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summer vacation pt 4 😩
Its being worked on, ive been shadowbanned though so like progress has been slow
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Consequences and Regret
Tumblr media
Halo halo, this is ghost writer speaking. It's been a while since I've written another short, and this time, I followed Casual's footstep and wrote an angst Hope you guys will enjoy it, and give us more tears to fill our pot muehehehe…
This is wrong, I shouldn't do this.... Hyeju thinks to herself, her lips claimed by someone and squished against the wall of the apartment.
He's waiting for me.... She feels her clothes getting ripped off her clothes, her body caressed and touched in a hungry, almost savage way.
"What are you thinking baby? ~" The man asks, a wicked grin on his face as he looks at her with a lustful, predatory gaze.
"Thinking of him, perhaps? ~" Hyeju's body stiffened at the question, her eyes darts around in an attempt to avoid the question, yet her body shivers underneath the pleasure he is giving her.
"After today, you'll forget all about him~"
"After all, can he please you like this? ~" he kisses her lips roughly, his dirty hands touching all over her private place, yet instead of repulsion, she feels pleasure and disgust at herself.
"Can he do it like I do? ~" The man leaves numerous hickeys on her neck, marking her at his.
A mistake she so dearly regrets.
He can't never do it like you because he's so gentle. That's what I love about him…
Gradually, her body succumbs to the pleasure that the man is giving to her. Her legs turn wobbly, almost falling before the man catches her, lifting her up and carries her to the bed. He looks down on her, like a predator looking at its prey, licking his lips with a grin "You are mine~"
"...I am yours..." Hyeju succumbs fully to his vile, domineering nature The deepest part of her mind yells at her, screaming and wailing, broken because of her adulterous act.
Yet all Hyeju can do is to surrender to him.
I'm sorry…
You have been waiting for 2 hours, sitting alone in the VIP room that you have rented for privacy, with waiters standing by waiting for your orders. With a heavy sigh, you decide that enough is enough, and signal a waiter over. "It seems like I have wasted your time, you guys can go now, I'll still pay for the full service, so don't worry."
The waiter looks at you for a while, then smiles, a smile contains politeness, trained professionalism, and a hint of pity. "You have chosen our services, so of course we have to serve with our utmost respect."
You smile gently at the response, tipping the waiter generously before asking him to share it amongst his coworkers, before leaving the room, with a table full of already gone cold food. Not like you have any appetite to eat now.
Exiting the restaurant, you calmly make your way towards your car, showing absolute calm, just to break down into a crying, sobbing mess the moment your back lean against the seat.
You cry your heart out, cry for the years of relationship that you've committed, for the love that you hold for her.
Foolish, she doesn't love you, she wouldn't have done that if she did love you. You cry for everything you have sacrificed for her, everything you did to make her happy, everything...
After what felt like hours (it was just minutes) you receive a message. A message from an unknown number.
It only contains 2 words: "she's mine." Attached with a picture of a naked back, something that you are very intimately familiar. After all, you have laughed, cried, hug, even kissed it.
Once your safe haven, now look very foreign and distanced.
At that moment, you have decided. It's time to die disappear.
With surprising clarity, you scroll to a number in your phone, and dial it without a second thought. The line rings...1 ring...2 rings...3 rings. That person answered.
"I need your help, Bunny." You say with a trembling, hoarse voice, the product of all of that crying.
Stop crying, she doesn't deserve your tears, not anymore.
"Oppa, what happened? Aren't you supposed to be with Hyeju right now?" The voice clearly shows concern for you.
Unlike a certain someone
"I... I can't take it anymore, enough is enough...." Your voice starts to break down as all the emotions come up to you, clogging your throat, preventing anything sound from coming out of you, except of your muffled sobbing.
"I'm sorry oppa, I truly am...."
"It's not your fault Bunny, don't apologize for her...." even amongst the sobbing, you couldn't help but manage a little chuckle for her, someone who is apologizing on the behalf of her friend, someone who is innocent, yet got caught up in this mess.
"...Will we see you again oppa?" Now it's her turn to cry, her voice shivers, and trembles, as the thought of never seeing you again break her heart into pieces.
"I don't know Bunny. I truly don't know...."
"... Then I wish you a good trip, a-and...."  she is full on crying now, her voice a sobbing mess. "If fate wills it, we will meet again, ok..." Somehow, her weak voice, filled with sincerity and emotions, breaks you even more than the fact that your girlfriend cheated on you. All you could do is to turn off the call then bails your eyes out yet again, until you feel yourself almost collapse from exhaustion.
No, not now. you think to yourself before driving off to your shared her apartment.
2 hours later:
Hyeju runs into the almost closed restaurant, her hair slightly disheveled from all the running. If anyone is keen enough, they can also notice that her dress is crinkled at all the suspicious parts, namely the chest, hip, and thigh parts.
Looking around for a waiter, she tries to ask a question before she got interrupted.
"He left" The waiter that served you answer her question before she got to ask it. " You are looking for the gentleman that rented to VIP room, correct? He left, 2 hours ago" The waiter looks at her with equal part recognition and contempt.
"Olivia Hye huh.... you might be an idol, but that's no way to treat your partner like that, leaving him hanging for 4 hours." Luckily his voice is small enough that no one can hear him, but she can feel the contempt and disgust he holds for her. "Go home, we don't serve people like you." With one last cold glance, he sends her out of the restaurant, locking the door behind her.
Despite being treated rudely like that, Hyeju can't muster any anger towards the waiter, or any fear of being recognized. She knows, she deserves it, after everything she has done to him.
With a heavy heart, Hyeju reluctantly makes her way back to her shared apartment with him, hoping to ease his anger and disappointment at her.
She would rather him scold and hit her than all the kind, forgiving things that he has said to her. Those words hurt more than any kind of wounds she has ever had.
Maybe because he was too kind, she had taken it for granted.
What awaited her at home Isn't the sight of him waiting for her at the couch, his eyes equal parts angry and affection towards her. Isn't the sight of him cooking in the kitchen, with the aroma filling the entire home. Isn't his gentle smile greeting her every time she came home late.
What greets her is silence, cold, dark, bone chilling silence. An apartment devoid of life, sending chills down her spines.
".... Jagi?" She calls out to him, hoping that he is only sleeping, and that...
But her fear quickly becomes true, the more she goes through her apartment, the more she couldn’t find any traces of him. No signs of his shoes, of his clothes, of his laptop, not even his toothbrush and towels can be found.
The only thing she can find, however, is a small piece of note on top of a small black box. Slowly, she picks up the note on top of the black box, its content simply contains a few words: For the girl who broke my heart, that box will be the last thing you ever received from me. Goodbye Hyeju.
Without needing to open the box, his words are enough to bring her to tears, her body shivers and trembles as small sobs turn into full on ugly wailing as she clutches the piece of paper to her chest, holding it tightly like it's her life. Only one thought surfaced in her head now:
 I lost him....
With her brain in autopilot mode, her brain all consumed by the grief and sadness, she stumbles back to her dorm with the other members with miraculously means…
Why wasn't she hit by some random cars? She deserves it.
Entering the dorm, she is immediately greeted by a sobbing Heejin, with the other members consoling her, almost no one noticing her presence. Almost no one.
Tumblr media
Heejin's ears perked up the moment she hears Hyeju entering the dorm. Hyeju can't help being see an image of a bunny overlapping her, no wonder why he always called her "Bunny".
With surprising strength, Heejin breaks out from the comforting hug of the other members and strolls towards Hyeju.
To everyone's horror, Not Hyeju, she has predicted this she slaps Hyeju, leaving her staggering before leaning against a wall. "Why did you do it?" She asks with a cold, chilling voice. Hyeju can do nothing but look down in shame.
"After everything you had done, after everything we have done for you. After everything he had done for you, even giving you his forgiveness and trust, why did you commit it again?". All eyes fall on Hyeju now, eyes full on surprised, anger, even contempt and disgust. "I...." is all Hyeju manage to utter.
Heejin trembles as she looks at Hyeju with both anger and sadness. "It should have been me...." She says, her voice lacking any of the previous anger, instead containing a sense of sorrow and misery. "His attention, his love, his everything should have been mine... I am his best friend, his longest friend, it was supposed to be me...." Heejin's body starts to tremble, collapsing on her knees in front of Hyeju, her hands grasping her pants so tightly, its nearly ripped apart.
"I love him... but he… He's gone now..."
Heejin devolves back into a puddle of tears, sobbing and crying until she can't anymore.
"W-what did you say unnie?? What do you mean, 'he's gone'?!" Hyeju starts to panic, her mind trying to register the words that her unnies have said.
"Oppa accepted the business proposal and decided to move oversea. At this moment, he has already left Korea, he has already left us...." Haseul answers, her answer contains hint of sorrow, as he wasn't just Heejin's best friend and Hyeju's boyfriend, he was also a brother to everyone here, so his departure evidently left a mark in everyone here, some more than other.
Hyeju cannot bring herself to say anything. How could she? She's the cause of everything. She can only cry, cry for her disgusting acts, cry for betraying him again and again, cry for something she lost, and can never be recovered.
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we could call it even (twice nayeon)
(smut, idol Nayeon, car sex [oral], semi-public sex, choking, fluff, angst [kind of], 12k words)
Tumblr media
For the record, it’s been seven years since you last saw Im Nayeon in the flesh. 
You don’t really like to think about it: about being sixteen and getting the news that your best friend in the whole world - the person who’d been by your side as long as you could remember, the person who’d been there for every single significant event in your life, who you’d been with through tears and failed tests and shitty high school relationships and nights spent at the beach in your hometown, running right into the waves the moment school let out - was heading off to chase her dream, to become wildly, unimaginably famous, which meant that you probably wouldn’t see her again for a very, very long time. 
“It might not even go anywhere,” Nayeon told you, wrapped up in a towel, the two of you huddled together on the beach, stars glimmering overhead. “I might - I mean, it’s totally possible that I’m going to fail miserably.” 
“You won’t,” you said, wistful, because you were acutely aware that Im Nayeon - gorgeous and charismatic and talented beyond belief, even then - was meant for so much more than anything she could get in your town. “There’s no chance you’re going to fail.” 
Nayeon glanced over at you, bottom lip caught between her teeth, eyes glassy, and you already both knew that things would never be the same. 
So - that’s where it ends, really, or at least where it should. She left, and got famous, and you stayed, and went to college. She didn’t keep in touch, because she couldn’t, and you didn’t expect her to. You stayed and you loved her and you understood. 
It’s not like you haven’t been keeping up with her, though. 
See, she’s everywhere: magazines, social media, on the radio, playing over the speakers in every store - there’s that voice, that perfect face, that body in form-fitting gowns and slinky designer dresses, caught by paparazzi in jeans and crop tops - now she’s all grown up, and a superstar, and so breathtakingly beautiful you do a double take every time you see her. Snapshots of her on red carpets, music videos; Nayeon’s present all the time, even when she’s not with you. You’ll be okay with it, you think. Not everything’s meant to last forever. Sometimes, it’s just a moment, but it’s enough. 
Your childhood best friend, taking the world by storm; you, behind the scenes, always cheering her on. Like you said, that’s where it all should end. Call it there - give it a clean break. It’s what you both deserve. 
It’s all over, except you’re in grad school, and it’s winter break, and by some miracle, you’re both in your hometown at the same time.
You don’t know it right away. You’re too caught up in the stunning nostalgia of your childhood bedroom, which is so deeply saturated with Nayeon’s presence that it’s almost like she’s still there - almost like she never left. It’s the pictures, it’s the candle on your nightstand that she bought for you, graphic t-shirts in your dresser that she used to steal; being here is like cracking open a time capsule, playing a supercut of the two of you, a short film cutting off right before the end. It’s more than a little bit suffocating, this kind of history spread out right in front of you, but you’ll deal. You always have. 
You’ve been here for a day, and you’re still settling in. It’s a sleepy afternoon, chilly in mid-winter, but the sun’s out, and the sky’s clear and cloudless. You step outside with your keys in your hand, about to go for a drive - there are ways to seek out nostalgia without drowning in it; you’re thinking old streets, movie theaters, coffee shops-
You stop short, confused.
You don’t actually make the connections, at first. Look, you were never close with Nayeon’s family: for all you know, they could’ve moved away years ago; you wouldn’t be surprised. And there’s no reason for her to be here - so it’s a fleeting thought, flickering out like a light.  
Plus, the girl you see right now, loitering by the car parked in the driveway of the house across the street, has long, silky blonde hair, catching in the sun like a halo. So - there’s no chance, you’re thinking, no way: it’s some new neighbor, or, like, a criminal - well, she’s tiny, she’s unassuming, so probably not that, but still-
The girl keeps leaning in, mumbling to herself, checking the back left tire. 
“Oh, shit,” she says, suddenly, and then lands a very ill-placed kick to the tire with her shoe. 
It’s a bad choice. It must hurt, because she gasps, tips to balance herself on the car - you notice her nails, which are these ridiculous acrylics, talon-sharp and with swirly white patterns - and you can’t see her expression, but her head ducks, swivels fast, glancing from her shoe to the tire, and then-
“Shit,” she says, again, and she bursts out laughing - and that's when you realize it.
Even from all the way across the street where you can’t see her face, even though this girl is blonde and there’s zero fucking chance she should be here right now, kicking her parents’ car with one of her beat-up leather boots - it’s all in that laugh, ringing brilliantly in the air like the music she makes. It's been seven years, and it’s still her. 
“Nayeon,” you call. It’s not a question. You've never been more sure of yourself. 
She turns, and - God - it’s like everything kicks into sudden slow motion, blurs, sharpens; you see her like you're seeing her for the first time, and in an instant, it's all in perfect clarity.
There’s that face: the one across billboards, album covers, the one in every photograph you have from high school, pressed close to yours - and abruptly it’s like you can’t even breathe, looking at her. Oh, none of the pictures do her justice, but you already knew that: she’s unbelievable, and right in front of you, and so, so real.
It’s something straight out of a movie, out of some fantasy, a far-off dream. Nayeon stands, straightens, stares, stares-
Then, casual to the point of comedy, she says, “Hey.” 
And it’s all so easy: like it hasn’t been years since you two have spoken, like you might be sixteen again and preparing to corral her to your side so you two can go to the beach - so natural, like nothing has changed at all. Nayeon props a hand on her hip, gestures to the car, asks, “Does this tire look flat to you?” 
You'll play along. Hey, you always did. “Um,” you say, from the sidewalk, grinning like an idiot. “I’m not an expert or anything, but - yeah, it does look kind of fucked up, huh?” 
“Kind of,” agrees Nayeon. 
Nayeon doesn’t even look at the tire; doesn’t take her eyes off of you for even a second. She’s so insanely, impossibly beautiful - and then her full lips crack to a smile, flashing her teeth at you, radiant enough to rival the sun. 
“Hey,” she says, again, except now her voice is thick with emotion. 
“Hey,” you echo, and wait. 
It takes one beat, then two, and then Nayeon’s running at you, her laugh carrying on the wind. Her leather boots clap on the asphalt, her blonde hair streaming behind her, giving up every act, every attempt at playing it cool. It's just like her, around you again: you'll click right back into place like it's the only thing you were ever meant to do, and-
“Oh my god,” Nayeon exhales, and then she’s launching herself right into your arms. 
For those few moments - those moments when you catch her around the waist, and her hands loop around your neck, and you hug her body close to you, half-drunk on the smell of her hair - she’s not Im Nayeon, global phenomenon; she’s your Nayeon, your best friend, your girl, yours. Yours, and she’s laughing that wonderful, infectious laugh, giddy like she knows it. 
It’s been seven years - and then Nayeon pulls back, palms slipping to cup your cheeks, and it’s like it’s been no time at all. 
“Oh my god,” she whispers again, reverent. “You…” 
Her thumbs find the sides of your face, the dimples bracketing your mouth that she used to obsess over, and her words slip away into nothing. “Me?” you ask, teasing her. “You. That hair, Nayeon-” 
“It fits me, right?” Nayeon’s tongue pokes out between her teeth, eyes sparkling. There’s something about her name on your lips: it makes her shiver, and you press your fingers into her hips, needing her closer - her chin’s tilted up at you, expression open, like she needs the exact same thing. “It’s for my new comeback. No one’s seen it yet.” 
“Saving it for me?” 
“Shut the fuck up.” 
You laugh out loud - the vulgarity. You can’t imagine she’s been able to be so profane in her day-to-day life, not in her line of work: she’s had to be pristine, this whole time, holding back with a camera-ready smile and a script. It’s something else, seeing her instead of her image. There’s something you’ll test later - what rules she’s ready to break, after all this time. You’ll get back to it.
Nayeon’s beaming, sunlight threading through her hair. She’s still got your face in her hands, and you’ve got your hands on her waist, and there are no boundaries like you’ve never spent any time apart. “You look so…” 
She trails off, flushing prettily. 
“I look so what?” you prompt, entertained. 
“No,” says Nayeon, accusatorily. She pats your cheek with one hand, and there’s that charming glint of her front teeth in her grin - that’s a smile people’d pay just to see, and they have. “I’m not saying it.” 
“You don’t have to,” you say, and pat her hip in retaliation. It gets another laugh from her, bright and pleased. “I know what you meant.” You grin, pull her closer, add, “Right back at you.”
You could kiss her and you don’t. Instead, you draw her into your arms, hug her body tight to yours, feel all the new, firm muscle where youthful softness used to be; everything seems so different, on the surface, and you’re both older and busier and there’s her blonde hair, her nails, how every part of her seems planned and curated, a trademark of the celebrity life - she’s in a cream-colored sweater and jeans and no makeup, and still looks permanently silver-screen perfect. It’s been years, and she’s grown into herself elegantly, beautifully. It’s been years, and she’s in your arms again, and she’s become everything she wanted to be and more. 
Nayeon buries her face in your neck, and takes a few deep, shuddering breaths, trying to keep it together - and you realize that maybe some things never change.
See, you and Nayeon never actually date in high school. 
There’s all this pretense, at first. You’ve spent basically all your lives glued to each other’s sides, right on the edge of codependence, but it’s high school, and it’s the status quo, so you both try dating other people. It’s not that it’s totally disastrous, or anything - it’s just that none of the relationships last, and none of them are as important as the two of you together. 
“They’re so boring,” Nayeon complained to you one day, both of you in your living room, watching some movie, her feet kicked up in your lap. “Well - okay, maybe that’s not totally accurate. It’s just - every date I go on, I just think of how much more fun it would be if you were there.” 
“Yeah,” you said, pinching her knee, earning a squeal from her. “You, me, and your boy toy of the week. It’d be a laugh riot.” 
“Fuck off,” said Nayeon, nose wrinkling, staving off a smile. “No, I mean - if you were there instead of him.”
So - sure, it’s really obvious, and everyone who knows you two sees it too. It’s you, and it’s her, and no one else is ever really going to be able to compete. 
The reason why you never say it out loud is because of the only thing bigger than how you feel about her: Nayeon’s ambitions, her goals, her passion and drive. She doesn’t belong in this town, with you. She’s got stars in those gorgeous eyes, dreams of glitz and glamour and fame - and if there’s one thing you know about Im Nayeon, it’s that she knows exactly what she wants and just how to get it. You sort of always know that one day she’s going to end up leaving you behind. You know that the thought of tying her down, shackling her to the streets of this town, to you - it makes you nauseous. Holding a girl like that back would be a mortal sin: the universe would never forgive you for it. 
(You know it all the way up until the night before she leaves for good, when she kisses you at your front door, her suitcases already packed - it’s not the first time you’ve kissed her, and it certainly doesn’t feel like the last, but you know it’s all you’ve got for now. 
Don’t forget about me, alright? Nayeon said, then, tears in her eyes, tears in yours. 
Never, you said. I could never. 
You didn’t tell her you loved her, because you wanted to have something to give her when she came back, no matter how long it took.)
You and Nayeon never actually date in high school, but somehow - as delightfully easy as breathing, as inevitable as the stars slipping right into alignment - you two end up falling in love anyway. 
It’s seven years later, and your heart is hers, just the same way as it always has been. 
“No one knows I’m here,” Nayeon tells you now, from the passenger seat of your car; turns out her tire actually is flat, so now you’re chauffeuring her around, basically - not like you’re complaining. “I’ve done a pretty decent job at keeping my childhood private - the general public cares a lot more about my present than my past.” 
Plus, no one knows she’s blonde yet, you point out, not even her fans. “Because you were saving that for me,” you insist. “You wanted to get my opinion first.” 
“Shut up,” says Nayeon, then softens, goes serious. “I wasn’t… I wasn’t sure if you’d even be here, you know.” 
