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The Top Gun filmmakers: look at all the straight characters and hetero couples we created!
The Top Gun fandom:
Tumblr media
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I had an idea for a sereshaw (+icemav) story that I probably won't write, but it's like
After the suicide mission Maverick invites the entire squad to a barbecue in his house to celebrate the mission's success. And on the day of the barbecue, the squad finds out that Maverick is married to Ice (who obviously didn't die), and is surprised.
At the same time, hangman was trying to figure out how to tell rooster that he is in love with him and decides to do it after the barbecue
But during the barbecue, hangman notices that rooster looks disgusted whenever Maverick and Ice show a lot of affection or are kissing and then he thinks that rooster is homophobic 😂
Which causes a big misunderstanding until rooster clarifies that he's not homophobic (because he's gay), and he's just uncomfortable with his parents acting like two teenagers in love
And hangman (and the rest of the squad) goes "parents????", and only then rooster realize that he hadn't told them his real relationship with Maverick (and Ice), but then everything is clarified and Hangman tell how he feel as he planned, but what he hadn't planned was to do it in front of rooster's parents, and he didn't imagine that he would have to ask their permission, to take their son to go out
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Iceman: where’s the idiot anyway?
Maverick: I’m right here
Iceman: surprisingly I’m not talking about you this time
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Tumblr media
Quoting Buddie things incorrectly
Part 17/???
Find more incorrect quotes here.
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Tumblr media
Jake “Hangman” Seresin x female reader
AN: this is my very first fic. I had this idea and it wouldn’t go away so here we are. I’m sorry if it sucks.
TW: verbally abusive relationship mentioned. Not involving any main characters and nothing specifically said.
Jake closes his eyes to help clear his mind. If he sunk this shot Coyote and Bob owe him and Phoenix $200. To be honest it wasn’t about the money, at least not for Jake, he just loves to win anything and everything he can. As he opens his eyes he notices that Rooster has joined their group by the pool table. Rooster must have gotten lost coming to the bar. Typical.
Maverick had taken Penny and Amelia on a much needed vacation. Turns out it was Maverick’s first vacation in quite some time and Penny wanted to share the fun so she gave all of her employees the week off too and shut the Hard Deck down while she was gone. Very nice gesture for her staff but it left the aviators with nowhere to go after work. Begrudgingly they found this hole in the wall bar with a couple of pool tables and decided to check it out. Thankfully it was Friday meaning tomorrow Penny and Mav will be back and then they never have to come back here again. Hopefully. Being Friday night meant it was pretty crowded even for some random dive bar.
While Jake takes his time lining up his shot he vaguely hears Rooster saying something about something. Jake’s not really paying attention. He takes his shot sinking the 8 ball turning to Coyote and Bob with a smirk, “That’ll be $200. Would you like to pay in cash or card?” Coyote rolls his eyes while reaching into his pants for his wallet.
Jake looks around then turns to Rooster, “So what were you just going on about? You almost made me miss my shot what with your loud mouth going off and all.”
Rooster scoffs, “If anyone has a loud mouth it’s you and you know it, Hangman. I was just asking if anyone knew the spitfire at the bar. I’ve never met her but I just wanted to keep an eye on her since she seems to be fixing to get her ass handed to her.”
Jake looks towards the bar seeing the back of a women yelling at a man with another woman close behind her. The man is yelling right back in her face. Jake knows he doesn’t know the man or the second woman and turns back towards Coyote putting his hand out for the money. Just then he listens a little harder. He knows that voice. He hears it every day. That’s the voice that yells at him almost every night from the living room while he’s upstairs in the shower not to leave his boots in the doorway because you trip over them every time. Jake’s eyes get big as he yells, “Shit! It’s mine!”
He starts to push through the crowd as fast as he can with his other aviators close behind. He shoves his way in front of the man and proceeds to pick you up passing you off to Coyote to get you out of the line of fire then turns around to face the angry man. He’s got a few inches on this guy and looks down at him with his chest puffed out, nobody is going to mess with his girl even if she got herself into this mess. The man in front of him is seething.
