mind about a thousand times.
I want it all back.
can鈥檛 help myself
I was looking for a way to tell you.
killing myself just to understand you.
am I wasting my time?
I don't regret when I said too much.
I'm hating myself when I come undone.
I'll make it easy for you, baby.
I've been overthinking lately.
I see you calling to me, then I see nothing at all.
I had no reason to run
you spend your money on me, no hesitation.
am I undeserving?
don't you know I'm desperate for you?
each day you're hiding me from everyone.
that's the way I like it.
holy water
I was crying outside on the front lawn.
you love me with no reservation.
you touch me like an angel, but you kiss me like a sinner.
I was up all night feeling messed up.
I just wanna be the one remaining.
I'll take my chance cause I know you got a wild heart.
I've loved you from the start.
I'll love you like you want it to end.
I'll love so deep they won't understand.
don't you try to ignore me.
I could listen to your voice all night.
who're you kidding baby, when you try and deny me.
if I had my way, I would be yours.聽聽
I can't keep my eyes off of you.
you got me doing things that I shouldn't do, but baby I like it.
I鈥檓 leaving the light on for you.
how can I keep up when I know you're moving so fast?
I feel it in the way you touch me.
I feel it in your heartbeat.聽聽
you got your secret, baby, I don't care.
you let my love go to waste.
you left me fucked up, baby, in a fucked up place.聽聽
I know you'll never be mine.聽聽
if you want me, honey, I don't wanna know.
if you're feeling sorry, I don't wanna know.
but still, I wait for the call.
it's sad that I still care at all.
you don't even know me.
you will never know me.
I spend every night now wondering about how you're feeling about her.聽聽
you want it so bad knowing that you just can't love her like I do.
how could I change your mind?聽
but you can't be mine.
make a move, pull me closer.
drive me home with the windows down.
it's such a shame.聽聽
you know I'm only kidding myself.
what would it take to think about me any other way?聽
set it free
you make it look so easy.聽
you know I try so hard.聽聽
you look so sweet in the heat of summer.
you drive me crazy when your hands start to wander.
you can run from me, baby, but you won't get far.
every time I close my eyes you kiss me in the dark.
I'm just a stranger.
everyone is foreign, but you're so familiar.聽聽
you know I'm not myself when you're not around.聽聽
I've been drinking, baby, won't you come and save me?
I know I had you
won't you let me in, come on.
if I'm so perfect, baby, how come you don't want me?
this place without you is sin.
loving me, baby, is easy.聽
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bartloki 3 years ago
lola kirke starters
all from her album heart head west.
nothing ever happens overnight.
I can prove that I'm not so far gone.
I鈥檓 not a monster, just someone who wants to belong.
born to die
I never heard you cry.
long as I鈥檓 living, I won鈥檛 know why.
I never said goodbye.
you have to be nothing so you can be everything.
if I can鈥檛 hear you singing I鈥檒l listen in.
supposed to
my heart won't cross, it's not supposed to. 聽
I can't be, so I'll just do.
least I can't lie like I used to.
when I feel hated I did it right.
there鈥檚 nothing near I feel close to.
all that I fear could fill this whole room.
simon says
you can鈥檛 go home if there鈥檚 nowhere left to go.
they all said it won鈥檛 hurt anymore, least not the way that it did before, but it does.
you鈥檙e the lie, I鈥檓 real.
I should find a hole to fill your space.
if you鈥檇 stay, I鈥檇 fold.
turn away your heart
you can't turn away your heart.
they weren't joking when they said it'd get hard.
please don't take away my heart.
I guess I鈥檓 open.
sexy song
I can see your heart鈥檚 not in it.
only heaven can know how bad I want it.
I don't wanna lose tonight.
I don't want anyone, I just want you near.
I don't wanna start a fight.
I don't wanna lose my mind.
I guess I鈥檒l love me tonight.
bad news
heard some more bad news, that鈥檚 nothing new.
the man who holds the smoking gun should not be told he's innocent.
it may come down on you.
it may come around for you.
heart head west
your nose is running.
maybe your laughter is making everything better.
there's a fire in there, and it's waiting for you.
out yonder
I wait for you in seasons so skewed.
though my heart was strong, my heart headed west.
is there anyway to trust what's way out yonder?
point of no return
you're the biggest chocolate covered lie I've ever seen.
why did you do it, baby?
I'm at my point of no return.
tell me what does it take for you to learn.
pride is always standing in my way.
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bartloki 3 years ago
mitski starters part 3
all from her album be the cowboy.
you're my number one.
you鈥檙e the one i want.
you're the one I got.
I'm a geyser, feel it bubbling from below.
it's not real, it's not real.
it's not real enough.
I will be the one you need.
I just can鈥檛 be without you.
why didn鈥檛 you stop me
I know that I ended it, but why won't you chase after me?聽
you know me better than I do.
why didn鈥檛 you stop me?
I can't seem to find one where you look how I remember.
old friend
we nearly drowned for such a silly thing.
I'll take coffee and talk about nothing, baby.
I'll take anything you want to give me, baby.
I haven't told anyone just like we promised. have you?
a pearl
you're growing tired of me.
sorry I don't want your touch.
it鈥檚 not that I don鈥檛 want you.
I fell in love with a war and nobody told me it ended.
there's a hole that you fill.
lonesome love
spend an hour on my makeup to prove something.
you say "hello", and I lose.
nobody butters me up like you.
nobody fucks me like me.
why am I lonely for lonesome love?
why am I lonely?
remember my name
I gave too much of my heart tonight.
can you come to where I'm staying and make some extra love?