The truth is you haven’t been, for the most part. Your university’s around an hour and a half away, and you don’t visit as much as you should. But now you’re here, and she’s here, and you’ve been driving in circles for the past hour - going past your old school, the church, all the rich neighborhoods. It’d be too risky to actually go anywhere, so this is what you’ve got, and neither of you seem to mind. 
“Hey,” you tell her, flick your blinker, hook a left. “I’m always going to be here.” 
You’re not talking about the town. When you glance over at Nayeon, she’s got this tilt to her mouth, a telltale sign: she understands exactly what you mean.
You’re falling back into old rhythms, patterns. You go through a drive-through, and Nayeon studiously stares out the window the whole time, trying to cover her face with her hair - it’s an admirable attempt at staying incognito, considering anyone who takes a single look at those eyes and that dazzling smile is going to know exactly who she is.
“Smooth,” you say when it’s over, pulling into the parking lot. You’re splitting a giant coffee and it’s like you’re back in high school. “Were you just planning on holing up in your house the whole time you’re back? You can’t exactly go anywhere without being recognized.”
You both click your seatbelts off, and now Nayeon’s got her legs tucked to her chest, her cheek resting on the tops of her knees. “Honestly?” She waves her hand at you, glittering acrylics flashing - you tip the coffee towards her, let her sip from the straw. “I didn’t really plan any of this. I had time off for once, so I took it. It’s the holidays, so it was just…” She shrugs. “The most reasonable plan of action, I guess.” 
“You could’ve gone anywhere,” you say; you’re fishing for something, and she knows it. “Like, way more fun places than this shitty town. Los Angeles. The Bahamas. Paris.” 
“So?” You set the coffee in one of the cup holders. “Why didn’t you?”
You and Nayeon were best friends for so long that you basically grew to share a brain, thoughts, opinions - there were those times you’d look at her and know exactly what she was thinking, those times where just a lift of her eyebrows or a curl to her lips could communicate whole sentences, sentiments - things with her have always been so natural, so instinctual. It should be awkward, after seven years, after her rise to fame and your lack thereof. There should be oceans between you, whole worlds. There should be stumbling, time to find footing, missteps and whatever thread always tied you two together at least frayed, if not snapped entirely. 
There should be, but there isn’t. Nayeon’s always been able to read your mind just like you can read hers, and that’s not about to stop now. 
“You don’t need me to answer that,” she says, gaze stuck on your eyes, your teeth, your throat. The two of you are just as inevitable as you always were, and she’ll prove it. “I think you already know.” 
Like you said, you’ve kissed Nayeon before: too many times to count. 
You don’t really have a logical explanation, for all of that. It’s just that when you were younger you two spent every waking moment together, and you two were deliberately, unusually touchy: you can’t even begin to fathom the amount of times your classmates ran into you and Nayeon in the halls, or at parties, and pointedly backed off like they thought they were interrupting something. 
(Well, they kind of were - it’d be her with a grip on your forearm, her with her legs in your lap, you with an arm slung around her shoulders, her waist, caught up in some conversation that was only comprehensible to you two. It’d have killed you to be apart, back then, even though you always knew it was coming. You knew you’d be ripped apart, eventually. You took all the time you could get.) 
The kissing - you can’t even blame that on alcohol, can’t fall back on cop-outs or excuses. It wasn’t like you two ever truly planned for it to go down like it did. Just - sometimes, you’d be looking at her, so filled with unbridled, uncontained affection, something you couldn’t even begin to put into words - you’d see her eyes, and the soft way she’d look at you, and it was like everything you’d wanted had already happened.
So that’s where it starts, really: you’d kiss her just to make a point, tilt her face towards yours, slot your lips together. If it were anyone else, they’d have freaked, called you insane; Nayeon just smiled afterwards, eyes shutting, content and understanding, the kind of knowing that comes with whatever cosmic connection that was obviously keeping you two tangled up together beyond repair - intertwined at the hands, at the heart. 
You didn’t talk about it, because she was always leaving, even while she was right there with you. You could feel it, more than anything. You’ve always sort of been running out of time. 
The point is - well, you’ve kissed her plenty of times, just to tell her how you felt without saying it out loud. Careful, and gentle, and with all the clear intention in the world. 
(The point is, it’s all these years later, and you know exactly how it feels to watch Nayeon leave. The point is that you have nothing left to lose, so-)
You’ve driven around so long that it’s dark outside. You’ve talked for hours, recapping the past seven years as best you can, hanging on each other’s every word: going through friends and careers and drama and conflict in excruciating, meticulous detail, and you’re still not even close to being done. It’s pouring outside, raindrops coating the windshield, and Nayeon says, abruptly, “I’m leaving in a week.” 
“Okay,” you say, and pull your car into the driveway. 
It’s not a question, and it’s the opposite of tension. You park the car and step out, and she’s right there at the passenger side, rain soaking her blonde hair, dripping down her neck, staring at you. It’s pitch-black outside, but there are those eyes: luminescent, longing personified. She’s the most famous woman in the country - you’ve seen those eyes everywhere. It’s nothing compared to having her in front of you now. 
“A week,” Nayeon says, again, shutting the car door. “That’s all we’ve got.” 
It’s not a question, so you don’t answer it. 
It all gets away from you, in a split second - time, and your mind, and all your inhibitions - you’re rounding the car, and then you’ve got your hands in her drenched hair. Your mouth’s inches from hers, and her lips are already parted - you think of deja vu, you think this has already happened, or it was already meant to - you think of crazy, impossible things, and then you kiss her. 
Nayeon melts underneath you, like succumbing to a wound - no, it’s too soft to be that, too safe - like slipping between sheets, like finding rest and relief after months on your feet - it’s a thunderstorm after a drought, an oasis, a second chance - and she’s so small when you press her against the car, as her mouth opens, spine curving, hands finding the nape of your neck. 
The energy between you is electric, a shock to a system: it’ll be an overload, if you don’t fuck her right now - it’s been too long, it’ll blow all the breakers. You need her and it’ll kill you if you don’t have her. “Nayeon,” you murmur, fingers tangling in her hair, hips trapping her to the car door-
Nayeon makes this otherworldly noise into your mouth, high and keening and needy, and for a beat you actually think you’re going to die. 
“Your house,” gasps Nayeon, panting when she pulls back, the pressure from what feels like eons wanting you and being denied finally dropping to the pavement, washing away with the rain. “Is it - please tell me no one’s home.” 
It’s the two of you, and every single star aligns, for once in seven years: call it a comet, an eclipse, something to capture and study and scrutinize. “No one’s home.” 
There’s that moonlight, gleaming overhead, breaking through the clouds. It bathes Nayeon like it’s blessing her, like it sees the extraordinary life she’s led so far and deems her deserving of it - like it looks at you, and by some million-in-one chance, by some surreal string of fate, it deems you deserving of her.
(Maybe you are, then. Maybe you always were.) 
“Okay,” says Nayeon, and her hand takes yours - for a moment, you swear she’d run away with you, leave it all behind. “Then let’s go.” 
Somehow, in the dark, you still know her. 
You stumble up to your bedroom and you never even make it to the light switch - the moon’s coming in through slats in your blinds, the rain’s a drum line, a soundtrack - and Nayeon’s peeling off your shirt, fumbling with her ridiculous nails at the button of your jeans. 
“Don’t strain yourself,” you say, grinning, your hands finding the hem of her top. “Your company will crucify you if you fuck up that manicure.” 
“Fuck you,” says Nayeon, and suddenly she’s laughing, a harmony to the growing storm outside. She pops the button, drags the zipper, slow like she knows she’s unraveling you in the process. “Fuck you. Fuck me.” 
The rain’s got her soaked to the skin - you get her sweater off, and then her jeans, and she’s in this scarlet-red bra, matching panties - it’s an image straight out of all your wet dreams, and you can’t help but stare, mouth agape, fingers lingering at her hips. Nayeon’s too flawless to be real; she’s smirking at you like she knows it. She’s used to be ogled, stared at, lusted after: she’s used to people wanting to rip her apart, and she’ll act like it. 
“Jesus christ,” you say, unable to tear your eyes off her body - there’s her collarbone, her tits, her smooth, toned midriff - her wet hair, her creamy thighs - it’s all there, just for you. No one else gets to see her like this, no eager fan or follower - just you. 
“Right?” says Nayeon, breathless and amused, high on how you’re looking at her. “Red really is my color.” 
Somehow the arrogance only heightens the mood, the overwhelming arousal steeping the room. Something about making a god learn manners, respect; something about taking a deity and putting her in her place. “That ego,” you consider, skating your nails up her back, stopping at the clasp of her bra.
“What about it?” 
“No, nothing.” You unhook it, grin at the shaky breath it gets from her. “I just think you might need to get it fucked out of you.” 
Nayeon’s used to being mythologized, idolized, painted so perfect that everyone arounds her considers her something more than human, more than magic: she’s got hundreds of thousands of people ready to kneel at her feet, give her the world on a silver platter. She’s been spoiled, you think, tracing her body with your fingertips. She’s been treated like carved marble, behind glass and roped off, invulnerable, untouchable. 
(But here you are, anyway: the one person on the planet who truly knew her before all that - before fame took hold of a girl and made her a legend. Before fame took the love of your life and let everyone else fall in love with her, too. Well, you’re not about to blame them; you never could.) 
Nayeon’s staring at you, a challenge in her eyes, a sharp, secret violence in her smile. 
“I don’t know about all that,” she says, “but you can try.” 
It’s a dare, it’s a taunt - after all this time, and you’re still the only one who can match her beat for beat, touch for touch: there’s her bra, slipping to the floor, there’s your thumb over her nipples, hardening them to points, your teeth on her chest and leaving marks. She’s on your bed, her damp hair tumbling over one shoulder, the intoxicating ring of her irises like a shot in the dark. 
“You don’t even know,” pants Nayeon, voice thick with heat, as you stroke her pussy through her panties. “You don’t even fucking know how long I’ve wanted this.” 
“Oh,” you say, and pull her underwear to the side roughly - there’s that cunt, just for you, glistening and sopping wet and so, so ready - and a smirk finds your mouth, just off the brink of cruel. “I think I’ve got an idea.”
Nayeon’s so greedy, and you get it - she’s gotten everything she’s ever wanted for years and years, without question or hesitation - and she’s reaching for your hand, your fingers, needing you inside her in any way she can get you. She’s beyond wet; you already know she’s going to ruin your sheets, she’s gonna ruin something-
“Watch it,” you snap, grabbing her wrist so hard she yelps. “If you wanna get fucked, Nayeon, you need to behave.” 
“Please,” Nayeon shoots back. The words tremble - she’s so turned on, she can’t hide it - but she’ll never back down from a fight. “I could get anybody to fuck me. I could walk out of here right now and have someone else’s dick in me in ten minutes.” 
She’s rambling. You’re gonna bruise her wrist. Her tits heave as she tries to catch her breath, and when you brush against her pussy with your other hand, she lets out this gorgeous, weakened whimper - you’ve got her, you’ll make an example of a higher power, take an idol and make her human again. 
“Sure.” Your fingers find her clit, teasing; Nayeon’s eyes snap to yours, ferocious, murderous. “But you don’t want just anybody.” Your dick throbs - there’s something primal, animalistic; if you wait any longer she’s gonna jump you, take what she wants and fuck you stupid. It’d be a threat if you didn’t want the exact same thing. “You want me.” 
“Fucking asshole,” says Nayeon, hoarsely, but then you’ve got two fingers in her, her pussy clenching around you, and there’s a waning edge in the hostility: you know her too well. She’s not into being patient, ever. There’s never been a line between you two that she hasn’t been willing to toe. “You know - you know I never wanted anyone but you.” 
That’s the blow, the bomb that’ll implode the two of you - or it would, but there’s never been a single secret between you and Nayeon, and that’s not about to change now. 
“I know,” you manage, stunned, mesmerized by her, your palm falling from her wrist to her flat stomach, your fingers sliding out of her with an obscene, slick sound. “I know.” 
“Please,” she begs. “Please fuck me.” 
It’s filthy, it’s feelings, it’s years in the making. The head of your cock is at her needy, drooling cunt, and you can see it in her eyes, in the bruising marks you left scattered across her tits, her throat. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been. No one’s ever going to know her how you know her - no one’s ever even going to come close. 
Your bury your dick inside of her, and it’s like there’s an ache you’ve waited lifetimes to relieve - and then, finally, ultimately, you’ve got her perfect pussy just for you, and you relieve it. 
“God,” you hiss; Nayeon’s already whining, squirming under your hand firmly at her middle, holding her down - you think of going for her neck and you will, you think of flipping her over and watching her ass bounce back on your cock, and it’ll happen - but working your dick inside her impossibly tight pussy is more than enough for the time being; you’ve got your hands full, figuratively, literally. “This fucking pussy, Nayeon-” 
You say her name, and it wrecks her - her fingers find yours where they’re balanced on her midriff, curling around you - and her jaw is slack, expletives falling from between her pretty, pouty lips like she’s never been advised to keep up a clean image. She’s with you, and she’s nothing like she is on camera. “Fuck me,” she’s babbling, “fuck me, fuck - your cock is so - fucking big, fucking me so good-” 
She’s nothing like she is on camera, wrapped around your cock and crying out, but she’s everything that Im Nayeon has always been, otherwise: beautiful, irresistible, the most incomparable thing this town’s ever seen, and ever would. There’s all that bite to her, but she’s giving it up. You’re fucking her and for once she’s not gonna fight you on that. 
“Just like I thought,” you murmur, and your thumb skates over her clit, gets a squeal, gets several. “You were fucking made to take my cock, weren’t you?” 
You’re back in your time capsule of a room, and your veins are on fire, skin up in flames - you knew you wouldn’t be able to fuck her without dragging emotions into it, dragging your heart along as you pound Nayeon’s cunt, jerk your hips and get her screaming - you know that when you say it, you’re really saying something else, too. We were always going to end up this way, weren’t we?
“Yes,” Nayeon moans, voice ripping at the seams - it’s all the pleasure, all the anticipation, consuming, devouring. “Yes, yes, yes-”
You’re captivated by every single sound out of her mouth, every minute expression of that face, every gut-wrenching squeeze of her pussy, tight around your cock - call it a vice, the way she clamps down around you, the way you indulge in her perfect body like it’s a drug you’re using. Nayeon’s features crumple, fold: you’ve seen her onstage with all that bravado, all that confidence, showing off for a crowd - you’ve seen her hips and her tits and her tiny waist in form-fitting, skimpy outfits, practically painted to every curve - but now, she’s all for you. 
(Hey, maybe her ego’s contagious; maybe you’ve got the girl everybody wants, and you get why they all treat her like a god.)
You’ll mind all your breaking points. “Cum for me, baby,” you order, and Nayeon screams. 
There’s no air in the room, anymore, none in your lungs - it’s a fire without oxygen, nowhere to stay or go or feed on - and as she’s still shaking from her orgasm, jaw slack, you’re pulling out of her just to shoot your load all over the flawless, flat plane of her stomach, covering her skin in your cum - there’s everyone’s god, now, underneath you, slutty and sloppy and so thoroughly fucked-
“Oh, god,” Nayeon chokes out, strangled, the moment your cum soaks her. “Oh my god-” 
It’s all in the air, with the two of you: the sex, the intimacy, the history. You take her stunning face in her hands and you dip to kiss her, fully aware of how responsive she is, the very second your lips meets hers. There’s a moan, there’s the arch of her back, there’s her tongue licking desperately into your mouth - “Nayeon,” you murmur, and tip your forehead to hers. Her breath’s uneven, eyelids fluttered shut. “Nayeon.” 
Her eyes are closed, but a smile finds her lips, lights up her whole face; it’s a smile you’ve seen forever, in photos, across billboards, in all your best memories. 
“You don’t even understand what you do to me,” she says, serenely, faintly. “When you say my name like that.” 
There’s all that desire, and then the quiet honesty, and you swear a moment like this could last a lifetime. “Hey,” you say, and kiss her face - her nose, her forehead, both cheeks. You’ll take her as long as she’ll have you. “I think we’ve established by now that I know all about what I do to you.” 
Nayeon’s a little hypnotized by how much you came across her stomach, a little stuck on it - you get up to get her some tissues, and when you turn around, she’s got cum-covered nails in her mouth, sucking on them shamelessly. The noises she’s making are fucked, and you stare. 
“Fucking hell,” you say, dropping at her side on the bed. 
“What?” asks Nayeon sweetly, licking her bottom lip. “You’re the one who came all over me. What did you want me to do?” 
She’s trying to go for your usual banter, but it’s too soft, her smile too knowing and familiar, her body too open and comfortable. You can’t call this a one-night stand, can’t call it a fluke - she’s so safe in your bed that it looks like she’d stay there forever, if she could, you and her and these four walls. 
Nayeon’s clothes are all over your floor, and you clean up all that silky skin. Her hair’s a mess, and the moon’s still coming through your window, glossing her body, her gorgeous eyes. You watch her face, and you can read her as well as you always have: every thought, every single intent. 
(She’ll have to let this go, but she’s got a week to feel it first. It’s torture, the ticking clock, but it’s nothing the two of you haven’t had to feel already.)
“I can’t believe we haven’t done that before,” muses Nayeon, as you brush her hair off her forehead - she’ll have to take a shower, and you’ll have to join her, naturally. “Well, what’s the verdict?” 
You eye her, sensing the jab like she’s already said it. “Sorry?” 
“Fucking someone famous.” Nayeon tilts her head, smile sparkling like the stage lights she spends all her time under. “Was it everything you thought it would be?” 
“Shut up.” You grab her at the hips, and she laughs, a mess of giggles, filling the space - she’s a celebrity, she’s larger than life - you’re the only one who can ground her like this. “You’re such a fucking idiot.” 
“Excuse me?” 
“Yeah,” you say, touching your lips to the top of her head. “That’s the only reason I wanted to fuck you, Nayeon. Because you’re famous. That’s all this is, obviously. Thanks for the bragging rights.” 
The sarcasm drenches each syllable, and Nayeon laughs louder - she can read your every thought, but this one’s a lie that’s too clear to call out: you loved her long before all the superstardom, all the money, all the recognition. She knows exactly how you feel about her, and she won’t pretend otherwise. You know just how she feels about you, and it’s the most certain you’ve ever been about anything. 
“Oh,” she says coyly, and leans in to kiss you. “You’re so welcome.” 
The next morning, you’re taking inventory, staring at the girl in your bed and wondering how you’re going to explain this to your parents. She’s dressed by now, in one of your t-shirts and a pair of your pajama pants, drawstring pulled tight around her small waist and so oversized they cover her feet - that’s already bad enough, but then there’s her neck, pale skin marred with hickeys - okay, it’s worse. 
“How do you feel about sneaking out the window?” you ask. 
Nayeon tries to kick you and almost slides off the bed. “You think your parents will care that we had sex?” Her hair’s freshly washed, tied up and out of her face. “They’ve wanted you to marry me since the first time I came over.” 
You gape at her, but her nose crinkles up with her grin, and, well - it’s not like she’s wrong. 
True to her word, your parents are thrilled that she’s here - they’ve never really grasped the scope of exactly what a big deal Nayeon is, now, so they treat her just like they did when she was younger, spending breakfasts and family dinners with you, fitting in so smoothly it was like she’d always been there. To your parents, you think they’ll kind of always see Nayeon as that bright-eyed, eternally charming girl that stuck by your side like you’d both collapse if you had to be apart. There’s that same smile, that effervescent laugh - you can’t really fault them for it. 
“How long are you here?” your mom asks her, as she’s making breakfast, and Nayeon’s at the kitchen table, nonchalantly recounting stories of all her famous friends. “Just for the holidays?” 
“A week,” says Nayeon, glancing at you, mouth twisting ruefully. 
Your mom makes a sympathetic noise. “Oh, that’s not very long, huh.” 
Compare it to the seven years you spent apart - and no, it’s not. It’s a blip, a snag in time. In the grand scheme of things, it’d probably be nothing. 
“No,” agrees Nayeon; it’s never nothing, when it’s the two of you. Her hand finds yours under the table, and it’s everything that matters, wrapped up in an hourglass, sand slipping through your fingers. “But we’ll make it count.” 
“We’ll make it count?” you berate her, later, in the car as you’re driving up to the mansions on the hill, testing codes for gated communities, pointing out gaudy architecture like you’re real estate snobs - it’s an old game, a remnant from high school shenanigans. Nayeon could buy this whole neighborhood, and it’s somehow become hilarious, all these years later. “Way to tell my mom that you and I are going to be fucking nonstop the whole time you’re here-” 
“Like she didn’t already know,” says Nayeon, unapologetic, and points to her neck. She’s still in your clothes: no point in getting dressed when she can’t exactly leave the car without getting recognized, but you think she’d stay in your t-shirts all week, regardless. 