Coyote places you down behind him getting you farther away from the angry man, ready to jump in to help his friend. Bob, Phoenix, and Rooster crowd around too ready for whatever was going to happen.
From behind Coyote Jake hears, “He was yelling at his girlfriend! He was getting in her face saying awful things about her and calling her names!”
Jake was mad before just hearing this man yell at you but now he’s furious. He glances behind himself locking eyes with Coyote who nods his head. They both grab an arm each of the man’s and proceed to drag him outside Rooster following close behind. The girl who you had been protecting now sobbing as you go over and try and help her calm down. Bob comes over with a glass of water for her and Phoenix stands watching all the other Patrons in the bar in case the guy had any buddies they needed to worry about.
Jake and the others come strolling back in not too long after. He heads towards you shaking out his hand. He saddles up behind you wrapping his arms around your waist and leans down so you can hear him better, “What did I say about getting into fights without me?”
You smile and turn in his arms wrapping your arms around his neck, “Umm I think you said not to but I can’t remember. The details are fuzzy and it was soooooo long ago.”
He chuckles and shakes his head, “You’re right a month is a very long time. I’m actually surprised you made it this long.”
From behind the two of you, you can hear Rooster asking, “Uhh did you guys know Hangman had a girl?”
Coyote grins looking over at you, “Nice to see you, Mrs. Seresin.”
You smile right back, “Hey Javy. Did you like those leftovers I sent in with Jake for you the other day?”
“They were delicious. I made sure to eat all the pasta before your husband could steal any.”
You hear Jake whine above you, “Why are you both so mean to me?”
Chuckling you both say, “Because we can.”
Coyote grins slapping Jake on the back and heads towards the bar for another round.
Rooster’s brow furrows as he watches the exchange and looks at Bob and Phoenix questioningly. Phoenix shrugs in response and takes a few steps closer to you, “So Mrs. Hangman where have you been hiding and why did you leave me alone with these idiots?”
You laugh, “I’m sorry I don’t go out much. Jake likes to be the prettiest in the room so he leaves me at home so his reputation isn’t tarnished.”
Jake chuckles shaking his head and kisses the top of your head, “I’m going to remember this later, darlin’. Don’t think I won’t.”
You smile sweetly up at him, “Promise?”
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Fuck it, I don’t wanna be your friend
Tumblr media
You and Hangman (though you’ve always known him as Jake) have always been attached at the hip. Best friends from the moment your family moved to the farm next to his. You always thought you and Jake would just be best friends until a night at the Hard Deck changes everything
Warnings: swearing, fem!reader, reader’s callsign is Valkyrie, Hangman calls the reader Ducky, reader calls Hangman ‘Cowboy’
Keep reading
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Tumblr media
And they were wingmen...
[Click for better quality]
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Top gun, but Bradley and Jake kiss at the end, goose lives and icemav is canon.
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Iceman: What did you do?
Maverick: *worried* ...
Iceman: You're not in trouble. I just need to know if I have to lie to the Navy again or not.
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When You Were Young - Icemav
⚠TW: Mild panic attack and Sensory overload⚠
The O Club was loud, music barely audible over the sheer volume of the talking, the clinking of drinks and the singing. Iceman stood in the corner, nursing his beer, the same one he’d been holding for over an hour. He didn’t know how he’d been coaxed into coming here. His supposed wingman had long since ditched him, chatting up a student while Ice derails. The panic started slowly, the itchiness of his clothes as they sat wrong on his broad shoulders. It was too hot, he could feel his palms sweating against the beer bottle. A shriek of joy shot through the bar and Iceman winced, clapping a hand to his ear as he looked panickedly for Maverick. His wingman. 
People chattered as Ice - uncharacteristically frantic - texted Maverick, three times before putting his phone away. It was a good quarter of an hour before his tiny wingman found him, exclaiming something about him not picking up his phone. He only stopped talking when he saw Iceman blink away the tears in his eyes, and saw the unhappy pout tugging the corners of his mouth down. 