I need someone to remember me.
I need something bigger than the sky.
just how many stars will I need to hang around me to finally call it heaven?
me and my husband
we鈥檙e doing better.
it鈥檚 always been just him and me together.
at least in this lifetime, we鈥檙e sticking together.
when he walks in, I am loved.
come into the water
do you wanna be my baby?聽
are you waiting to touch me?
maybe I鈥檓 the same as all those men.
would you tell me if you want me?
I didn鈥檛 know I had a dream. I didn鈥檛 know until I saw you.
my god, I'm so lonely.
I don't want your pity, I just want somebody near me.
I know no one will save me.
I just need someone to kiss.
give me one good honest kiss and I'll be alright.
still nobody wants me.
give me one good movie kiss and I'll be alright.
pink in the night
I hear my heart breaking tonight.
I love you, I love you, I love you.
I could stare at your back all day.
I know I've kissed you before, but I didn't do it right. can I try again?
a horse named cold air
I thought I'd traveled a long way but I had circled the same old sin.聽聽
washing machine heart
I'm not wearing my usual lipstick I thought maybe we would kiss tonight.
I know who you pretended I am?
why not me?
blue light
somebody kiss me, I'm going crazy.
out there I鈥檓 a sharp knife.
are you that blue light?
two slow dancers
does it smell like a school gymnasium in here?聽
it's funny how you always remember.
it鈥檚 funny how I still forget.
it would be a hundred times easier if we were young again.
to think that we could stay the same.
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bartloki 4 years ago
king princess starters
all from her debut ep make my bed.
I hate it when dudes try to chase me.
I love it when you try to save me.
I'm just a lady.
I'm surprised when you kiss me.
tell me why my gods look like you.
tell me why it鈥檚 wrong.
I鈥檒l wait for you.聽
I will keep on waiting for your love.
did you mean it when you said I was pretty?
will you miss me?
I hope that you鈥檙e happy with me in your life.
I hope that you won鈥檛 slip away in the night.
I keep thinking that you're standing on my floor.
you've walked out a hundred times, how was I supposed to know this time that you wouldn't call. that you wouldn't come home
four drinks I鈥檓 wasted.
if I drink enough I can taste your lipstick.
it's all in my head.
I think I dug a thousand graves.
I hope you鈥檙e happy, anyway.
I'm wasting my time on you.
If I drink enough I swear that I will wake up next to you.
I ain't got no time.聽
you鈥檙e so beautiful.
I'm dressed like a fucking queen.
can't let it end like that.
upper west side
you're so rich.
you're so cute, bet you really wanna be a star聽
you're no good till they're looking at you.
I can't stop judging everything you do but I can't get enough of you.
I sleep great knowing we will never be the same.
make my bed
18 years I've spent, waiting for this.
I鈥檓 awake, making my bed.
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bartloki 4 years ago
something to tell you starters
all from haim鈥檚 2017 album.
want you back
some things were never said.
I said we were opposite lovers.
just know that I want you back.
I'll give you all the love I never gave before I left you.
I know it's hard to hear it.
I had a fear of forgiveness.
I was too proud to say I was wrong.
nothing鈥檚 wrong
how could you tell me nothing's wrong?
go on, tell me what you want.
was it all in my mind?
why do we do this to each other, baby?
could you tell me nothing鈥檚 wrong?
it's obvious. be honest.
little of your love
you're just another recovering heart.
my love is gonna be enough.
you gotta give me just a little of your love.
don't it feel like that night was from a dream?
nothing is ever as good as it seems.
stop running your mouth like that, 鈥榗ause you know I'm gonna give it right back.
ready for you
maybe you played way too hard to get.
I promise I will treat you right.
funny how this whole game played.
I wasn't ready for you.
there won't be another day I let you get away.
something to tell you
I never stopped or gave up.
in the end, I was innocent.
you could never say it first.
tell me how you feel.
I got something to tell you, but I don't know why.
it's so hard to let you know that we're not seeing eye to eye.
I'll never say goodbye.
you never knew
It was a weight on my shoulders, a聽strain on my back, but I love to have you right there by my side.
you couldn't take it.
go on and say it, was my love too much for you to take?
I guess you never knew what was good for you.
I need to hear you say it, was my love too much for you to take?
time after time I came running to get you.
so much time was thrown away.
you know I love to be in love.
kept me crying
when you sleep, are you dreaming of me?聽
if you want me, I'm waiting for you.
if you call me, I'll pick up.
so don't call me up just to tell me you don't love me anymore.
I was your lover. I was your friend.
I'm only just someone you call when it's late enough to forget.
hurts to say I keep thinking you'll stay.
I can't pretend that I'm anything more to you now than someone who's hard to forget.
after all these tears, after all my years of trying, I don't wanna hear that none of it meant anything.
found it in silence聽
I wanted an honest man.
I was blind, wasn't I?
I know what's good for me.
you always talk me down in the end.
I was right, wasn't I?
you told me not to walk away.
the truth is, it's your issue, I know I need to let it go.
you'd think I could just laugh it off, but it gets me every time.
walking away
if you were gonna face it you would've by now.
I'm walking away.
I know you did it so many times before but I never thought I'd be the one you betrayed.
nothing you could say that'll make me rethink every chance that we had and messed up, all the times it got away from us.
say something while I can still heal.
right now
gave you my love, you gave me nothing.
I wasn't even in the running.
you left me searching for a reason why'd you leave.
now you're saying that you need me.
you let me down at every turn.
did you think this would be easy?聽
night so long
I say goodbye to love again.
in loneliness, my only friend.
loneliness, my only fear.
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