It’s an old story, between the two of you. “You’re such a slut.” 
“Yeah, and you’re directly benefiting from it, so I don’t know why you’re complaining.”
She says it like a proposition, and - hey, that’s an opportunity you’re never going to pass up. You’ll cash your checks, reap your benefits. You’ll pull off to the side of the road and throw the car in park, bury your hand in her hair as she leans over the console, tugs down your pants, gets her pouty lips wrapped around your dick in record time-
“What would your fans say?” you tell her, lowly, hypnotized by how she gags around you. “Seeing their angelic little idol with a cock shoved down her throat.” 
Nayeon pulls back just to laugh, raspy and shot, spit dripping from the corners of her mouth. “They’d fucking love it and you know it.”
You’re up in the hills, in the midst of construction sites, all danger and risk and safety hazards waiting to happen; you can’t get enough of how Nayeon slobbers around your cock, how she’s everything you’ve ever wanted wrapped up in one - the slickness of her tongue, the tightness of her throat, her blonde ponytail in your fist as her head bobs, fast, faster-
When you cum in Nayeon’s mouth, she chokes on it, can’t even swallow it all down. “Jesus fucking christ,” she gets out, and she’s giggling, so pleased with herself, wiping the cum dribbling from her lips, down her chin. “You - wow.” She taps the head of your cock with the ridged back of one of her nails, works her jaw like she’s trying to memorize the feeling of your dick filling her mouth. “Your cock is so sensitive.” 
“Gloating?” you ask, struggling to catch your breath. “That’s - like - that’s such a turn-off, Nayeon.”
It’d be slightly more convincing if she didn’t still have your cum staining her lips. “Liar.”
You hook your fingers in the collar of the shirt she’s wearing, tug her closer to nip at her neck - she gives this noise that’s somewhere between an affronted squeal and an aroused, needy exhale. She’s so easy, but so are you. She’s so transparent, but with this little time there’s nothing else to be. 
You’ll make it work; you’ll catch up. “Fine,” you admit, pressing down on hickeys you’ll only darken, aggravate - she’s got you wrapped around her finger, but at least it’s mutual. “I guess your narcissism is kind of sexy, or whatever.” 
“I hate your fucking guts,” says Nayeon, but she’s smiling. 
There’s all this ease to it, something you’ve never found with anyone else; something you don’t think you’ll ever find again. You two have always been a little obsessed with each other. 
“More than a little,” Nayeon revises, considering it; you’re three days in, walking back all your history. You can’t keep your hands off of each other, can’t keep your mouths closed, can’t keep from falling for the millionth time. “I just remember thinking that I could tell you about every embarrassing shitty thing I’d ever done, and you’d just listen, and not make fun of me for it. You knew what I could handle, you know?” 
You get what she means: teenage boys like to tease, to insult - you weren’t exempt from that, but you looked at Nayeon and you always seemed to know what lines never to cross. How to be gentle with her, when you knew she needed it. 
“You too,” you point out; Nayeon was perceptive when it counted, reading rooms, boundaries. She’d defend you to the death without hesitation. “Whenever I was with you, I knew I could trust you. Like I felt safe with you.” 
You can think of situations where you’d feel emasculated, admitting it - but there’s Nayeon with her eyes, her genuine, generous smile, sitting at your desk chair, jeans and a gauzy white top. She gets you, and you never have to explain, never have to bother with defenses. You’re with her and vulnerability spills like it’s never had a reason not to. 
“All this past tense,” pegs Nayeon, charmed more than concerned. 
“Right,” you say, realizing. “Hey, it all still applies. I feel safe with you.” 
There’s your past: teachers knowing you two were a matching set, classmates calling her your other half, texting any second you were apart, touching the moment you were together again. Shifting from jokes to sincerity so easily, ride-or-die in all senses of the phrase. Well, here’s your present: there’s the sex, now, and that’s another angle to it. You’d think it’d ruin a friendship this intense; you’d assume it’d only complicate things - you’d be wrong. There’s never been anything simpler, between you and Nayeon. 
Nayeon softens, and rises from your chair just to fit herself into your arms. There’s that smile: no one gets me like you get me, she’s saying. You’ve got only days left; you’re picking your battles. You’ll remember everything that made you two exactly who you are now. 
(Oh - it’s not like you ever really forgot. Nayeon’s got all the love and attention she could ever need, and she’s still here, with you.) 
“Flattery,” Nayeon says, finally, arching an eyebrow at you, her face too adorable for the suggestive tilt to her voice, “will get you everywhere.” 
Her palm slips to your chest, finds your heart. “I’m not even trying to flatter you,” you say, amused. “And if I was, I can do better than that.” 
“Then do better,” replies Nayeon, rapid-fire. “What, you need some incentive?” 
It’s just like the two of you: teasing, to truth, to seconds away from ripping each other’s clothes off, taking sexual tension and bending it entirely to your will. There’s so many routes to intimacy - you loop your fingers in the waistband of her jeans, and this is the one you’re choosing tonight. She’s leaving, either way. You’ll fuck her like you’ve got all the time you could ever need.
You’re all about old habits, the two of you: your jaw drops when you get her out of her clothes, and then you laugh so hard you almost topple over. 
“I’m sorry,” you say, enamored, fascinated, “you packed lingerie for a holiday break in your hometown? So - you aren’t even pretending that your plan wasn’t to get fucked, now.” 
Nayeon sticks out her bottom lip, furrows her brows. She’s playing at irritated, but she’s too proud of herself, how your eyes are glued to her body even though the laughter - she plants her hands on her waist, and that’s only one place to look. Her lingerie’s all lacy and black and ribboned, panties so tiny you could snap them between your fingers, the cups of her bra with scalloped edges, fit to every curve like it was custom-made for her. It’s Im Nayeon, anyway: you wouldn’t be surprised if it was. 
“What can I say?” She shifts, tosses her pale curtain of hair over a slender shoulder. All those cracks about her ego - well, you won’t lie here: it’s so fucking hot. “I like to be prepared.” 
You hook your fingers in the sides of her panties, tangling your grip in what virtually amounts to nothing but flimsy strings, biting into the creamy skin of her hips. “Was this expensive?” 
“Very.” Nayeon’s dark eyes flash at you, already following where you’re going. Perks of fucking someone who basically shares half your brain. “Which means if you rip any of it in any way, you’re paying for the damage.” 
“You’d foot the bill for me,” you say, one hand already going to cup her pussy.
Nayeon’s knees tremble, glare slipping down a few watts - she attempts to recover, to double back with twice the venom. It’s a valiant effort, or it would be, if she weren’t so visibly, undeniably desperate. “Uh, the fuck I would.” 
“Hm.” She’s already soaked, and the whine you get from her when you slip a finger inside her cunt is music all her fans would bankrupt themselves just to hear. “I think I could probably find a way to convince you.” 
You rip the panties, because you know what lines to never cross, and which ones Nayeon’s just begging you to run right through. “See?” you say, gratified, as you make her cum, and cum, and cum. “Told you: I can be very convincing."
You think she’d probably try to put up a fight, on this one, but she’s too busy clamping down tight around your cock, her gorgeous eyes rolling back into her head, lips dropping moan after moan. She shudders when you slide out of her, your cum dripping from her pussy, and curls up right to your side - okay, so maybe there’s no fighting anything. Nayeon presses her lips to your jaw, and smiles like her own satisfaction is a secret she’s hiding. 
“I’ll let it slide,” she whispers, soft against your neck. “Only just this once. Only for you.”
Here’s the thing: you’re running out of time, but you always were. You could ask her to stay with you, give it all up, but you won’t; you’d never. She fills you in on every minute detail of her life, and she’s so happy - you’ve never seen her so happy. 
“Fame suits me,” says Nayeon, unashamed. “It’s exhausting and fucked and anxiety-inducing - and it’s so much fun. It’s exhilarating. It’s like - it’s a non-stop adrenaline rush.” She laughs, free, talking the dream she’s living into reality - like you’d ever be able to wrap your head around it. “I think I’m kind of good at it, too.” 
Her lips quirk at a corner, a deliberate understatement; she never needs to act humble with you. 
Nayeon doesn’t even have an agenda, with this. She loves talking about her life, all the opportunity: the events, the fans, the attention, the way she can sing anything and people will listen. You talk about your own life, your major and your mentors and the friends you’ve made, and it’s then that you realize it-
“We really did make it,” you tell her, a little wondrously. “Without each other.” 
Nayeon’s curled up to your side, on your couch. Something’s playing on the TV that she keeps laughing at, her whole face scrunching with delight. She looks at you sideways, says, “You didn’t think we would.” 
It’s not a question, and you know because now she’s playing with the cuff of your shirt, bottom lip tucked into her mouth thoughtfully. Codependent - everyone said you were. You had a lot of skeptics, looking at the two of you, people disbelieving that either of you would even survive after Nayeon left. 
“I wasn’t sure if we would, either,” she says, quietly. 
Her life’s all in lights, in every magazine, spread across all the websites; yours is the opposite, but she listens to all your stories anyway - she gets the gist. You’re happy, too. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and it’s all you could’ve ever asked for. You and Nayeon have got success in completely different places, but you’ve got it anyway: you’ve found it all on your own. 
“But we did,” says Nayeon, after a beat. There’s a joke on the television that she grins at, wrapped up in your arms. She’s leaving in a few days, a bomb waiting to go off. There’s an implication in this, something she’s not telling you but you understand anyway. “We did make it.” 
We did make it, she’s saying. We can make it again, you and me. You with me, even if we’re worlds apart. 
Your thumb skims her cheek, slips into her hair. Nayeon looks over at you, then says, “Give me your phone.” 
You twist so she can slip it out of your back pocket - she knows your passcode, knows every facet of your life down to the letter. “Nayeon?” you ask, a little puzzled, as her nails click across your screen, the top of her head bumping your chin. “Are you…” 
“Shh,” she says, mildly, then without warning, she’s on the camera, flipping the phone to take a picture of the two of you. You raise your eyebrows, intrigued; she’s falling back on her idol training, a peace sign and her tongue poking out from the corner of her mouth. “There,” she says, after, tapping once and then handing the phone back, a new, decisive set to her lips. “That’s my number. My real number.” 
Your gaze drops to the phone screen - there it is, her number and her name and the picture she’d taken sitting as the contact photo - and when you glance back, Nayeon’s observing your face, checking for your reaction: if you’re in this just as much as she is. If you’re serious - if you’re really going to do this. If you get what’s going to come next and if you’re ready for it. 
“I can call you on this?” you ask, slightly struck. 
Nayeon scoffs, eyes sparkling, shoulder pressed to yours. “Uh - yeah, genius, that’s kind of the point.” 
You’re smiling too wide. “So…” 
“So if you leak my phone number, my company’s gonna sue you for everything you’re worth,” Nayeon says, haughtily, rapping her knuckles against your thigh. She’s severing the sentimentality of the moment, covering it up with humor. You get it - it’s a way out, an exit route. You know what she means by this even if she’s not saying it out loud. 
“Okay,” you murmur, and kiss her temple. Nayeon’s nose scrunches up, pleased. There’s another one-liner on the show you’re watching, and this time it makes you both laugh, Nayeon hiding her giggles in the back of her hand. You’d think it’d be the point where the moment snaps shut, but instead it’s spreading, encompassing - like in a few days, she’ll be on the next flight back to the place she calls home, and you’ll still be able to feel her next to you, music in her laugh, forever wound in the curve of her smile. 
She’s leaving, already. Her number’s in your phone, her heart’s in your hands. She’s leaving, but for once, maybe it doesn’t mean that anything has to end. 
There are two days left, so you’re taking all the chances you can get. Sure, there’s catching up on shows, gossip; there’s her in your room, telling you things that probably break NDAs - from the outside looking in, you’d never guess that she’s at this ungodly level of fame and that you two haven’t talked in seven years. It’s all so normal, so relaxed, so cute. 
Well - okay, most of it is cute. As long as you’re overlooking all the-
“You know, if you get any louder, we’re gonna get caught.” 
Your week’s almost up, and you’ve got all your extended family filling your house, so you’ve found your escape the only way you can: in the backyard, your cock tapping against Nayeon’s pouty lips, the both of you drenched in shadow. And - true to form - she’s being a fucking menace about the blowjob that she’s barely giving you. 
Everything’s pared down to the tactile, the physical; her hair’s back in two braids that you’ll tug, she’s testing your patience. You glare down at her - her fingers wrap around your cock just to release it. “And who’s fault would that be?” 
Nayeon’s tongue darts out to lap at the head of your cock, flicking fast, eyes trained on you, watching as you struggle to keep it together, struggle not to wrap your hand in her hair and bury your dick inside her throat. She’s a tease like it’s her job - because if you think about it, it kind of is. There’s that intoxicating, cunning glint in her eye: she could do this all day.
“You’re fucking evil,” you manage, voice strained. 
Like you said, Nayeon’s always had that ego - all the fame’s only stoked the fire. “Sorry?” she murmurs, blinking pointedly up at you, breath hot on your cock, torturous. “I can leave right now, if you wanted to take care of this all by yourself.”
“Fuck you.” 
“You’re not gonna get to if you keep talking to me like that.”
Oh, that’s a threat with absolutely zero weight behind it, but you already know it. A split second after you cum in her mouth - she’s still wiping semen off her chin, cheeks puffing out trying to swallow it all - you’ve got her up against you, your hand down the front of her sweatpants, her pussy already dripping wet, getting her right to the edge of her orgasm like it’s nothing. 
“Look at you,” you say, vicious like a risk just begging to be taken; you know exactly what she wants and how to give it to her. “Now who’s being loud?” 
Nayeon tries to roll her eyes only to get caught on a climax, instead. Ah, well: it’s one way for you to call it even. 
“I’d kiss you,” she tells you, after, “but some guy just came in my mouth five minutes ago.” 
“Shut the fuck up,” you say, unnecessarily - you’ll make her, instead. 
Your time’s almost up. She wakes up in your bed on the very last day, hickeys spanning her neck, her tits, her thighs. You run your fingers along them and wonder how the two of you are ever going to get away with this. “What’s your company going to say about this?” 
Nayeon laughs, soft in the morning, sun-soaked and ethereal. “Contrary to popular belief,” she says - she’s built her living around playing coy, showing just enough to tantalize, baring what’ll draw allure and nothing more - “it’s not my company’s job to keep me out of trouble.” 
“Nope.” There’s that gorgeous face, those eyes trapping stars, captivating anyone who even comes close. “It’s to keep everyone from finding out about it.” 
“Oh," you say, grinning. "Is that right?” 
“Yep.” When Nayeon kisses you, it’s like a promise she’s making, an oath she’ll make and swear on. “Believe me,” she says, and smiles just to sign on the dotted line. “I can get into all the trouble that I want.” 
You stay in for old times’ sake, enjoy no one’s company but each other’s - wrapped in your duvet, Nayeon half in your lap - except instead of talking about shitty classes and dramas and movies you’re planning on watching together, Nayeon’s tilting her phone towards you, letting you flick through unreleased photos for her new comeback. “Perks of fucking me,” she tells you crassly, conversationally, like that’s all it is - the fond curl of her mouth betrays her. “You get all the sneak peeks.” 
“I’m getting more than a peek,” you say, struck dumb by a series of photos of Nayeon in this sinfully tight, abominably short pink bodysuit, monogrammed with red. It’s fucked up, so you’ll say it out loud. “Jesus, this outfit.” 
Nayeon taps the screen excitedly, nails clicking; it’s beyond adorable how excited she gets about it all, about the music and the aesthetics and the clothes and the choreography - it’s one thing to see her on-screen, and it’s another entirely to see all the passion in person, all the effort. It’s times like this where you understand it all perfectly: if there’s anything in the world she was made for, it’s this. “Right? It was made from this Louis Vuitton towel just for me to wear it - insane, no?” 
“Yeah,” you say, gawking at the photos of her with those mouthwatering thighs all on display, the buttons popped at the collar. She’d said red was her color - and it is, but it’s Nayeon, and every color looks like it was created for her. “It’s fucked up.” 
“That it’s made out of a towel? I actually thought it was ingenious.” 
You take a look at her expression - there’s that mischief in her eyes, a dead giveaway. “Obviously not that,” you say, then amend, humoring her, “well, that’s cool, too. You’re right. A towel - ingenious.” 
You clip her on the hip, making Nayeon gasp, go to pinch you on the shoulder. “No,” you correct, dodging, “the fucked up thing is how hot you are.” 
Nayeon’s in one of your t-shirts and her own underwear and nothing else, her neck so marked up that anyone would think she’d gotten mauled, her blonde hair disheveled from sleep and tumbling over her shoulders. You’ve never once had a filter around each other - never had any room for embarrassment or shame, between the two of you.
“You and that flattery,” says Nayeon, her teeth gleaming in her grin. 
“Uh-huh.” You press the phone back in her hand, lift your eyebrows in a provocation. “Where’s it getting me?” 
Nayeon clicks it off, tilts her head like she’s studying you. You’ll take all your last risks before you wrap it up. “Where do you wanna go?”
You bring it back to the start. You end up on the beach, the two of you curled up on a towel, another one around both your shoulders, staring out at the waves: there's the moonlight overhead, everything hazy like you’re living in a dream. 
It’s freezing, so you won’t touch the water. Nayeon’s head is on your shoulder, and neither of you want to snap the silence, but you will, anyway. It’s a night for confessions - there’s the moon, listening; the waves, all salt and seafoam, thinning out to reach the sand. Nayeon whispers, like she’s afraid someone will hear her, “I’m gonna miss this.” 
Your hand is slipped under her cardigan, thumb notched under the strap of her tank top - sometimes it’s like you’d just die if you weren’t touching her. Her fist’s at the hem of your shirt, nails brushing your abdomen; you know she’s always felt the same way. 
“I know,” you say, and there’s no one else to hear it, but for once Nayeon’s right here, and it’s enough, and she doesn’t need an audience to prove it. “Me too.” 
There’s a presence to this kind of intimacy, how it blooms, how it settles. It’s freezing, so you’ll pull her body into yours - there’s the wind, there’s the risk of being caught, nipping at all her smooth skin - and there’s never been any sex like this, for either of you. It’s more than just feral, more than just fucking: Nayeon moans your name, lets her back arch like she has no control over her body, lets her cunt clench tight around your cock like the only thing she has control over is you. 
“Please,” she whimpers, the swirling winter air stealing the words right out from her lungs. “Please - please fuck me, please cum in me, I need to feel your cum - filling me up, wanna feel it leaking out of me - please.” 
The beach is empty, but you’d fuck her the same way in front of rooms full of people, of watchful, prying eyes. It's all meant to be secret, something between the two of you and no one else - you'll keep it as long as you have her, safe somewhere in your chest, spread between your fingers. When she falls back to flashing cameras and adoring fans, she’ll play like she’s up for grabs, but she isn’t: she’s yours, in every way. She’s yours, always.
“I’m yours,” Nayeon breathes into your neck, pliable and needy underneath you, every part of her body reaching for you as if you’re her first and only instinct. “Yours, yours.”
Please don’t forget, her eyes beg you. Please love me like this forever. 
Your fingers wrap around the pale column of her throat - you’ll steal her words this time around, make her eyelids shutter and her eyebrows draw together, panting; she’s slicker than the ocean around you, thighs salty with sweat, cum - and when you squeeze, Nayeon falls apart. 
She’ll be gone tomorrow. She’ll be gone, and there’s no telling when she’s coming back. 
“Baby,” you exhale, dipping to kiss her, shuddering as your orgasm builds like it’s something to break. You can’t even fuck her without throwing your feelings right at her feet; can’t have her neck in your hand without having her heart, too. There’s no separating the sex and the sentiment. She’s your best friend, she’s the love of your life; you’ll never have one without the other. “Always.”
Forever, you tell her, in your lips on hers, in her nails scoring welts down your back. Years in the making, and it all culminates here. I’ll love you forever. 
Nayeon’s whining and writhing and gasping for air by the time you cum inside her, and the moment you let up on her throat she’s rising to kiss you again. There’s so much, between the two of you - there’s the ocean, threatening to drown, consume; there’s fame, alive in every shimmering skyline - and then there’s her number sitting in your phone, a years-long yearning waiting to become something more. The stars are overhead, aligning. The moon’s winking at you, turning all the tides. 
You kiss her one more time, and say, “Let’s go home.” 
It’s the middle of the night, and you’re back in your bed together, thumbing her ribs like you’re counting lifelines, following the curve of her waist like you’re cartographing all the places you’ve already been. You’ll be back, someday. You’ll trace her bare wrist, follow the pathways of her veins right on home. 