“Come on, let's get you out of here-” He tugged Ice’s hand, pulling him through the crowd as the taller man winced at every shoulder bump, wanting desperately to put his hands over his ears.
Maverick opened the passenger side for Ice, and the blonde slid in gratefully, hands clamped over ears, eyes shiny with unshed tears. Maverick didn’t say anything, just opened the glovebox for the headphones Ice kept in there, handing them to his boyfriend, then getting to work unlacing his boots, letting Ice kick them off and pull his knees to his chest. He looked so small like that, Maverick observed as he crouched next to the car, a hand brushing gently through his lover's hair, watching him lean into the touches. Not for the first time, Maverick found himself grateful that Iceman even let him near his hair.
Mavericks other hand caressed Ice’s thigh gently, leaning in to kiss his lover's forehead. He kept his lips there until Ice hesitantly took his headphones off his head. “You alright, Tom?” Maverick asked, keeping his voice down. The blonde nodded, biting his lower lip. “Ready to go?” Another nod. Maverick pushed himself up from his crouch, pressing a gentle kiss to his boyfriend's cheek, shutting the door gently. Ice’s eyes grew wide and his mouth pressed into a thin line, no doubt whining worriedly until Maverick slid into the passenger seat. Ice grabbed his hand immediately and Pete, despite himself, chuckled. “You’re okay Ice, I’m right here” He could hear Ice’s contented sigh over the roar of his car. Mavericks hand hesitated over the button to turn on the radio, looking at ice as he shifted out of reverse. Ice nodded, and Maverick flicked to the station he liked.
‘When you were young’ by the Killers played softly as Maverick guided them onto the road.
You sit there in your heartache
Waiting on some beautiful boy to
To save you from your old ways
You play forgiveness
Watch it now, here he comes
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐒𝐒𝐀 𝐄𝐥𝐥𝐞 𝐆𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐧𝐚𝐰𝐚𝐲
𝐄𝐩𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐝𝐞 ⓽: “𝐃𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐞𝐝”
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“Despite your best efforts you refuse to die” is the funniest fucking phrase from TGM you can’t convince me otherwise
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icemav are absolute little shits so one day when they’re sifting through storage, maverick finds a bunch of stuff from bradley’s childhood. there’s stuff like a paper bradley wrote about his hero, uncle mav, and an ornament with bradley’s tiny seven year old handprint painted on. and after theyre done old man crying about it, a lightbulb goes off in their heads.
the daggers get invited over for a game/movie/bonding night, which isnt unusual but what is unusual is the new decor. the walls are lined with crayon drawings, macaroni art, sheets of paper with gold stars in the corner, little league participation certificates. one of bradley’s honest to go report cards is hanging on the fridge.
(he gets roasted to filth by the other daggers for his grades. “a b- in calculus?? they let you fly planes???” “you took ceramics?? you failed ceramics???” “they let you fly planes???”)
and look, when icemav commit to a bit. they commit. that means the decorations do not come down, even when they have important company over.
some admiral at a dinner meeting: “so how old is your kid?”
ice: “35″
maverick: “hes sitting across from you”
bradley: waves
the other daggers start making stuff for icemav to put up too. finger paintings from fritz, a book report on whales from bob, a paper mache f/18 from the ivyleagers–those over achievers. it’s a joke, of course, because they think this bit is hilarious aww guys look over here, baby bradley failed his spelling test. it’s a joke at first, but then icemav actually hang their shit up “are we really doing this?” “of course we are, mickey worked so hard on his watercolor, now hand me the tape.”
jake gives out his first fathers day card when he’s 30. it goes on the fridge.
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sorry I forgot i'm alive Can you please repeat the question.
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we need positivity posts for people who suck at shuffling cards
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bob doing not very efficient defence, just existing cute and pretty there XD
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Iceman: how is your day going?
Cyclone: well, no one died
Iceman: those are your standards?
Cyclone: your husband is training pilots, what else did you expect?
Iceman: I see…
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