“You know I always loved you, right?” Nayeon asks, voice soft, close. 
It’s not the time for insecurity, for mincing words, for purposeful ignorance. “Yeah.” 
“You know I still do, then.” Nayeon lifts her head, irises glinting with unshed tears, her blonde hair a mess over her forehead. Fame turned a girl into a god, and she came back to you anyway. She’ll do it again, in time. “Don’t you?” 
“Yes,” you say, heart high in your throat. “I know. I always knew. I love you, too.” 
There’s too much emotion in the room for words, and Nayeon finds your mouth in the dark like she’s been doing it her whole life. You’ve said so much already. You’ll crack open every window, let the air in; you’ll crack your chest apart, and let your love breathe. 
The morning comes, and it’s time for a return to form - you’ve got lives to live, both of you. Responsibilities, obligations. There’s something in the sunrise, like it’s calling her back; the limelight won’t know how to survive without Im Nayeon sparkling under it. She can’t stay. She never could. 
“It’s been fun, I guess,” says Nayeon flippantly, defaulting to stupid humor; if she doesn’t make you both laugh, then you’ll both crumble. 
“Shut up,” you say, thickly, as she takes your hand, drags you out of bed. Her eyes are glassy, her fingers laced with yours like she’s scared to let go. “You’re such a dumbass.” 
You lean in to kiss the crown of her head. There’s a twist to Nayeon’s mouth, tender - and you know that even when she does let your hand go, you’re still going to be hers and hers alone.
Well, you know what they say about distance, absence: it’ll all make the heart grow fonder. It’d been true, before. Maybe it can be true again. 
“What an optimistic take,” says Nayeon, dryly, and her bottom lip’s already trembling, breathing already uneven as she tries to choke back tears. You’re out on the sidewalk again, and it’s all circling back, cyclical; she’s in your arms, and you’re both right where you started. “I agree completely. Seven years wasn’t enough. I need to get away from you, stat.” 
It’s so her, making dumb jokes just so she doesn’t sob herself to pieces. Her hair’s spilling over her shoulders, golden; her stunning eyes are locked on yours, one hand pressed to the side of your neck, thumb finding your jaw. There’s a car waiting, her luggage packed up and put away; it’s gonna hurt, and you already know it. Nayeon’s shoulders are high like she’s preparing herself for some physical ache, the moment she steps away - she’s putting up her fronts, but they’re all slipping. She’s putting up a good fight and it’s already lost. 
“I love you,” you say, emotion twining up your throat, and it’s enough to cleave her façade in two. 
“Fuck,” Nayeon manages, and lifts her wrist over her mouth, expression collapsing in on itself. “I know. I love you. I’m - I’m so sorry-”
“Hey, hey-” 
You go to everything you’ve ever learned, all the ways to ground Nayeon again before she floats away: there’s her face in your hands, and you’re looking right at her, firm so she can see how serious you are. “Hey,” you say, trying to soothe her even as your own heart threatens to constrict, shut off; she’s more important. She always has been. “You don’t need to be sorry, okay? You didn’t do anything wrong. This is just - it’s just how it is. We both know that.” 
It’s been seven years: you and Nayeon, and it’s the oldest story ever told. It’s no one’s fault - not hers, for everything she’s accomplished; not yours, for not begging her to stay. 
(See, she’s got the whole world waiting with bated breath, clamoring to get a glimpse of her. She’s got her whole life at her fingertips, ready for her to reclaim her titles. You’d never, ever hold her back.)
“Yeah,” chokes out Nayeon, visibly distraught, eyes wide and watery, “but, like - it still fucking sucks.” 
It’s not the place, or the time - you’re both fracturing at every place that’s already been broken, over and over - but she says this, and it’s such a crass, blunt, stupid way to sum it all up. You can’t help it. She says it, and before you know it, you’re both dying laughing. 
Nayeon’s leaning into you, breaths caught on giggles, on sobs - laughing like it’s all okay, laughing like she’s not leaving - and her fingers are gripping your elbows, her face crinkling up, that brilliant grin even through her tears. “Nayeon,” you get out, and your adoration strikes a match through your bloodstream, forest-fire flames licking, demolishing. That’s your girl: so gorgeous no one else exists. “Nayeon.” 
She’s laughing, and free, and wonderful, and in that one stunning moment, you feel it: you know you're both going to be okay.
“Like, this is stupid.” Nayeon’s still on her tirade, her palm slapping your forearm vigorously, pitch picking up. You can’t stop smiling, can’t stop the tears building; you’ve never loved anyone more, and never will. “We’re in love and all that shit. We’ve always been in love. Why - I just - I feel like we never have enough time.” 
“Nayeon,” you say, for the third time, and finally her focus tunnels completely and only on you. 
“We’ll be alright,” you say, and press your lips to her forehead so she knows you mean it. “We have all the time in the world.” 
She kisses you, one last time. It’s a prospect, or that oath she’ll swear to keep, coming back around. She’s in your arms, chin tipped up at you, and there are doors you’ll throw wide open, hurdles to get over. It’s not going to be easy, this kind of love, this kind of distance, but you’ll make it work. You’ll love each other, and it’ll work. 
Nayeon’s smiling up at you, heavy-hearted, hopeful, eyes glittering like constellations. “Promise me something.” 
Anything, you think of saying. Anything you want and I’ll do it. “Okay.” 
“Call me.” Her hands are in yours - there’s the sun, overhead, and it can’t even hope to compete with her. “If I can’t answer, leave me voicemails. Text me. Tell me everything, even the dumb shit.” There’s that pain building in her voice, half-strangling her - you tap the inside of her wrist, mind her pulse points. You’ll listen like everyone does. “I’m going to miss so much of your life, but - make me feel like I won’t, okay? Make me feel like I’m there.” 
“I promise,” you say, softly. 
Nayeon sinks into your arms, breath catching, stumbling. You bury your face in her hair and wonder if you can memorialize a second in time like this one, weave it into your soul, lock it up in your ribcage; if there’s a way to take this feeling and make it physical - if there's a way to cup it between your palms and make it forever.
“One more,” whispers Nayeon, into your neck. “Make me one more promise.”
“Anything,” you tell her, out loud - there’s not a thing you’d ever hide from her. 
“Promise you’ll remember that I’ll come back to you.” 
It's an exhale, a pause to take a breath. It’s not even a question. Your pinky finds hers, coils them together. “I promise,” you say, and you feel her smile against your skin. 
Whatever thread’s always been between you two knots, and tightens, encased in steel - you’ll feel it even miles away, whatever’s tying her to you, tugging at your heart, linking your fingers. You’ll feel her, even if it takes years; oh, it’s Nayeon, and there’s nothing you won’t do. You’ll have faith. You’ll keep your arms open, ready for her to come running home. She’ll love you from worlds away, and you know she always will. 
(I promise, you say, and you know you’re gonna make it.)
Her car leaves, peeling off the asphalt, taking her back to a universe that adores her, worships her, would do anything to possess her and make her theirs. You could stand on the sidewalk forever, unmoving. You could let your own life disintegrate into nothing. You could cry, and scream, and curse out every deity you can think of, damn everything pulling you two apart down to hell.
Instead, you call her.
"Oh, shit," Nayeon says, on the other line, forgoing any greeting. "I just left three seconds ago. If you can't even handle that, this relationship is totally fucked."
You can still hear the remnants of tears in her voice, the ghost of watery laughter. A phone call can't hide a thing - not from you. "I love you."
A sigh, a huff, a put-upon irritation that's seconds from cracking wide open. "You're so clingy. How are you gonna survive on just phone sex until you see me again?"
"Nayeon," you say, grinning.
"I love you," she says, with all the unabashed endearment in the world, and just like all her songs, you swear it's a melody sweet enough to break records. "I'll see you soon."
You smile up at the open sky, and you know that you will.
stream IM NAYEON <3
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authorsquidward · a month ago
Dine and Smash
Tumblr media
Male Reader x BLACKPINK Jennie Words: 3,000 Previous Jennie: Your New Favorite Cocktail
A/N: Feet. 
DickDash. That’s the name Jennie has you saved under in her contacts, always available on call whenever she needs to satisfy her cravings. You were used to going to different locations to meet her up, but today is a little bit different. Typically it would be her condo, a random resort or hotel, or sometimes even late night at the studio, but the address you entered into your phone was a Japanese restaurant and she gave strict instructions to dress up a little. Making your way to the destination you think to yourself, “Did Jennie Kim just ask you out on a proper date?” 
“Yes this way sir.” The hostess leads you through the restaurant into one of the private rooms. “Please remove your shoes before you enter please.” The room was a traditional Japanese dining room with floor seating. It was customary to remove your shoes before sitting at one. The paper door slides open and Jennie is already seated with a wide gummy smile strung across her face.
“I’m glad you could join me, were you expecting something else?” Jennie asks with a laugh. This is the first time you were asked to join her without some sexual overtones and she knew she had caught you off guard. 
“…Kind of.” you rattle off while sliding your legs underneath the table. It would be a lie to say you weren’t at least a little disappointed, but you’re grateful for the opportunity of spending any time with Jennie. “Just press the button when you need any assistance.” the hostess remarks before making her leave from the room. 
Keep reading
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Where has it been?
Where has it been?
ITZY Yeji & Chaeryeong x Male or F! Reader
Contains: Smut, hints of plot, feet kink/worship, olfactophilia, oral.
A/Notes: Trying to loosen up the pen. ~Flor
She was so absorbed at that moment, her body ragdolled under your touch as you rolled her over from the back hug, so she’d look at you. Honest and caring, her eyes beamed into yours, she reciprocated your affection when she began to straddle your hips, only for you to pull her up and onto your lap. The progression was natural and your lips intertwined, her eyes closed, for both of you to experience what you had done many times before. 
At least that’s what should’ve happened. 
As much as Chaeryeong relaxed and allowed herself to get lost in the kiss, the moment began to seemingly slip away.
Chaeryeong frowned, rushing to kiss you, even more, experimenting like her life depended on it to try and make it work, sucking in your lower lip and biting it lightly, clutching onto your thighs, her hands burning your skin as she rubbed your clothes against it while her lips were as smooth as ever, their distinctive, amazing taste ever-present. Yet she didn’t seem satisfied, you couldn’t understand why. 
She places herself securely on your legs, before kneeling further to further heat up your exchange, her legs wrapping around your waist, her feet pressing against your back and simultaneously pushing you into her too. She then grabs your hair with one hand, using the other to scratch your back, her blunt nails creeping down the length of your back, making you moan into her mouth, only to be met by a grunt from her in exchange, a sign of her frustration.
She switched up the angle of the kiss by tilting her head before eventually pulling back. 
“Baby, I don’t get it, why do your lips taste so weird?”
Only then did you realize your fate was to reap what you sowed, since in actuality, what she spoke of made perfect sense… your eyes widened shortly after that.
Tumblr media
She grabbed both your wrists with her hands, Yeji was stronger than you thought. She forcefully pulled your arms towards her and pushed her two feet side by side against your face, covering it completely. Now totally under the control of her feet, all you could smell was her sweat in combination with her fruity aromatic lotion, and all you could feel was the strength of her arms on your wrists and the warmth of her feet pressing against your face. 
Your duty then got underway, you began to breathe heavily into the space between her toes while trying to huff in as much of the scent as possible, the intoxicating pheromones you felt the need to breathe in before they dissipated. You did this for several minutes, switching back and forth between both feet at times or pressing the entirety of them into your face. You could see on Yeji's face that she was very pleased, a good thing considering her gentleness in allowing you to do this while promoting her latest comeback. Then, with the toes of her right foot, she squeezed your nose, in consequence not allowing you to breathe and thus forcing you to breathe through your mouth, in that sense, she was a very smart woman,  she had you trapped, sooner or later you would end up opening your mouth. You had no escape, even though you didn't want to escape, with no choice other than to succumb to her clammy feet. 
Your lips parted and instantly you felt the pressure of her right foot pushing into the inside of your mouth. The taste was salty but familiar. You could feel her long toes playing on your tongue, squeezing, massaging it, claiming it as their own. The sensation was indescribable, you had the foot of another human being in your mouth. Once she pulled it out, you placed her heel in your mouth while your tongue stroked in different directions, drawing geometric shapes on her skin as you cleaned it– then came her sole, slow, steady licks up and down onto them, making sure not to leave a trace of their taste, then moving up to find yourself between her toes– dancing with your tongue between each of them, you got the most concentrated taste of her natural flavor– finally, you started sucking her toes one by one, from the smallest to the biggest, the main attention rightfully attributed to her big toe, a lever as it went in and out of your mouth.  Yeji couldn't stop giggling, "the other one" she then commanded, ordering you around like a natural-born leader as you submitted to her, ripping you off the possession of her now saliva-covered right foot, only to let you start over again with the other, the sensation of your tongue on her soles was unsurpassed, their softness on your tongue felt immensely pleasurable.
Then, your task was done, looking up to her while her left foot shined from your saliva, and thanking her for the opportunity. Expecting a prompt exit, you watched as she knelt, in your mind to put her sneakers back on, yet were soon corrected once she grasped your pants and pulled them completely down, exposing your raging hard-on, the cool air of the apartment the only thing touching your burning jealousy as she licked her lips and got to work. 
Yeji started by working one bare foot up the inside of your leg, taking her time in foreplay to tease your inner thigh, only then would Yeji move her foot to where you both wanted. The sheer sensation of the lowest part of her body crushing your device of reproduction sent your head flying back, it felt so right, you couldn’t bear to look away whatsoever, the sight of Yeji’s barefoot stroking your length was more erotic than the feeling itself.  
Yeji grew into a rhythm, musically up and down your length as you shivered either from the temperature or the extent of your lust. You had thought about this so many times before, yet were always too afraid to ask for it.  Yeji then pressed the ball of her foot firmly against the underside of your erection, her heel dragged across your balls, deaf to your squirming. Clutching at straws, just when you thought your mind could equalize, Yeji brought her other foot up as well, placing one on each side of your shaft and squeezing your cock in between both of her feet. Eyelids grew heavier, forcing you into a battle against your cognition to watch it all godown. 
Struggling to keep up the fight, you looked up at her again, only to find nobody there, to then look back down, to see Yeji’s feet were gone and Chaeryeong’s mouth was there instead, the glass had broken, and you were back at present. 
Still, it felt right, her lips parted and took both of your churning balls into her mouth, as she suckled on them, rolling her slick tongue across the underside, her voice reverberating through them as she moaned contently. Her mouth served as the perfect replacement since the makeout session had left the taste of Yeji’s feet infused into her lips.
Reaching down to grab a handful of her hair, you earned a soft moan of approval. 
With a deep back-arching purr, you then slipped your free hand down and into her clothes, between her humps. Instinctively, she pushed forward, going deeper until her bottom lip pressed against your base and the tip of your cock was nestled snugly inside her throat.
The wet sucking and slurping sounds filled my bedroom as your cock thrust into the back of her throat with increasingly greater force and speed. It couldn’t go on forever, she didn't slow down, and after a few more strokes you’d forcefully buck your hips forward for the final act. She allowed you to hold her head in place as the first blast of cum exploded from your lower head to shoot down her eager tunnel. You buried her nose against your skin until you were done, she barely gagged or choked as she swallowed it.
If only she knew where that mouth had been. 
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Queen of Your Cock
Tzuyu x Male Reader
Shoutout to @sooyadelicacies for coming up with Tzuyu's character
1.8k Words
Tumblr media
It was a normal Saturday until you got a text.
Come to my house. Go to the backyard.
You double check to make sure you aren’t hallucinating the person who sent the text. 
No doubt it’s from your ex-girlfriend Tzuyu. You haven’t seen her for three years. She had to go abroad for work and the both of you went your separate ways. You could never forget her though. You never thought you’d hear from her again, but you look down at your phone again to make sure your eyes aren’t deceiving you then you dash to your car and start to make the drive you’ve made countless times in the past.
You assume that she meant the house she used to live in. It would be awkward if she meant something else, but all rational thoughts have left your head. The only thing you can think about is Tzuyu.
When you arrive at her house you do as you’re told and head to the backyard. Once you enter through the gate you see her figure. The closer you get to her the quicker your heart beats. Soon, you’re standing in front of her, a wide smile on your face. 
“Hey Tzuyu,” you say, almost choking. Your body can’t properly function after seeing her and her quite seductive pose on the couch. 
Tzuyu lays sideways on the couch, her right arm propping up her head so she can look at you. She wears tight expensive looking shorts that show off her wide hips and a blue crop top that exposes her slim waist and tight midriff. 
If you drop dead at this exact moment, you’d be okay with it because the last thing you’d ever see is Tzuyu like that.
Tzuyu smiles. “Hey, it’s been a while,” she says softly. 
“Yeah. Like uh, three years. I didn’t think I’d ever see you again.”
Tzuyu maneuvers off the couch and stands in front of you. She’s close enough that you can smell her. Her scent is the same as it was before. Sweet like honey and the second her scent hits your nose you become intoxicated. Just like before.
You can feel your heart begin to race. Tzuyu could probably hear it pounding through your chest.
“Well I’m back and I’m here,” she says. Her voice is soft and smooth like butter, just the way you remember it.
“So uh, why’d you call me here?”
Tzuyu chuckles then lunges at you, connecting her lips to yours. 
Her lips are just as soft as you remember, but you can tell in an instant that despite her sounding the same, smelling the same, and feeling the same, she is different. Gone is the Tzuyu that called you daddy. You can tell by the way she initiated the kiss that the girl you once knew is gone. The Tzuyu in front of you now is a mature woman who knows exactly what she wants.
You kiss her back as you wrap your arms around her. Tzuyu’s hands grab your head to pull you into her lips even harder. The kiss is sloppy and lustful, but it is also passionate and full of love. 
Your tongues explore each other’s mouths as your hands make their way down her body and to her ass. You squeeze Tzuyu’s plump and round ass and Tzuyu moans into your mouth.
You’re content with making out with Tzuyu forever, but eventually Tzuyu breaks the kiss. Both of your mouths and chin are drenched with saliva and a string of saliva connects your lips.
“I missed you so much,” Tzuyu pants, her hands still holding your head.
“You wouldn’t believe how much I missed you,” you reply with a smile from ear to ear. 
Tzuyu reengages the kiss and slowly walks you back towards the couch. Once the back of your knees makes contact with the couch she gently pushes you down so you’re laying on the couch and she’s on top of you. Tzuyu then makes her way down your body to your chin, then your neck, then your chest, and eventually to your clothed crotch. It doesn’t remain clothed for long as Tzuyu pulls your pants and underwear off your legs and tosses them somewhere in the yard. 
Tzuyu smiles when your cock springs free. It’s practically rock hard already just from the kissing. Tzuyu sticks her tongue out and gently licks the tip of your cock, sending an electric shock throughout your body and causing you to moan. She takes it up a level and slips your cock past her soft lips and into her mouth. 
Her mouth is so wet and warm just as you remember. You can’t count the amount of times Tzuyu has sucked your dick, but this time it feels even better than before. Maybe it’s because you haven’t experienced it for three years, but none of that matters. All that matters is that you never thought you would feel the sensation of Tzuyu’s lips around your cock again, but here you are.
Tzuyu bobs her head up and down your cock coating it with her saliva. It felt like Tzuyu was just getting into a good rhythm, when she abruptly takes your cock out of her mouth.
“Eat me,” she says as she takes her shorts off. The old Tzuyu wouldn’t dare to make demands like that unless she wanted to be punished, but this isn’t the same girl you knew. Both you and Tzuyu know who’s in control now, and it isn’t you.
Tzuyu turns around and climbs back on top of you, presenting her ass and her freshly shaved pussy to you. Her smell is absolutely intoxicating. You grab her hips, pull her down onto your face and dive into her pussy as Tzuyu dives back into your cock. Tzuyu moans on your cock as you lick her increasingly wet folds.
It’s been way too long since you’ve tasted Tzuyu and you savor every lick. Just like her scent, her taste is sweet like honey. To say that you can’t get enough of Tzuyu’s taste is an understatement. You eat her out like there’s no tomorrow, making sure to lap up every single drop of her sweet liquid. 
The two of you eat each other like you haven’t eaten in three years. You could live the rest of your life with Tzuyu sitting on your face, but she has other plans. 
Tzuyu releases your cock from her mouth and gets off your face. “I’m going to ride you,” she says as she turns around and straddles you. 
She wastes no time and lifts her body up, lines up your cock with her slit and sits down on your cock. You both let out loud gasping moans as your cock slides into Tzuyu’s pussy. Just like Tzuyu’s mouth, her pussy is wet and warm, but it’s a completely different sensation being inside Tzuyu’s pussy. It’s so tight. It squeezes your cock, but it also fits your cock like a glove. 
Tzuyu just sits on your cock for a few moments to adjust. “I missed your cock so much. It feels so good.”
No more words need to be said as she lifts herself up, then slams her body back down on your cock. She does it again, then again, then again. Her rhythm is quick and hard. Each time she slams herself down onto your cock, a sharp moan from Tzuyu follows. 
Tzuyu pushes her shirt over her chest and she guides your hands to her small but soft and perky tits. You grope her tits as she bounces on your cock. Her pussy squeezes you even tighter now that you’ve started to fondle her breasts. Her moans and gasps have also become even louder. The sheer volume of her voice and the sound of wet skin slapping with every bounce of her body, there’s no way her neighbors haven’t heard. 
Tzuyu’s pussy tightens even more around your cock and you can tell she’s about to cum. As if right on cue, Tzuyu screams, “I’m cumming!” Tzuyu slams down on your cock one last time and throws her head back. Her pussy pulsates around your cock. Her whole body shakes and her hands grip your wrists tight to relieve some of the pleasure that’s wrecking her body. Her moans turn to pants as her chest heaves up and down. It takes some time but Tzuyu comes down from her high. 
She releases her grip on your wrists and removes herself from your hard cock. Your cock is now covered in Tzuyu’s creamy white liquid. 
“Get up,” Tzuyu says. You aren’t sure what she has planned next, but you do as you’re told and you get off the couch. Your cock is painfully hard and you’re also painfully close to cumming. 
Tzuyu lays down on the couch the same way she was when you arrived. 
“It’s your turn. Fuck me and cum inside of me. It’s been too long since your cum has been inside of my pussy,” she says.
You most definitely don’t have to be told twice. You lay down your side behind her, line up your cock with her pussy and thrust into her. 
Just like Tzuyu, your rhythm is quick and hard. You grab her hip and pull it back towards you when you thrust so you can fuck her even harder and deeper. The sound of skin slapping and Tzuyu’s moans, gasps, and screams fill the yard once more. The whole neighborhood could be watching you fuck Tzuyu and you wouldn’t care.
You grunt as you use all of your energy to thrust into Tzuyu. You can feel your orgasm fast approaching. 
“I’m about to cum Tzu. Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum.”
“Yes, cum inside of me baby.”
You thrust your hips and Tzuyu’s ass slaps against you one last time and your hot sticky seed explodes into Tzuyu. Wave after wave after wave of cum spurts out of your cock and into Tzuyu’s tight hole. 
The only thing you can do is lay there, holding Tzuyu close to you as the two of you recover. Eventually, your softened cock slips out of Tzuyu’s pussy.
You finally regain the ability to talk and for some reason you ask Tzuyu, “Hey Tzu, what if I have a girlfriend?”
Tzuyu turns her head so she can look at you. “If you did, then I would feel bad for her because I’m the queen of your cock.” 
You’re not sure what answer you were expecting, but you’re speechless. All you can do is stare at her pretty face, now with a smirk on it.
“Well, I’m going to go shower,” Tzuyu says as she removes your hands from her body and gets off the couch. You watch her long thick legs as she begins to walk towards the house. Her round ass bounces and her wide hips sway with each seductive step. When she reaches the door she turns around and asks, “Are you coming?” before leaving the door open and disappearing into the house.
Author's Note: That Tzuyu pic simply could not be ignored. I had to write something. Thanks for reading!
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Silk Sheets and Urgent Needs - Aespa Winter
18+ Aespa Winter (x Male Reader, kinda?) smut
A/N: Did something a little different with this one; not sure if it works or not, but oh well. Thank you to @ifeelsounsure0 for beta-reading this, and thank you to @sinswithpleasure for sending me the fanart which inspired this piece.
Tags at the bottom of the post.
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Word count: 2,240
Tumblr media
Pointed nails claw at the silk—risking piercing the fabric. A soft, comforting object pinned against her chest, trapped between her arm and bare upper body. Trembling and shaking, the five digits cling to the pillow as if survival depends on it. The other five wrestle to control that which satisfies her desires and press it firmly against her swollen nub.
Teeth clench tightly, the corner of the pillow trapped between them. Unrelenting force clasps it there; the only thing stopping Winter from billowing out moans at the top of her tonal voice and alerting her roommates. Only the low hum of the toy pleasuring Winter fills the room.
Her hands are full, mouth stuffed, and head full of thoughts of you. Winter pictures the scene in her mind. Fingers no longer hold the vibrating toy between her legs; instead, she runs them through your hair. Her long slim fingers reach down the back of your head, toward your nape, and firmly grip. She pulls you in between her spread milky thighs. Your tongue in place of the vibrator, assertively playing with her clit. Your wet lips are securely placed against hers, sucking lightly as you eat the needy cunt.
Overcome by the intense vibration against her sensitive spot, Winter begins to lose control. The image in her head of you becomes a blur while the pleasure takes over. Her mind is mush, and her face is flush. Winter cannot find the presence of mind to flick the switch on the vibrator that would send everything into overdrive. However, it's already enough to drive her perilously close to a high.
The soft pillow had become the victim of this act. Still squeezed and scratched by her hand, gnawed and ragged inside her mouth. A tool to soak up the sounds escaping Winter's mouth. From the soft continuous whimpers that lose all their audibility once muffled by it to the occasional shrill shriek as she hits the perfect spot with her toy before her shaky hands let it slip, and she has to find it again. It was her saviour because if it were not there, her roommates, maybe even the neighbours, would hear screams of your name.
Winter's sculpted legs slam closed, her thighs hitting together, sending a ripple outwards through pale flesh. Her hand and toy are now trapped between them, held in the perfect place that will bring the desperate girl to a climax. Rising into the air, her knees bend, and her feet slide along the soft sheet toward her supple ass. The drumroll up to her approaching orgasm causes her toes to curl, gripping the sheets and pulling them out of place. Winter rolls onto her side, writhing in pleasure. Her hand slips from the pillow and slams down onto the firm mattress; she hits it a few times with an open palm before taking a handful of the sheet. Winter buries her face into a second pillow, the one behind her head, her wide open mouth letting out a stream of inaudible profanities between hyperventilating breaths. Thinking only of you, your face, your body, your long hard cock, Winter drives herself to a mind-shattering toe-curling orgasm.
Taking in as much air as she can in one deep breath, Winter rolls onto her back and sprawls out on the bed. Long legs fall open again, releasing her crushed hand and letting the vibrating toy fall onto the bed amidst a waterfall of cum. Body twitching, hips jolting forward, and legs spasming as her orgasm passes. The hole between her legs leaks uncontrollably, running down her fair skin and onto the bed. A pool of tasty juices goes to waste, making even more of a mess of the bed.
Winter whispers to herself, as if saying it out loud would make her fantasy come true, "I need to be fucked." She waits for a moment for her wish to come true. When inevitably disappointed, she sighs and reaches for her still vibrating toy, resting on the wet sheets. She switches it off and places it to the side before picking up its partner in crime, her favourite dildo. "Guess I just have to fuck myself…."
Winter observes the cold glass dildo as she rests and prepares—the bubbled shape slotting perfectly between her fingers as she holds it. She longs for the smooth shaft in her hand to be real—to be your stiff cock which she loves so much. She has tried plenty of toys over the years, and this one is by far her favourite, but it's still so different from the real thing.
She shifts it in her hand and holds the phallic imitation by the base, then trails the icy touch of the glass down her body, starting at her chest. Contact of the cold, hard toy with her taut nipples sends slight sensations through her body. She runs the side of the toy down between her perky tits and towards her toned stomach. The glass slides and bobbles over the tense muscles of her abdomen before moving dangerously close to her pussy.
She holds her breath as she pushes it down, and the cold, smooth dildo makes contact with its inevitable target. She slides the shaft between her small folds and against her used clit. It was more sensitive than ever after the intense period of play she just had with it. The cool sensation was both soothing and shocking, enough to make a small gasp escape her mouth. Slowly, Winter slides the toy up and down along her pussy, rotating it to ensure it's covered in her cum, the most natural lubricant. 
Winter gently closes her eyes, and a soft smile forms on her pink lips. "Okay, baby, fuck me, please," she says under her breath to the imaginary you that kneels over her. She rubs the tip of the dildo up and down, from hole to clit, teasing herself just like you often do. "Please, baby, put it in me. Fill me up and fuck me."
Winter answers her own pleas. She presses on the underside of the toy, allowing the first bubble of now cum-covered glass cock to push open her needy hole. Enabled by her own liquids, the tip slides in effortlessly.
She brings her free hand up to her chest, cupping one of the small tits inside it and trapping a nipple between two of her fingers. Winter squeezes and plays with her breast and makes one final plea to the imaginary you now leaning over her with the head of your cock buried inside her. "Don't go easy on me; just fuck me. Fuck me good," she whispers.
Another answer, another press and another section inside her, Winter repeats between sharp gasps, pushing deeper into her hole and causing her head to fall back and eyes to roll. Her hand squeezes tightly on her breast, almost as strong as her walls clench to the foreign object inside. So difficult now to continue, but determination and desire are strong forces. Winter digs deeper, stretching her passage, creating a corrupting combination of pain and pleasure. Her face contorts—all manner of expression—-as she can go no further. The limit has been reached, but more is yet to be done. 
Winter tries her best to imitate when you pierce her with your cock. She rocks back and forth, self-impaling repeatedly—hips rocking into the thrusts, accepting the stiff attack of the intimidating toy. 
Winter thinks of her favourite times—legs spread wide, knees slightly bent, and her milky thighs flanking her exposed innocence, ready to be defiled by you. All that is missing is your imposing figure, leaning over her and your real cock pumping in and out of her throbbing cunt. The size might compare, but Winter struggles to replicate the feeling, pumping the glass imitation in her narrow hole.
Winter desires you to be there, your body pressing down onto hers, keeping her pinned to the bed while you pound your cock into her, giving that splitting feeling as she struggles to contain you. She desires that feeling of the heat in your body as it burns up from the hard work and the sweat that starts to form under her palm as she paws at your chest. 
Winter's hand does become warm and sweaty from the hard work she endures, pumping herself full. Each time she hits deep into her stretched hole, a small whimper can be heard, quiet enough, so neither Karina and Ningning, nor Giselle have any idea of the rough fucking Winter is giving herself. 
Suddenly aware of her rising volume in tandem with the pleasure, Winter shifts to her favourite position. She brings the other pillow next to the one beneath her head to give added comfort. She flips herself over—knees propping her hips into the air and face nestled into the feather-stuffed pillows. The cheeks of her tiny, tight ass were on show for anyone who would walk in at this inopportune moment. Winter’s hands reach beneath her burning core to her stuffed cunt, one taking hold of the phallus plugging her cunt, and the other reaching for her sensitive clit. 
In rhythmic sync, one full circle of her clit with a fingertip matches one full thrust into her cunt. The bobbled toy pushes outwards against her sensitive walls in tandem with the rough playing of her most sensitive spot, stimulating Winter and driving her toward the second finish of the evening. 
The waves of pleasure threaten to cause the tense muscles in her legs to give way. They tremble, physically shaking, and she struggles to hold herself up. Her knees begin to give way, sliding down the sheets, and her feet can’t stop them as toes curl under the pleasure. Her crotch is falling closer to the wet patch on the bed. 
The pleasure culminates—the anticipation of her orgasm at a maximum. She is close now and completes the transition you had seen many times when you’re fucking her from behind, and her body gives way underneath you. You often found yourself pounding downwards into the subdued mess below you, prone boning Winter through her orgasm, something she desperately tries to replicate. She pulls aggressively on her toy, slamming it inside her and instinctively bucks her hips in response, desperate to extract every bit of pleasure.
The pillows under her face provide ample safety for Winter to allow herself to be louder. No longer restraining her voice, she can enjoy every aspect of the rough fucking she gives herself. A series of “Oh fucks!” intertwined with whining moans and repetitions of your name are all absorbed by the pillows. It also prevents the sweat from running onto her face; her body is now glistening under the low light in the room—which is a testament to the effort she is exuding into chasing a high.
Finally, she hits the breaking point. Not even her animalistic desires to be fucked can fight against the explosion of pleasure inside her. She’s forced to let the dildo fall from her pulsating cunt, the tightening walls rejecting its presence and her arms too weak to fight it. Winter jams two fingers into her pussy as a last resort, attempting to extend her orgasm.
The upper body of the subdued woman heaves up and down as she breathes deeply in exhaustion. Viscous liquid seeps from her hole, escaping around her fingers and onto her hand. The second release of cum runs down her palm and onto her forearms before eventually finding its way to joining the already soaked patch on the bed. The energy is sapped from Winter’s body. Unable to move, she rests silently in her own sticky mess.
“She’s in her room and has been there a while. We think she’s taking a nap.”
“Thanks, Jimin,” you reply calmly. You never had any trouble coming over to visit Winter; you always got along with her friends pretty well, especially Jimin. She was always more than happy to greet you and even asked you to hang out alone, a suggestion you have passed upon several times. 
You reach out for the cold metal door handle to Winter’s room and open the door to her bedroom. The lights were out in her room, and walking in from the lit corridor made it challenging to make out much in the room. Only the faint outline of the objects you knew to always be in here. From the bed in the centre of the room to the desk by the left wall and the clothes rack on your right. One thing stood out—her milky skin stands out in even the darkest of rooms—your beautiful girlfriend, lying stark naked in the middle of the bed, face down. It couldn’t be anyone but her; you would recognise those slim legs, tight ass and toned back anywhere.
“Minjeong?” you say softly.
“AH!” she shouts, throwing herself over onto her back and having to reach out to stop herself from falling off the bed. She’s breathing heavily, but those shining eyes glint with happiness and excitement. “You’re here!”
“Surprise, I got off work a little early.”
She runs towards you naked, jumping onto you, wrapping her sweaty limbs around you and kissing you. 
“Oh. I’m so happy you’re here! Come on. I need you.”
“Minjeong, what are—”
“Fuck me.” Winter reaches out a hand for the door and slams it behind you. “I need you to fuck me.”
A/N: Thanks for reading. I don't know if I'll follow this one up with a continuation, maybe if it's well-received?
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Amour & Liaison
Tumblr media
ChaCha Story Commissions.
Gahyeon x SuA x Male Reader
Tags: Romance, FFM Threesome, Dreamcatcher, Melodrama, Love Triangle, Erotica
WORD COUNT = 8864 words
A/N: A FREAKING THREESOME! This was both hard and fun to write. I'm really sure how this one turned out. There's so little confidence going here even though I'm a crazed writer who debuted with a fivesome but now I remember how is it. But hey! Special thanks and shoutout to our friend who commissioned this. A continuation of my first dreamcatcher story.
Part 1 - Here
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She smelled faintly of alcohol while the familiar scent of both sin and romance lingered in the air. Gahyeon held a hand as she gasped through every fluid movement and surge of that intoxicating euphoric pleasure. The sun had already set and the clock had struck midnight, exhausted souls and bodies should have already gone to sleep but there were gasps for air, silent whimper, and whispers of comfort. The night hasn’t been this long for a long time, and it was all filled with mixed feelings.
It was a momentful pause as thousands of thoughts coursed through the mind and each was almost invalidated by the heart. Her sight… A full masterpiece on sight, the full shape of her body from the back. Wide shoulders for a woman, her shoulder blades somehow looked so pleasing to the eyes, adding to how her back muscles were flexing. A ghost of a finger down the graceful curve of her spine to where her full hips were in full view. It was so easy… simple, just stay true to one’s animalistic instinct to breed, such a beautiful being bent over and impaled by a dick, but what made each thrust carried out with hesitation?
It was all because of her… not the woman bent over, receiving the pounding you were giving, but the woman holding her hand. Not Gahyeon who was ever loud and not shy of crying her pleasure out, but Bora… the woman underneath the younger girl, Gahyeon’s precious friend, your ex… that is if one can count a one-day relationship as a legit romantic one.
The very reason why Gahyeon got her unrequited love reciprocated. The very reason why you got your heart broken for the first time. Now she was there underneath the woman you were balls deep in, hugging her, supporting her, and holding her hand. Naked. Bared. Exposed.
How did it come to this?
Love is taught. Bora was the proof of this. After all, that one memorable night was all that was needed to learn how to love, how to give it, and how to receive it. How to please a woman and how to pleasure her. Be gentle, be soft, be attentive, be rough at times, and don’t forget yourself. Bora was the first, hoped to be the last, but she taught one last thing before she left… and it was how it felt to have a broken heart.
Despite the shattered heart from being with her, she left a promise or rather a deal. A promise that was kept, unspoken but not broken that also acted as a driving force… a push to pick up all the shattered pieces and glue them back together. A promise that involved the sweetest woman in the whole world, Gahyeon.
Love can be learned. Gahyeon was the proof of this. The childhood friend who was secretly harboring romantic feelings towards her friend. The childhood friend who seemed hopeless, but was blessed by a silver lining. A rebound she might be… but she was there. She was there to ease the pain and care even with her busy schedule. She was sweeter and more expressive of her affection even if there was a problem with distance as they had their world tour. It wasn't hard to love Gahyeon as you already did, given you had known her for years. It wasn't hard to open up to her more. It wasn't a challenge for the love felt for friends to transform into one felt for lovers. Heartbeats boomed and butterflies started warming whenever she was around. Gahyeon became both a best friend and a lover. Learning to love Gahyeon was as easy as eating her favorite snacks.
Love is both taught and learned; Love grows. Just as Bora taught an important lesson, Gahyeon did the same, and you have also given Gahyeon something. Love grows and this feeling was no longer that of a toxic rebound-dependent relationship as you had grown to truly love her. Her feelings pierced through and it was warm like the morning sun—warm to the skin and soothing to the heart. It was excruciating, but it was fruitful and ever unforgettable—each moment and each memory.
That one night, the one long long evening.
The same as this one.
But it was different.
It was of pure intimacy.
“I love you…” Gahyeon whispered before planting a kiss on your cheek. Her lips were supple and soft, and for some reason, they were warm to the skin. Maybe it wasn’t her lips but just that contact flared up your burning cheeks that were beet red from the things that had happened. 
It was the alcohol, it was the bright moon that was in full view through the window, it was the soft cushion of the hotel couch, it was the sweet and sour wings she wanted to pair with the beer, and that one accursed romantic scene from that cliched romcom movie… It was anything but the way she looked, the way her smile curved, the way she leaned towards your shoulder comfortably, it was anything but the way it felt like running a marathon with the way she made your heart boom… Boom. Boom! BOOM! Faster and faster. Then suddenly it all calmed as she slid her fingers, intertwining them with yours.
A touch of calmness to an angry wave of thoughts and indescribable emotion. Calm, soothing, serene, and peaceful. Then there came a kiss, a peck a little different from the first one as it was planted directly on your lips. A peck that was followed by another that was deeper and more passionate, but was not hurried. 
Slowly. She pressed her body against yours. Her weight on your chest, and a soft pillowy mass… The kiss broke, and Gahyeon shifted in your arms, and soon she was on your lap. Gahyeon answered that something that was brewing in the pit of her stomach, and it wasn’t just the wings she ate or the usual butterflies, but it was different… something more carnal yet pure—the drive to make love. It was hot, it felt a little suffocating with all these clothes hugging her body. 
To be honest it might all be boring… after all, even though those clothes came flying, soon enough all there was a torrid kiss. Deep, hungry, but she wasn’t devouring, Gahyeon was still patient… a suckle, a pull, and a dance with her tongue. She was on the receiving side and when it was her turn, she was attentive to take what she deserved.
A tight hug to keep it all sealed together. Soon Gahyeon was devouring your neck and you were skillfully massaging her breast. She mewled, and you huffed under your breath but quickly relented as she stuffed you with her cherry tips. From then on, it all became fuzzy and fleeting. It was all imprinted in the mind, but there were simply no words to describe it—to word how you soon came to find yourself in the paradise of bedsheets and pillows, or how pleasurable making love with her was.
Words weren't enough and retelling the story was close to impossible. Gahyeon wanted it inside her, and there was the need to feel her lips diverging. Thanks to Bora’s teaching it wasn’t as awkward, it was all smooth sailing, and the rest came naturally from the heat of the moment. The way she wrapped her arms around your neck as you entered and exited her again and again, repeatedly while her mouth kept agape and wordless.
Eyes to eyes, lips to lips, and a dick to a pussy. No matter how vulgar or wholesome it might sound, it was just that and it wasn’t something magical yet it was blissful… just because it was Gahyeon. Lee Gahyeon’s touch, her mischievous smile, those chocolate eyes of hers, her warmth, and her love. A simple old boring sex between lovers. No kinks, no pet names, no obsession with one specific part (whether it may be the breasts or the thighs), just her whole and your whole, the dimmed room, that comfortable hotel bed, the moon who was rudely watching a private moment, and the drive to give it all (pleasure, love, warmth…) to your partner. There was no goal—whether it might be orgasm or sexual fulfillment… It was just a man and a woman making love.
All night long on that long long night.
It was that simple closeness and boundless intimacy that was the very definition of euphoria.
Not like this…
Love is a path taken by a pair.
The existence of the third makes it more complicated than it already was.
Lee Gahyeon 
Kim Bora.
How did it come to this? Go back to the start. A successful world tour and welcoming celebration for the whole group, or that was supposed to be the plan… but the others bailed because of their own personal reasons—mainly going to their own home whether it might be internationally or somewhere in Korea, leaving only two who didn’t have any plans in particular: Gahyeon who most likely stayed because of you(her boyfriend) and Bora whose intentions weren’t so clear.
“So… it’s only the three of us?” Gahyeon asked as she clung to your arm.
“Well, that clearly didn’t go as planned… This might be embarrassing to admit but I already rented the group a hotel suite to celebrate privately as I was worried you can’t enjoy yourselves properly in a public restaurant,” You explained while you scratched your head.
“A hotel suite? Wow, someone turned into a hotshot while we were gone,” Bora teased.
“No! I was just lucky enough to land this job and the boss liked me… besides it wouldn’t be good to be stingy while celebrating, money can be earned but memories are—” you stopped as Bora and Gahyeon were both smiling weirdly, clearly teasing you without needing to say a word but just by using their smiles and expressions.
"Babe, I'm so proud of you!" Gahyeon exclaimed and after, she quickly up with a peck. "Don't worry, the three of us could just go, and then when everyone comes home, we do another one with everyone else.
Bora faked throwing up, seeing this sweet interaction between two lovers—it sucks to be single for her even though it wasn't like her to be bitter but… her past with you was still there.
"Don't worry about me, Kids. I'll just take a hot bath at the dorm, drink some soju, and I'll sleep. You lovebirds can have the hotel by yourselves and you can do 'your' own thing. I know you two missed each other and I even caught Gahyeonie doing 'it' alone our accomm—"
"Unnie! Stop it! I told you I wasn't masturbating!" Gahyeon cut off her member.
"Yeah yeah, I'm just hearing and seeing things and I certainly didn't hear you yelling his name while you touched yourself," Bora smirked.
"Unnie!" Gahyeon exclaimed once again as she desperately tried to cover up your ears while you stood flustered hearing all these things that happened during their time overseas.  "Forget about that, what I'm saying is that we will not leave you alone and like I said we should just enjoy ourselves. I'm really craving soju and tteokbokki."
Tumblr media
With that said, even with your still red cheeks, you nodded in agreement and Bora shrugged as she knew that she wouldn't win against the younger woman's logic. She sighed in defeat, and you three soon found yourself in a hotel suite.
“Kids, drink up!” Bora yelled out as she stood at the top of the table waving her glass of soju bomb and dancing as Gahyeon cheered for her while there you were, worried that the table might collapse with her on it.
“Yey! Here’s to one successful world tour!” Gahyeon joined her and you were once reminded how chaotic these girls could be with the presence of alcohol. One bottle was certainly not enough for these two girls—Gahyeon who was still young but had an innate talent for drinking and Bora who built up her drinking skills through the years. Well, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing but you just hoped that you would be able to keep up with the two, the sun was just starting to set and these two would not be stopping anytime soon.
It was fun.
Time passed swiftly. Ample bottles of beer and soju rolled on the floor, and room service went back and forth to deliver all sorts of food they were craving but no one seemed to be getting drunk, this drinking sess—no! the celebration was with two heavy drinkers and a witty man with too many techniques to just get out(sneaking shots, pretending to drink, shifting the topic, etc.) which surprisingly none of the two ladies have caught up on.
“Yah! Drink up! Here I’ll teach you kids how to mix your drinks!”
“Teach us your way, Master!”
“Yey…  Wait! Noona, don’t torch the gin! You might trigger the sprinklers!”
It was joyous.
Thankfully, no fire systems were triggered and the drinks Bora made were actually great—maybe she should have just become a bartender instead of an idol. 
“Noona, these are actually great…” Bora smirked and Gahyeon who was watching suddenly wanted to show off. Maybe she was jealous and wanted a compliment or her competitive self just wanted to win—against who? Against Bora? 
“Lemme try making one too! Babe, you should drink it.” Hearing her made you swallow anything that was down your throat—well, it was natural to feel fear since the woman was notorious for making things… you wouldn’t be able to identify it as food.  As expected, her plan didn’t go so well as not soon after she attempted to make her concoction, trouble happened… The worry about Bora triggering the fire system came to life with Gahyeon accidentally setting things on fire.
It was chaotic. 
Gahyeon was shouting but you couldn’t help but laughed while rain fell down without clouds inside the hotel suite. Flames went out, but something inside Gahyeon ignited as she didn’t stop punching your shoulders. Bora watched all of this unfold, smiling and genuinely happy just being with the two people she care about. Although she was just as thankful for the sprinklers that literally made everything wet, she couldn’t help but wish that the beads of water that pour down her face were tears.
It was bliss to be with them… Although, I couldn’t help but think that destiny did us dirty, yet I’m not angry.
“Okay, calm down now Gah. It wasn’t his fault and it was yours so go now call the lobby to make this rain stop,” Bora sternly said to the younger woman and Gahyeon didn’t have any choice but to obey her unnie. You patted Gahyeon's head to comfort her before going to fetch some towels and robes for you all. As you grabbed each towel, Gahyeon’s image flew over your head and she was just pretty even in that drenched state, there was no need for blush-on, the alcohol provided that and the way cotton stuck to her body, showing her voluptuous body…
“동생, can you excuse me for a moment, I kinda wanna change into one of those robes in your hand as you can see…” Bora interrupts your train of thought as she pointed at her own body and just like Gahyeon… yes, wet clothes were erotic but bad if left out as it might cause troubles later. Speaking of trouble, Bora was a walking trouble, and your eyes glued to her were asking for it.
Does first love never die? That is if you can once again count that as love…
Black… Wet clothes and black underwear weren’t good combinations it seems. Especially, with a top like that, Bora just being herself… seductively beautiful and the existence of that night. The next thing you knew was… a tongue wrestling with yours, trying to steal some of Gahyeon’s property (you) which could have been hers. Bora made her move inside that bathroom where Gahyeon could walk in and find this scene—she knew this fact, but she couldn’t stop…
“Noona… stop we can’t do this,” you mumbled as you tried to break out of her hold, but she chased and followed that hunger gleaming through her eyes. 
“1, 2, 3, 4, 5 seconds.” 
Her hand ghosted to caress your cheek as she went deeper into her invasion inside that oral orifice still tasting alcohol. 
6, 7, 8, 9, 10 seconds,” Gahyeon counted behind the closed door as you forcibly pushed Bora away even though your body was screaming to let go.
“Noona, you’re drunk. Stop it, please… I loved you but I love Gahyeon,” You pleaded as you stepped back. The simple difference between one letter and the tenses of present and past brought back Bora from her hazed. She wanted to speak, opening her mouth to utter something, but no words came out. Bora was left standing there, regretting but not fully. She was intoxicated but not with alcohol, she was fully sober and she knew what she was doing.
You walked back to the suite’s main room where you were celebrating only to find Gahyeon and the hotel staff cleaning the room. 
"Gah, here you go. Noona is in the bathroom changing into so you can go and change as well. I'll take care of things here and we can continue hanging out when you come back."
You handed her the robe and the towel and she smiled… bitterly, imagination or what but Gahyeon wasn’t a fool. Although, it seemed that she was forced to act that way every time: that one time watching a movie and she went to use the bathroom, what happened in the concert, what happened that night, your confession the next day, and now that little secret event inside the bathroom. Gahyeon always knew, she always knew about Bora and You.
"Sure… we need to tone down a little anyway. We can just drink without being too chaotic." Gahyeon giggled as she disappeared from sight.
You apologized to the hotel staff because everything was drenched inside, they offered a transfer to a similar room which you gladly accepted after informing Gahyeon and Bora.
Then after a small move, the night continued a little bit more tamed now. No more Gahyeon accidentally triggering the fire system and Bora standing on top of things while drinking.
Open balcony and a class of preferred liquor on each hand. Countless stories from their endeavors in the west and a lot of catching up happened. It was so blissful that you had almost forgotten about what happened inside the bathroom. Or maybe the glass of wine did the trick.
Gahyeon watched the moon and the stars who were staring back at her, and Bora was looking at the younger girl as she sipped her drink. Surprisingly, no one was drunk yet… still?
"Gahyeonie, what are you so seriously thinking about that I almost mistook you for Minji frowning there," Bora teased but Gahyeon didn't react the way she normally would retort back with her own witty line. The younger woman took steps, approaching the older woman, and before you know it, Gahyeon’s lips met Bora’s. All of it unfolded right before your eyes as Bora’s spilled her red wine onto the ground and Gahyeon clashed her own red pair onto the older’s. A beautiful but rather confusing sight to see, Gahyeon doing this and Bora slowly losing to her.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 seconds, and their tongues fighting for dominance were in clear view. 6, 7, 8 9, 10 seconds, and Bora was stepping back, subtly trying to escape but then Gahyeon pushed onto her, chased her, and made her submit little by little while you were frozen in place with a strange feeling, pinching the heart.
“Gahyeon… what’s this?” Bora mumbled as she gasped for air but was quickly thwarted. Forceful, Gahyeon was with her approach… so sudden and it caught Bora and You off guard. Bora tried very hard not to submit and not to freeze, but with the way Gahyeon maneuvered her tongue inside of her mouth… it was insufferable. In addition, was the way her hand sneaked to support her back and waist, caressing and lulling the older with her. Bora was clearly losing and not sure whether it was that she was deprived of touch and sex or it was just that Gahyeon had innate talent despite being you her only experience.
“Unnie, wanna have a threesome?” Gahyeon whispered as she broke their kiss, a bridge of saliva and her voice a little raspy. Bora stared at her, locking eyes as she at that one question brought upon mixed feelings, a small glimmer of joy but also a shimmer of annoyance— ‘Sex? With her? With him? I can’t decline… can’t I? I don’t want to. She knows, is she pitying me? Sharing and flexing what’s already hers… what should have been mine. No! Maybe, I’m just looking too deep into it. Gahyeon is not like that, she’s a nice girl. I believe that, I wanna believe that…”
“Gah, you’re drunk. Don’t ask noona for unreasonable things…” Bora's trance was broken by your voice, “Come on, it’s time... let’s go to bed, hmm?”
Bora watched you as you caringly approached Gahyeon, your eyes, attention, and worry glued on her… only her alone. Bora bit her lip, Gahyeon saw this who was watching the older intently—studying and observing like what she had always been doing all this time, but now it was different, she decided to take action. Bora was watching you, You were watching Gahyeon, and Gahyeon was watching her friend—what a triangle it was.
“I’m not drunk!” Gahyeon declared and exclaimed that she quickly rebuffed using her famous smile. You pursed your lips and tried saying something but nothing came out. Look at Bora but she was just as speechless, she shrugged, sighed, placed her wine glass somewhere before she dropped it, and held Gahyeon’s hand… and one of yours.
“Okay Gahyeonie, but…” She pulled, in front of Gahyeon(a sight she wasn’t able to see as she was behind the door earlier) she kissed you—amorously but was done maybe out of spite or a threat to make the younger backdown, “are you sure you’re okay with these type of things? Me and your boyfriend… doing things in front of you.”
It would be a lie if Gahyeon were to say that it didn’t sting, that it didn’t hurt her… perhaps more than it did when she was just listening or imagining that image she was forced to swallow now. However, to back down wasn’t a choice when she already made up her mind.
“Swa, you're wrong with one thing though, it won’t be just you and him doing things but it would be the three of us, so yeah. It would be contradicting for me to say I’m not okay with it when I was the one who suggested it.”
Gahyeon smiled.
My Love… Bora-unnie, you do know I love you both right? I’m sorry, but… I guess fate is a such prankster.
From then on it was hazy, Gahyeon didn’t ask if it was okay for you, and before you knew it, one of them pushed to capture your lips, biting and devouring as another sneaked to cover your eyes with their palms. Dark, hazy, and fast(?), it was all happening so fast and you fell into her snog as she pushes and you tip over. One step at a time, backward into an abysm of ecstatic jouissance that shouldn’t be entered at all.
“Don’t worry, Love… I promise no more of ‘this’ and ‘that’ just focus on me from now on.” Love? Gahyeon had never called you that… What did she mean by this and that? These strings of thoughts were all broken as a push forcibly disconnected lips and tied tongues; suddenly, you were falling, hands that acted as a blindfold were removed, and in sight were Bora and Gahyeon.
Why do they look as if they are hurting? Is it my fault? No, please…
Softness cradles, close your eyes, lie comfortably, dive, indulge, and escape—do it and trust her, she said no more and whatever she might mean, there was no time to think anyway as soon hands crawled. Pay attention, soft not just soft but with bumps, calluses? This is Gahyeon, her hands were a lot bigger compared to Bora with her famous tiny hands, besides she got those calluses from lifting dumbbells in the gym, and this person has long nails—Gahyeon was so fond of nail art, but Bora wasn’t so much.
Robe tie came undone, a finger circled your chest and a palm softly caressed your thighs; both going to where? Crawl down, ghost dangerously near it… near that throbbing member—the only honest thing in that room, your dick. A blow of hot breath on it did the opposite as warming it up as just that was enough to send a shiver down one’s spine. What do tiny hands have? Tiny fingers that soon hugged your length. What do tiny fingers do? They stroked gently, they weren’t enough to grasp the entirety of your dick, but that just leave more space to move upwards and downwards—a little bit rough without any lubrication, but that was soon solved by a liquid that dripped down the tip, coating and lubing Bora’s handjob.
What came after that liquid was softness presenting itself to your tip, pressing and diverging as it engulfed its entirety. Open your eyes and crunch up to see Gahyeon parting her lips to suck your dick, gently wrapped around it, a small suction to apply both pressure and pleasure, and her tongue circle inside, tickling and sending electricity.
Bora wasn’t one to be left out as alongside her hands, she worked her tongue where she could, going under and there she found those heavy sacks where she focused her attention. A suckle to start things off and a tongue to fully cover everything with spit. You groaned with each of these simultaneously and continuously happening… Gahyeon and Bora were truly members of the same group because their teamwork was impeccable and there was a great balance.
Although, it seemed like Gahyeon don’t want that at all. Break the balance and take one step further, she bobbed her head faster and faster without any build-up—more passionate and more hungry, showing the youth she held as an advantage. As for Bora, she had a different idea as she planted a kiss and broke away from your dick, she stood up, and soon that tie on her came undone. White fabric draped down her shoulders slowly revealing the lack of undergarments underneath it. One by one, shoulders, upper torso, her breast, lower torso, that flat-toned stomach, her hips, and then the fabric hit the ground. Fully naked she stretch for a little bit, intentionally flaunting her body that was clearly to die for, earning your stares while Gahyeon who was still down under was clearly beaten by such a bold move from Bora.
“What? Enjoying the view so much? Be careful your girlfriend might get jealous if you ogle too much.” A smirk and you were left speechless as she walked and sat by your side to pat your head. Gahyeon was honestly more curvaceous, but that doesn’t mean Bora was any less sexy than her. “Gahyeonie, why are you still down there? Come on, strip and let’s have fun… you’re letting me use your boyfriend for once and you’re just gonna slurp his dick?”
Gahyeon halted and looked at her unnie a little bit annoyed as she let go of your dick—Bora’s statement was provocative after all so it wasn’t a surprise. The younger woman stood up and did the same as Bora but more swiftly than the older. Gahyeon was clearly someone who turn heads with her visuals alone, she was every insomnias’ dream girlfriend, and you’re just glad she’s yours. More glad now that the robe was stripped off, simultaneously revealing that gorgeous body that was the result of her efforts in the gym. All at once, firm rounded breasts, those hips that were meant to carry a child, her defined abs, and that slick in between her luscious legs. A fox Gahyeon was, a stunning and enrapturing fox she was.
"He's not a thing for you to use, Unnie." A firm declaration Gahyeon made as she got on top of the bed and sat comfortably on your lap. “Things don’t care for you and look at you fondly.”
“Things don’t react when you touch them.” Without breaking eye contact, locked eyes with Bora as she crawled her way through your body. Handsy, naughty hands tracing your abdomen. Her two fingers took steps, one by one slowly trailing your trails before she laid comfortably on top of you. 
Your member sandwiched and pressed in between the two of you, aching, throbbing, and on its full hardness. Gahyeon pressed peck on your neck, and then bit your left ear playfully making you release a sigh of pleasure as she whispered in your ear, “They don’t moan when you stimulate them…”
“Things don’t have feelings nor express their feelings. They don’t love although they could be loved by their owner, however the thing is… you don’t give out the things you love, Bora-yah.” Gahyeon finally broke eye contact with Bora, she couldn’t see her reaction but she knew that Bora would turn sour after the things she said; Gahyeon was right and you confirmed them as you watched Bora’s eyes lit up with both anger and sadness, but that was before Gahyeon shifted your gaze to her.
“Love, you’re not a thing, are you? I really love you… so tell me if you love me too.” Gahyeon’s face lit up and she was expectant of what your answer would be. All of that heavy and scary aura she was exuding suddenly dissipated and she was back to being bright, brighter than the sun.  “Gah? Of course, I love you, only you…” words escaped your mouth unknowingly without much thought but with bits of questioning as to what she meant by her words—Gahyeon’s words were filled with vagueness and all you could do was cracked up your brain, but doing so was just too hard with a body that was shouting for sexual gratification.
“Aish, what a player… You didn’t have to include the last bits but I guess I’ll take it,” Gahyeon mumbled before changing her position, now sitting on your lap once again, she took your dick once again and stroked it while Bora was still frozen and speechless. Gahyeon reached for Bora’s cheeks and broke the trance that was keeping the older girl before saying the following words while she chuckled, “Unnie, just be honest with your feelings. Look at yourself, at least your body is honest unlike you.”
From then on Gahyeon didn’t waste any time as she positioned herself on top of your cock, 
aimed at her entrance, and slammed her ass down, impaling and diverging herself using your hardwood. She moaned loudly in duet with yours, seeing this Bora felt a familiar uncomfortable sting in her heart. The scene in front of her stung, Gahyeon’s words stung, and these intrusive thoughts, her assumptions of what was the meaning behind Gahyeon’s actions were uncontrollable, but remembering what the younger last said made her shake all of these off—not completely but it was enough to give her a push to move.
“Okay Gahyeonie, if I’m being honest here… I am a little bit pent up so let me blow some steam off.” Gahyeon smirked at her and she just shrugged while she stood over your head directly; her pink slit was in full view as you appreciated her beauty from below—in that position, it wasn’t hard to notice her glistening core.
“Noona? What are you planning?” You asked nervously if the image that was in your mind was the same one she was planning to do. Bora looked down and smirked before you averted your gaze to Gahyeon who started grinding her hips. Gahyeon looked at you without much tutelage as she was slowly getting lost in her own world of pleasure, she gave some sort of reassuring smile… For God JiU’s sake, if she wasn’t using her hands to support herself and her deed, you were sure that the girl would give a thumbs up.
It wasn’t that bad though, it was hypnotizing to watch as her breast jiggled to follow her movements, and her pussy clenched down your cock as she moved fluidly, and pleasurably, allowing you to hit her walls constantly and reach her deepest depths.
“Relax your head down and stopped ogling your own girlfriend,” Bora instructed, and to your surprise her clearly glistening cores and full ass was lowering slowly, inching closer and closer to your face. “Just sit tight, enjoy the feeling of your two goddesses using and pleasuring you. I promise not to break your neck or something.”
Before you could even retort Bora’s ass engulfed your face, taking away your view of Gahyeon as her slickness introduced itself to your mouth. Bora was careful enough to not cover your nose with her toned ass. She made you eat her pussy that was spoon-fed to your mouth, and all you could do was lick her slit, kiss her delectable delicacy, and drink whatever liquid that your tongue could lap.
A tongue inside of Bora and a dick inside of Gahyeon. Your tongue explored Bora’s inside, from her walls to the depths of how deep that wet muscle could reach while Gahyeon used your member to impale herself, again and again, bouncing on it. They moaned in unison, a new kind of symphony that Bora and Gahyeon performed using the sounds of sex from her moans, gasps for air, and the wet slapping sounds made from her Gahyeon ass colliding your thighs. Gahyeon’s voice was deeper than Bora’s so they complicated each other perfectly, Gahyeon was naturally vocal with her pleasure and Bora was more of a talker who enjoy dirty pillow talks, but now she was in unison with Gahyeon; it was pleasing to hear, these are the sounds only three people inside that hotel suite could hear—moans of idols were so pleasant to the ear, something that would surely put those JAV moans that sounds like crying seels in shame.
Word wasn’t enough to convey the feelings that the two women were feeling as they locked eyes while they rode the person that they love, well even surprising that Bora couldn’t think of one witty thing to utter as their eyes did the talking for the—those brown orbs of them who reflected the crazed look of love and lust drunkenness. Gahyeon held Bora’s hand and the older ghost her free one to the younger cheek as she went in for an amorous kiss. The younger giggled through their momentary disconnection to catch their breath.
“This is so nice…” Gahyeon mumbled as things got faster and hotter. There was a feeling of getting left out as the two made out but there was something about it that drove the two women. Gahyeon bounce up and down, constantly and continuously pulling out and impaling herself faster and faster with haste while Bora’s pressed on you more and even started to grind her hips, also allowing you to find that small numb that was her clitoris. You sucked and focused on it, making Bora unglue her lips from Gahyeon as she couldn’t handle her most sensitive part getting stimulated religiously. 
She bit her lips, trying to suppress her cries of pleasure, and leaned onto the younger who was as intoxicated as her. Together they pressed their forehead onto each other, leaning and looking for support while they gasped for air. Gahyeon hugged her and Bora reciprocated.
Bora was the first one to implode… unannounced as her weight pressed on your more—her musky, heady, and sweet lavender smell became stronger as your nose was dangerously near her slits, in between her ass cheeks. Her mouth gaped, and her body quivered as she tighten her hug with the younger, and came into your mouth. She came, releasing waves of her juices as you kept the pressure on her clit, sucking hard as fast to keep the pace and help her ride out her orgasm all in all as you lapped and drank her juices to keep yourself from drowning for her juices. It was getting harder to breathe, the possibility of drowning was there, head spinning, and consciousness was fading from both pleasure and the lack of air, but to take Bora to her highest was the goal. She trembled her nails were surely digging into Gahyeon's back, but the younger opted to kiss the older as her own way of helping.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 seconds, and the older slowly and although still wet and dripping, she stopped cumming. Bora leaned towards Gahyeon and the younger gladly let her do so. Simultaneously the older finally lifted her ass, and a surge of air entered your lungs as you gasped desperately for air.
“Fuck! I thought I was going to die!” You exclaimed and the two looked at you. They both laughed before Bora let herself fall beside you, leaving Gahyeon who still had your dick inside of her. She leaned forward to plant a peck on your forehead. A reward? Maybe it was for successfully making her unnie cum.
“Oh my, that was so nice. It has been a while since I ca—Yah!” Bora broke her own sentence to exclaim as she cringed watching you two being lovey-dovey. “You guys are too sweet. Gosh, you’re making me puke seriously.”
“Yah, Swa! You already came, let me have my fun!” Gahyeon retorted, she looked like she still had other things to say but you were quick to calm her down by holding her hand. She sighed in defeat before looking at you fondly. She was about to ready herself to fuck herself once again using your dick, but unfortunately and fortunately(?), she had a different idea in mind. Gahyeon who was ever playful decided to remove your shaft from inside her flop on top of Bora who was as surprised as you.
“Lee Gahyeon, get off of me!” Bora shouted but the group maknae just pressed herself more on her unnie. Well… for Bora, she was acting opposite to what she said as she hugged Gahyeon who was nestling comfortably. Gahyeon wiggled her butt, enticing and alluring anyone who could have seen it… seriously, for God JiU’s sake(2) no sane man could refuse such an invitation.
“Seriously Love? Are you really your group’s maknae?” A palm to imprint a handprint on her mouthwatering full butt. She giggled, furtherly proving your point that she wasn’t fit to be the maknae who was supposed to be in charge of innocence. “You’re so naughty and fuckable… and breedable”
Cringe! Yup chills but what can you do? The situation called for it… whelp, yeah let’s just hope she liked it, or at least she wasn’t cringing as hard. Run up your cock up and down Gahyeon’s pink wet slit; take a breath before pushing in slowly and parting her wet plump quim that welcomed you with an intense hug of warmth.
“Yah! I’m only like this because we’re actually dating…” Gahyeon whined as you pushed in deeper, from only the tip until it was halfway inside, and was stopped by what she said. 
“What? Kid, you’re actually blushing!” Bora teased, giggling as she watched that exchange. For God JiU’s sake(3) who wouldn’t be flushed after that… you shook your head. Focus! Don’t be distracted even with that picturesque sight in front of two of the most beautiful woman in the world hugging while they’re both naked and bare… their bountiful eye-ogling breast pressed together. Wonder how would that look from the sides? How it would look like with their stiffened rosy buds brushing together, and how would it actually be to watch them eat each other’s faces fiercely… 
Focus(2), hold onto her perfectly wide hips, and you found Bora’s eyes who nodded. Slowly, in one stroke with the use of your hips, give Gahyeon the pleasure that she deserves. Feel it, your whole shaft inside her warmth, relish the slick of her walls gripping tight around it and refusing to let go.
Thrust deep and full—go in deep as much as possible, pull out up until before the tip sees the lights of this vicious night, and then repeat those two in a cycle with vigor and persistence. Use a steady rhythm, and focus(3) on Gahyeon and her alone.
Now we’re back from the start… 
She smelled faintly of alcohol while the familiar scent of both sin and romance lingered in the air. Gahyeon held a hand as she gasped through every fluid movement and surge of that intoxicating euphoric pleasure. The sun had already set and the clock had struck midnight, exhausted souls and bodies should have already gone to sleep but there were gasps for air, silent whimper, and whispers of comfort. The night hasn’t been this long for a long time, and it was all filled with mixed feelings.
However, that momentful pause had already passed and all of those thousands of thoughts coursing through were all fading and melding into the absurdity of this situation. How could you fuck your ex and your current lover at the same time? Forget about it and focus(4) on what was served in front of you.  It was so easy… simple, just stay true to one’s animalistic instinct to breed, such a beautiful being bent over and impaled by a dick, throw all hesitation outside, and thrust like there’s no tomorrow.
There are too many things to be said, but this is not wrong when all of us are happy amidst all those guilt and unsaid feelings, untold stories as to how we got here… 
There were too many things to be done, but just continue from where things were left off. Trust your instinct, don’t from those carnal thoughts, and be guided by your feeling no matter how unsure and complicated they are. In and out, enter and then exit, pound her into oblivion and take her into that blissful high. Feed her already intoxicated and addicted self with more of that drug made from sex and love.
Romance is such a funny thing and Love is a double-faced entrende.
Another slap to add to the already red part of her cheek, and gain a sharp cry from the woman was receiving. Give it to her, repeatedly spank on each cheek while continuously moving your hips into each full thrust into her wet honest flesh that was wrapped around your member, squeezing tighter, clenching even further with every thrust.
Gahyeon buried her face in Bora’s neck, muffling her moans as the older lulled her and serviced her using her sneaky fingers that pressed and circled her exposed clit. Two for one was clearly not a fair battle for Gahyeon, but this was a battle she surely would like to lose. Two meant double the dose, and right now she would kill for the dose that brought that odd knot inside her stomach, that heat on her quim, and that haze it gave her consciousness. It was an awkward angle for Bora and it was far from your comfortable position that was perfect for pistoning into Gahyeon's ass, but it did the work as with her help, Gahyeon was tuned into a moaning sloppy mess with that wet sound her cunt makes compliment her as you drive into her.
“I… Ahh! Fuck! More!” Gahyeon whimpered, and you increased the speed—pound, thrust, piston, again and again, faster and faster up to that breakneck speed. All of this while Bora upped the ante in her own way by teasing Gahyeon, overloading Gahyeon senses as she found the younger’s ear. She was whispering something, but it was not audible to you. She bit into and tongued her ear, resulting in the younger clawing onto the bedsheets.
Adrenaline rushed through your veins, you couldn’t help but groan in a duet to Gahyeon’s muffled noises. You should have done more cardio as your lungs were starting to fail you, everything felt more shaky and sloppy as Gahyeon knees started to give up on her too. Thankfully, Bora was still there to keep everything intact as you entered the last haul.
“Gahyeonie… come, kiss me.” Bora’s thumb back on Gahyeon’s clit, drawing and circling as she instructed the younger to her mouth. You squeezed onto Gahyeon’s butt and she accidentally bit on Bora’s lips. With your remaining vigor thrust as you two felt a build-up in your loins. Clench your teeth as Gahyeon quim clenched too tightly to move fluidly.
All three were too engrossed in that euphoric paradise enclosed in the four corners of that bed and the comfortable pillow fortress it provided. Gahyeon’s eyes shut close as she tied her tongue with Bora, leaving her breathless and unable to release her moans. Usually, Gahyeon preferred it to be slow and sensual, but now she relished in the roughness of it—well nothing was wrong with hard and painful once in a while.
“Love… Swa…”
Nothing is wrong with the presence of a third person inside the bed. Sex could have as much participants, but Love is a path taken by two, but right now she doesn’t have the luxury of that as her body tensed up more than ever, halting everything as she froze up. It was beautiful even though you were watching from the back and Bora was the only one who could see her face, and that was one undisputed fact as you buried yourself deep inside of her.
Gahyeon started to pulsate uncontrollably before she bit into Bora’s lips. She bucked her hips, and released her juices, leaking onto the connection between her quim and your pussy as she writhe and quivered. Electricity coursed through every nerve, followed by a numbing pleasure as you continued thrusting and Bora kept the pressure on her clit.
Gahyeon’s cunt pulsed once again, stronger this time, and you could feel the gush of her wetness as it leak, dripping down Bora’s hand and some on her thighs. And that was when you too felt it, the need to release that fast-crawling liquid from your balls to your dick, following Gahyeon through her high.
One last thrust before pulling and cumming uncontrollably on Gahyeon’s ass and back. String after strings, painting her that pristine ass and back of hers with white. And what came after was silence. Not a word but only gasping as you and Gahyeon both came down your high. Gahyeon flopped completely on top of Bora completely spent while the older scraped off the cum from her back and licked it.
“You know, you can just ask me to get some tissues for that right?” You asked Bora and she just smirked before saying her reply, “That would be great. Please do so but let me enjoy what I can get first though.”
“Hey guys, I’m still here… Don’t leave me out on a conversation about the cum on my back, but uhm… yes please do wipe it off.” You and Bora laughed in unison as you reached for the nearest box of tissue to wipe it off for her, and when you did succeed, the older pushed her off herself. 
“Gah, come on and stand up. Let’s take a shower before you sleep,” You said to Gahyeon who already had her eye shut, but it was futile as the woman was already asleep or was too stubborn to stand up so she pretended to be asleep. You look at Bora beside her who was wiping off any liquid from her thighs for help, but the woman just shrugged her shoulder.
“Noona, you can go shower first and I’ll go after you,” You sighed in defeat while the older one did as you said. Bora walked toward the bathroom but stopped before she entered and looked back at you.
“What will you do? Wanna go in with me?” Bora asked.
“Noona, don’t joke around. You know I can’t do that, but uhm… please fetch me a towel so I can at least wipe and clean Gahyeon before she completely falls asleep.” Bora laughed before handing the said towels and disappearing to clean herself, leaving you alone with Gahyeon. 
“Babe, are you still awake? Can you at least sit up so I can do my job properly?” Gahyeon was clearly still awake, half awake but she didn’t move so you just continued what you ought to do, wiping off sweat and any other things, cleaning her without any bathing.
“What’s your job?” Gahyeon finally talked after you finished wiping her from the back and she rolled to face you.
“My job is to take care of you and make you happy,” You answered as you continued even reaching her private parts, armpits, groins, etc but there was no problem with that as you are her lover after all. She was naked but you can’t be lusting over her all the time.
“What’s my job then?” Gahyeon asked and you planted a kiss on her forehead before replying, “Your job is to be yourself because that’s when I love you the most… I just hope that you love me as well.”
As if on cue Bora emerged from the bathroom naked as she wiped her body with a towel, it was your turn to shower. You’re sure that when you do disappear they will talk, and curiosity strikes, but you decided to give them privacy and not listen. When you finished, all lights were turned off and the two of them lay comfortably, sleeping beside each other. The bed was big enough for the three of you so you decided to tuck inside the sheets too besides Gahyeon. Now Gahyeon was in the center with you on her left and Bora on her right.
That long night finally came to an end, but you couldn’t just sleep at all when all those thoughts came back. An hour passed, and then another but to no avail, no hints of ever falling asleep were there with the worry of what would happen tomorrow… or from now on.
“Can’t fall asleep?” Bora asked, turns out she can’t fall asleep too.
“Noona, what will happen from now on?” You answered with a question.
“I honestly don’t know,” She turned to Gahyeon and hugged her, “she didn’t say it but I think she knows, but I’m too scared to ask. I’m happy and grateful for her tonight so I decided not to be greedy from now on. Tonight might happen again or not ever again but either way, I’m fine with it. Whether she might decide to keep this sexual thing going or decide to acknowledge my feelings for you and let me share your relationship with the three of us or just bury it, I will not complain and do something. After all, I already gave you up to her ever since that day, and it’s a decision I don’t wanna take back and regret.”
“So that’s it?”
“That’s it,” She said before turning her back off and drifting to sleep. Soon sleep called for you too, but without the knowledge of you and Bora, Gahyeon opened her eyes, meaning she was awake all this time. Once again, listening and finding out things she was better off not knowing. She smiled bitterly, before closing her eyes once again to force herself to sleep mumbling the words, “Thank you, but please wait for me… at least until I can make a decision”
Amour & Liaison
Yow have you all reached here? I hope the two parts so far was okay and all reader enjoyed it. I didn't expect this to have continuation but here it is. The requester of the first part and second part jokingly said that he wanted it but leave it the second part as a cliffhanger XD so that someone would commission the third part hahaha. That's so witty XD. Anyways thanks again to him.
Do leave a comment or an ask. What are your thoughts about this story?
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authorsquidward · a month ago
Sunbae the tutor
Kim Minju
Tags: Mating press, pronebone, breeding, buttplug, dub-con?
Word Count: 3.1k
I'm back. Here is my first fic after my break. You forced me to write this so I expect you to like this. I'm sorry for my purejuers. The next Minju fic will be full of pureju. I promise.
Tumblr media
Ugh. I don’t get this.
“Okay, Class. That’s it for today.”
You sigh again. It is yet another day when you still have not grasped the topics you have for your class. After trying countless nights reviewing and studying again and again and again. Your empty brain still has not soaked a single bit of information. Anyway, it is a long day. One more activity before heading home is your home org meeting.
This meeting is more of a party. An excuse for your Sunbaes to meet their Hoobaes. But since it was held on school grounds, no alcohol. But it is time for you to relax and unwind. It is time for you to get rid of the feeling of your everyday mundane routine.
“Hey!” Your friend calls you. “Long day?”
Your tired faces show it. You have huge eye bags, your hair is not in its best shape, and wearing the same sweatpants and a shirt from yesterday.
“Yeah…Classes have been killing me.”
“Yeah, I can tell. Are you still having trouble with that subject you have been talking about?”
“Oh my fucking god. I still can’t understand anything. Everything is way too complicated and the prof is speaking way too fast.” You shout
“Dude relax. You should calm down.”
“I can’t. That’s the only thing on my mind right now.”
“Okay if you really need. Try to get help. A tutor maybe?”
“I can’t. My parents cannot afford something like that.”
“You can ask our Sunbae. I did it for calculus. They’re really smart.”
“Really they can help?”
“They are more than willing. It’s part of their job.”
You scan around. Most people are just talking with their cliques. Suddenly, you get a sudden arm around your shoulder.
“Hey!” It is the Org president. “You guys doing good?”
“Yeah! Party— I mean meeting is going good.”
“That’s great to hear. Don’t forget to fill out the feedback forms before you leave. We really appreciate your thought on what we did tonight.”
He double-pats your shoulder as he leaves. But before he can get away, you grab his wrist. “Sunbae”
“I need help with one of my subjects. Is it alright if you can tutor me?”
“Hmmm…. Ah! I can’t but I know someone who can. Follow me.”
He leads you across the room.
She turns her head from the conversation she just had. “Hmmm?”
“My friend here needs your help.”
“Help? What kind of help?”
“He has difficulty with one of his subjects, Can you tutor him?”
She looks at you up and down like she is assessing you. “Him? Sure!”
He looks at you and slaps you on the back. “Great!”
“President! We need something from you.” A shout from the vice president comes from the other side of the room.
“Got to go! See you around!”
He leaves you and Minju by yourselves.
“So. What subject are you having trouble with?”
“Ummm….Chemistry 1.” You look at her with a defeated face while scratching the back of your neck.
“Ah! Don’t worry about that. I can teach you that.” She looks at you. Eyes scanning up and down She pinches your arm and laughs a bit. “You seem like a nice guy. I’ll be more than happy to help you. Do you want to meet me at my dorm? Tomorrow evening?”
“Sure!” You don’t notice those flirtatious actions because of your tired state but they linger in your mind for a while but you do not mind them as they are not the most important thing in your mind.
You enter the apartment building. It is relatively small. Only seven stories and it is near the campus. It is made for students. You got up to the intercom and type Minju’s room number.
It rings.
“Ah- come up. Come up.”
The front door opens and you enter the building. The hallway leads up to the stairs and you walk to the second floor and go to the fifth room.
*Knock* *Knock*
The door opens and you see Minju in a bathrobe, leaning against the door.
“Hey, Hoobae. Come in.”
“You don’t have to call me—.”
“Shusshhh. I’ll call you Hoobae, okay?”
“Yes, Sunbae.”
“Actually, call me Minju. I’ll be teaching you in the meantime.”
She welcomes you inside. It is quite sizeable for a student. A decent size kitchen with a dining room to match and a nice large bed on the side. “Go to the table over there. I’ll do a couple of things first.”
You head to the small dining table and sit down. With your hands flat on the table and your foot tapping on the floor, you nervously, and patiently wait for Minju to come out. Then there she is, still in her bathrobe. She sits beside you and crosses her legs. You can see the bathrobe fall a bit and shows off more leg than what one should normally see.
“So, what topic are you having trouble with?”
“Ummm….. More on balancing equations.”
“Really? I also had some trouble with that part.”
You take out your notebook and a worksheet that you printed out for the tutorial session. Minju looks at the problems and scans the questions. She tilts her head and pouts her lips.
“Hmmmm… I see. I’ll give you a simple trick. What I would do is place coefficients in front of each one. Like in O2, H2O, or CO2. What’s your oxidant?”
“Our professor only used oxygen.”
“Nice that makes it easier. Now, let’s start. What I normally do is put coefficients in front of each molecule. Let's use x,y, and z. so O2 will have x.” With with her pen hovers over each item. 
“Then for y for CO2 and z or H2O?” You question.
“Yup! Okay the next part is going to be tricky. Let’s use propane as an example. C3H8. We keep propane by itself and we don’t touch it. Then we put x for O2. Then on the other side y CO2 + z H2O.”
“So, what do we do now?”
“We have to do by each element. First, we do carbon. On the left side, propane has three moles of Carbon and oxygen doesn’t have any. So here we have three on the left side. On the right side. CO2 has one so we put that on the right side. So we have our first equation 3=x. Easy right?” She plays with your shoulder.
“AHHHHHH! I see. We can do hydrogen next. Ummmmm. 8=2z….. so z=4.”
“Okay. Oxygen……2x….=2y…+…z. Hmmmm….”
“You know what to do?”
“I wasn’t born yesterday. We already have y and z just plug it in. so x=5.”
“There that’s our balanced equation.”
“Omg.” You grab your paper from the table. “It was so much easier than I thought.”
But as the lesson goes on Minju’s foot touches your leg but she does not acknowledge it. But instead becomes bolder. Her foot strokes your hairy shin. It tickles a bit so you do not stop her but instead allow her to play with you more. Her hand “accidentally” touches yours. This becomes more frequent.
You admit to yourself that it is nice to see the skinship that Minju is offering you. But soon it gets too much for you. You are here to study and what Minju is going is not going to help you pass the exam next week.
“Call me Minju.”
“Minju. Ummm…. I’m getting uncomfortable.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean. You have been touching me.”
“I know that.”
“Really? I’m not sure….”
Minju places her finger in your mouth.”
“Look. I’ve one condition before I tutor you. Especially to good-looking guys like you.”
Minju leans to your ear and whispers.
“I want you to be my Hoobae.”
“I’m already you Hoobae.”
“You’re making this hard for me. I like it.”
From your ear to your cheek and kiss it. Slowly moving to your lips then down to your neck.
“Minju, we shouldn’t be doing this.”
“Call me Sunbae. I know you want this.”
Minju continues to kiss your neck as she grabs your hand and places it inside her bathrobe and onto her breast. You grab it and play with it.
“Like it, Hoobae?”
“Yes, Sunbae.”
“Want more?”
“Yes, Sunbae.”
“Then follow me.”
Minju breaks the kiss and pulls you to her bed. She makes you sit down, kneels, and spread your legs open. The nervousness increases as she inches closer to you. 
“Look. I haven’t had cock in a while.”
Minju stares at your growing bludge and licks her lips on what’s about to be her meal. Her hands slowly inch towards the button of your pants. It is swiftly dealt with as your pants are pulled down. As soon as it reaches the floor. Minju removes it from your ankles and throws your pants away.
The cold air in her room encircles your warmed cock. It stiffens from the sudden change of temperature and the beauty that is in front of you.
“Wow! Have you been hard all this time?”
“Don’t worry. You don’t need to say anything.”
Minju then stands up and pulls the knot off her bathrobe. It drops to the floor and she shows off her elegant body with perfect tits, a nice ass, and wide hips. But the most important thing you see is her thick thighs.
“Like what you see?”
“Yes, Sunbae.” You nervously say, looking up and down.
“Good. Then I’ll give my Hoobae a good time. But I have one condition.”
She leans in and whispers to your ear again. “Cum in me.”
You lean back in shock.
“Don’t worry. I’m on the pill. I just want the feel of cum in me.”
Minju kneels and spreads your legs open once more. She stares at your cock as her hand starts to slowly grab your veiny length. Her cold hand starts to slowly pump it. Minju leans forwards and uses her tongue to lick the very tip of your cock.
Soon enough the sticky clear pre-cum emanates from the slit. She twirls her tongue around it and gets a taste of it. Minju’s eyes look around your cock. She moves lower and drags her tongue from the base to the tip. The rough taste buds tickle your cock. She engulfs your cock whole, going directly back to the base for a self-induced deepthroat.
This makes you let out an audible moan. Minju moves from your cock but still leaves her hand pumping it.
“Sunbae, are you done?”
“What do you mean? I barely started.”
Minju goes back down and starts eating your cock. Mouth surrounds your cock and in tandem with her hand pumping it. The vigorous motions force a wave of pleasure up from your crotch. This makes you moan louder as she pushes you further and further to the edges.
“Sunbae. Sunbae. Wait. Wait. I’m going to cum—”
Minju ignores you and continues to suck your cock but this time faster and faster. Soon you shoot your first wave of cum. She pumps and squeezes every single bit out of you. Minju with her cheeks full gets up and gulps down all the cum in her mouth.
“I always loved the taste of cum.”
“Sunbae…I’m tired.”
“Hey! You can’t be tired. I haven’t had my turn. Move around. All fours now!”
You comply and get on the bed with your hands and legs flat and your butt sticking out.
“Don’t worry about this. This hasn’t been used. Think of this as a gift. You can bring it home if you want.”
Minju ignores you once more. You look back and see her lather up a black butt plug with lube.
“You ready?”
“Yes. Sunbae.”
“Very good. Just want to warn you it might hurt.”
She slowly sticks it inside your ass. First, as it enters, it hurts. You grab onto the sheets tightly from all the pain that you are experiencing. She pushes it further the pain slowly grows bigger and once it is fully inside, you can fully feel it inside your rectum. It first feels painful but the longer it sits inside the better it feels.
“This is going to make the orgasm feel better. Trust me. And as far as I can tell. You are ready for this.”
You look down at your cock and get surprised at how hard it is already. As you admire your shaft for a moment, Minju suddenly pushed you down to the bed and kisses you on the lips. The taste of cum remains in her mouth but you do not mind as her kiss is amazing.
Minju sits on top of you with her pussy directly in front of your re-enlarged cock. She goes back to kiss you again while she pumps your cock. The second orgasm is about to come. Minju shifts herself forward and positions herself above your cock. She gives a good tap on your top onto her entrance, teasing herself a bit.
“I’m sure this cock is going to be good.”
You nod in affirmation. Then she drops herself in you. Your large cock makes Minju let you a loud scream. You can feel your cock entirely inside Minju. She grinds your cock in her. Moving forward, sideways and backward without moving up and down for now.
You can see her eyes smile in delight. The pleasure from your cock gives a sensation that is still not even at its full potential. Minju jumps up and down as your cock slides in and out of her. Her juices start to spill from her cunt.
You hold on to her soft, delicate skin and onto her tight waist. Skin so immaculate you wonder how it can get like that. But regardless, that’s not what is important right now. You balance her as she moves up and down.
You can feel it yourself. The pleasure of her tightness in her pussy envelopes all of your senses. Your boner starts to get into control. You no longer have regular instincts and all your want is sex, rough sex. You can see it in her eyes that she wants more and you will give more. You grab her and switch her to the side.
Minju laughs at you, once refusing her offer and now the one in control.  You lay her on her back and position yourself on top of her.
“What’s your plan, Hoobae?” She looks at you with curiosity, knowing what you will do to her.
You push her legs up to her chest and start the mating press, thrusting as hard as your can. Minju screams as she cannot handle you so fast. But regardless you ignore her cries instead as she shouts you speed up faster.
Minju grabs onto your arms and holds on for dear life and you slam your cock into her tiny pussy. You wonder how it was so tight even with all of her experience. Her nails dig into your skin, scars form as her grip tightens.
“Fuck! Your cock is so good!”
“If you want more I can do more!”
“Do your worst!”
You flip her over to her belly. Her head facing down to the bed and her ass looking at you. You grab your cock and align it back to her pussy and prone bone her from behind. Your cock pokes to her g-spot as your thurst once more but even faster than before. Minju screams even louder this time. She tries to face up to breathe but instead, you use your left hand to make her face flat on the bed, making her barely breathe but enough for her to enough tonight’s session. While your right-hand slaps on her ass.
“Like that you slut.”
“Fuck me harder. I told you to do your worst.”
“I’m going to make it harder alright. You started this and I’m going to finish it.”
Finally with your words of encouragement or whatever she said. You push to your fastest. This time you can hear Minju's repetitive shouts echo in the room around and maybe to her neighbors as well. But you do not care. It is not your dorm and Minju can handle it herself and the only thing you want to do is to deal with this slut and that is to fuck her and fuck her hard.
“Fuck! Your pussy is good. I’m going to fuck you so hard you cannot walk in the morning.”
You grab her one more time and bring her to the table. All of your study material gets tossed away and you slam Minju on the table. Her eyes once more look at you with despair but begging you, asking you to ruin her.
You slap her cock to the entrance of her slit, teasing her. But Minju is tired, she cannot complain because she does not have any more energy. For the final time, you thrust in her. Minju’s face leans back, eyes roll over and you run your length inside her. You pull her up as she is drunk with sex. She looks at your lips then smacks her to yours.
You slam into her while you kiss, spitting in her mouth and she instinctively swallows it. Your right-hand gropes her breast while your left caresses her ass.
“Fuck! You’re really going to not make me walk the next day.”
“Does it look like I care, Sunbae?”
“Fuck me harder then. What are you waiting for? And don’t forget.” She leans in and whispers to your ear. “Cum in me like the slut I am.”
You look back and affirm her. Minju resumes your kiss. The passion and lust between a senior and her junior can be heard all around the room. Finally, you can feel your legs get weak, and your cock is ready to burst. You break the kiss.
“I’m going to cum.”
“Inside. Do it inside. I want it and I know you want it too.”
Minju pulls you closer and resumes kissing you. Soon, you release your seed. Even more than before. You fill her up to the brim as you lean back from Minju to see your artwork. Minju’s lips cover with your salvia, her sweat all over her body, and she wishes your cum leaking out of her hole.
She looks back at you, smiling. “I see you’re good. I need to tutor you more often.” She jumps off the table and heads to her bed. While she walks away. “You can either stay and sleep with me or go home, I don’t mind either.”
“I have to go. My roommate is expecting me.
“Okay, then. Text me next time then. I’m sure you still need help with your homework.”
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authorsquidward · a month ago
Just wanted to post this to give an update. I’m currently working on Summer Vacation Part 4 (Welcome Home Cheater Fic), The new Greys Anatomy Political Drama and another part to Office Shenanigans. Its just taken me so long to write due to writers block from the Greys Anatomy Political Drama.
Because I can’t come up with a consistent posting schedule, Im making this post to reemphasize that Ya’ll can ask me stuff through the “Ask Me” button thing on tumblr and I’ll probably answer dm’s (assuming its not fucked up stuff)
Please stay tuned for future fics, I promise I’ll have one out by the end of the month (Its gonna be a Loona one though)
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authorsquidward · a month ago
Sins Corp: Focus - Haseul
Tumblr media
A/N: It is me coming back for a Sins Corp piece :3 I'm basically the only writer left that will continue the series, but I'm dead set on finishing my own character arc lol
This is a 2.5K piece continuing where I left off with Haseul's US trip, but it took me a while to finish it thx to irl stuff. Who knows when I'll work on the next one!
(Heavily unedited. Me too busy :c )
Not Choi Yerim, your childhood sweetheart, but Jo Haseul, your HR boss and girlfriend sharing a NASA HQ waiting room with you. In your head, there’s no focus on Haseul, or the meeting you two are supposed to be preparing for—you totally miss Yerim, a Pacific Ocean away.
A single phrase of “I miss you, oppa,” plus a picture of her couple tattoo can drive your brain insane. Why are you sitting in a grandiose room with a chandelier and gilded window frames? Your mind doesn't fit into luxury—it instead wanders in your wish: you want to see Yerim now.
The phone. Try reaching that ordinary-looking, out-of-the-place Samsung on the coffee table. That should close up the gap between you and Yerim. More than a dozen unread messages are waiting for you to reply. It should’ve been an easy fetch.
Should’ve been. Something, or someone is blocking your way.
You look down—navy blue blazers and red necktie somehow have glued onto your skin. The word “appalled”, or “annoyed” fills your eyes. You don’t need to be suffocated by a piece of silk while being a stressful assistant HR officer, and already you miss your hoodies and slippers. One of those are probably on Yerim back in her office now, who perhaps be masturbating with her cute sweater paws, before squirting juices all over—
“Nngh… Y-you’re getting bigger in Seulie…”
You look up—there’s Haseul, sheathing your dick, fervidly grinding your crotch in a studio-sized waiting room. 
“That’s right, Devil-ie…” she mutters, “fuck me with all you have.”
Jo Haseul, so cute whenever she's a horny angel, always desperately chasing after her yearned orgasm over and over again, so many times that she has lost count of her climaxes. Your impending schedules about Sins Corp are probably neglected by her ecstasy as well. 
Scorching pleasure floods your body whenever her angelic whines reach your ears. The nth time she’s come already within a span of… you can’t remember for how long either. Drizzle of juice from Haseul washes your memories away, and by now you’re struggling to recall what you both are supposed to do after this quickie session.
Look up, where fake stars on the ceiling illuminate the room for NASA. They aren’t stunning, but your breath stutters still. That won’t give you an answer, as you also realize your legs have been glued to the floor. Toilet sex was enough to exhaust your calf muscles, and the way NASA designed this rarely-used room—comfy couches and extravagant air fresheners—you’re never meant to be standing up ever again.  
“D-Did someone send you nudes? We gotta focus—nghh—” Haseul hooks a finger onto her lips “—I told you to hold it before the meeting—ahh stop! Y-you're moving... too fast!”
Hold your urge to use the phone, she meant, yet you manage to move the goalpost. “Y-you’re the horny one who pounced on me minutes before the meeting…”
“S-shhut up, Devil-ie—nngh!” she gasps. The American air has definitely made her sexier. “You know Seulie gets horny very easily!”
“There were no nudes—”
“Then why did you keep looking at your phone?”
“It’s not—”
“Hnng! Can you please focus on S-Seulie?” Haseul cutely whines. “Like how you watched me pee in the sink this morning.” 
Haseul peeing. You always go very hard just by imagining that. One thought undoes all effort that satiates Haseul, and now your cock is a fire pole sizzling with heat. Without moving, Haseul constricts around you again. Her white dress has unbecome the presentation outfit, and the blue bra around her chest is the only fabric remaining. Next to your phone, her iPad displays a PowerPoint slide to no one—that’s what both of you should’ve been reading by now.
“We really gotta stop—” you choke “—meeting’s coming soon…”
Haseul shifts her hips, then she tenses up. Another wave of pleasure. “But Seulie—ah! Seulie wanna cum!”
“It’s an important meeting—”
“Focus, Devil-ie. You—hff, don’t look at your phone anymore…” All the reasons she makes to have sex with you; all the decorum discarded so Haseul can distract you from your cherry girl, putting all stakes of a top-five space corporation behind her euphoric senses. Where did her confidence come from?  You wish you had the same guts to tell her you miss Yerim.
She stutters, “D-don’t distract yourself,” amidst the sloppy grinds that push her closer to the edge, “you’ll be fine with me…”
“Our—” One word from you, before another “—NASA…”
“I don’t wanna—hmpf—see my devil stressed out! Just be f-focused, okay?”
Focus, silently you repeat in your head, but what else can you even focus on? The black-screened TV mounted on the wall gives no entertainment, and greenery still proves a nuisance to your foggy sight. You could’ve, of course, picked up the tablet and gone through Sins Corp’s proposal once more—business matters.
But sex matters more; the phone matters to you the most. That phone; that Samsung in your eyes is a static star amidst the garish compartment. A message with a cherry emoji pops up—she is waiting for your reply. You can’t leave her out for too long, especially after she had spent half a decade on unrequited love. The image of a lonely Yerim waiting in bed appears apparent in your head. 
More hasty movements from Haseul, and the tingle on your body intensifies. Are you coming? As in “back home” or “cumming?” Total discord ensues in your mind: Haseul versus Yerim; phone versus pussy; NASA conference versus sex—
“Fuck fuck fuck S-Seulie’s gonna—”
A tender squeeze from Haseul’s pussy ruins your senses—feels so good, but Choerry; the phone; Seulie—a warm wave flooding your anchored cock—fuck—your core starts fizzling once Haseul sprays love all over your body and the couch, sprinkles glittering in NASA like stars again (the same ones you’re seeing right now).
“F-ffuck—agh—c-cumming…” A constant blitz of pleasure for Haseul for sure. The way she arches her back in such delicate curves, as her wide hips convulse in perfect frequency, your white shirt awash with squirt. Haseul rolls her dreamy eyes to pure whites, voice cracking upon strains. One more gush, and it drenches your attire further.
“P-put it back in me…”
“In me, please! Put your c—ahh—c-cock back in Seulie!” Pure lust for Haseul. A desperate, needy Haseul committing great sin as an office angel, wholefully committed to grind your length with leaking folds.
A ring from your phone, a message appears: “10 minutes till conference.” That’s the time limit for your berserked Asmodeus. You lurch forward, and pin Haseul onto the coffee table. The iPad gets knocked off—a loud bang in the waiting room upon impact.
“Right now we should’ve been dressed up for the meeting, boss.” As in, you should get your phone and reply to Yerim with whatever words you have.
“Call me S-Seulie—”
“Not that I care,” you growl, your attention still adrift between your Samsung and Haseul’s ample chest, “this fucking boss here decides it’d be better to have sex with me first.”
“You kept looking at your phone instead of our business plan.”
“Can’t I check out my phone when she’s waiting…” You mutter, as if there’s no one you’re fucking with.
Haseul hooks her finger onto your collar. None of your words have landed on her hazy head. She still wants your attention, though.
"Will you focus if Seulie pees?"
Just how quick a single word can make you feral.
Another finger hooking onto her own lips, where a shy smile spans open. “Haseulie’s gonna pee…”
Driven by primal instincts, your suited self sticks the tip into her tightness, right before a shower of gold rains over your cock. Every warm squeeze around your head while she leaks feels more insane than the last time—the flowing warmth amidst the inhumane air-conditioners, backgrounded by the telltale hiss. Splatters and splashes on the glass tabletop can only drive both of your kinky minds insane.
“Fuck, Seulie’s peeing so much!” She moans aloud, and you bet NASA didn’t consider sound-proof materials so that the security outdoors wouldn’t take notice. You sheath your entire length into her spewing pussy, the second time in this room. Monotone walls around you fail to block Haseul’s delighted squeals as she writhes.
“Shitshitshit oh my God! Seulie—ahh… Seulie feels so good!”
Look, Haseul in total bliss, pearly drool escaping from the corner of her lips. Her slutty glissandos give you no countdowns before beginning your mindless thrusts. Soberish silence this waiting room not anymore. Fizzling rainstorms showering Haseul’s abdomen shall become NASA’s next meteorology project.
“So confident, my Seulie.” Are those words of yours fueled with anger? Or are you just dirty-talking? “You’re confident enough to rather fuck me than preparing, and I can’t check out my phone and reply messages?”
She is confident, hungry eyes looking at her pissing pussy. A bulge moving back and forth in her abdomen. “Yes! Ahh—Seulie wants more! My officer is fucking me so hard!” 
“Always leaking piss, my dirty Seulie. You’ve been so dirty today, huh? Whenever I wanna check on my phone you jumped on me—” you plunge into the deepest, a strong pulse responds around your base “—as if you don’t want me to do anything else but fucking you—”
“Pleasepleasepleaseplease…” A well-spoken HR angel in your office has now devolved to a sex-addled cutie babbling inconherence. “Fuck Seulie fuck Seulie fuck Seulie…”
“You might as well sit on my cock for the entire meeting afterwards, ‘cause look how dirty you are.”
“S-Seulieughh—” Haseul fucked silly almost can’t say her name; she still manages to twist her head. Her eyes are definitely fuzzy and foggy thanks to sprinkles and sparkles, but for sure, she is staring at your treasure.
“Y-your—your phhfff—”
Your phone. Another cherry-emoted message glows beneath the time.
Choerry. You need to answer her messages. 
By instinct you reach out your hand; Haseul snatches onto your tattoo and pulls you down, lips smashing together as she hums. A soft kiss—the trait of the sweetest, kindest angel. Her smooth tongue in your mouth is nothing rampant, yet alway out of your control. 
“Mmm…” Haseul mumbles amidst the kiss. A grin glows under the chandelier. “What’s my Devil-ie doing again?”
“Distracting yourself from work is a no-no, assistant HR officer, when Seulie’s gonna cum.”
Your hips get pushed down by her locking thighs, your shaft jutting deeper. More pleasure paralyzes your nerves as you resume thrusting. Aborting tasks is never an option for you in her infinitely tight universe, at least for a one-way departure, as it forms part of Haseul’s gravity cage. Her limbs and lips and love trap your entirety in point blank, and slick is really the only thing that escapes from her confinement.
“Cum fast, Seulie,” mindlessly you mutter, “please have all of me…”
Therefore your soul can’t escape. You shouldn’t be stealing any glances from the phone. Not at all, not even an exceptionally bright message from your childhood girlfriend.
Thrust harder. Blind yourself from all the concerns. Ignore the phone. You let Haseul grab a bunch of your hair, forcing yourself to keep moving. Focus on Haseul, please. That’s all what she’s been begging for, as a boss. You should be listening to her orders as her subordinate.
After several more commands slashed in your mouth as your boss, Haseul decouples the kiss, thick strings yet to detach from your tongues.
 “I love you, Devil-ie.” Haseul’s lips are trembling, pre-climax too enjoyable for her tensing muscles. “I want you to put a little devil in me.”
“I…” You try to reciprocate…
But you can’t.
You try responding again, yet again, you can’t. You can’t say that word no matter how hard you try. Time is dwindling down. Meeting is near; here you are fearing not about stage fright, but her disappointment—Yerim’s and Haseul’s.
Yerim is waiting; Haseul wants you to focus. You don’t want to let your girlfriends down.
“Fuck! Seulie’s gonna cum!”
Probably it’s because of the burning urge in your core, or maybe it’s her screams—sounds so stunning; perhaps it’s the way her cute, petite body gushes so much affection, blurry fog covers your vision as semen floods her womb. Your mind is a hot, mangled mess stabbing your dick into the deepest of Haseul. The angel spreads holy fire across your body; your devil growls in unlimited lust—Haseul’s clenching folds ushers the maximum lust out of you.
“So full, Devil-ie! Yesyesyesyesyesfillmeyesyesyes—” sheer hunger from her nearly incoherent babbles “—don’tpulloutDevilie ahh! Iwannagotothemeetingwithyourdickinme!”
Yet you’re speechless. The fog grows thicker in your eyes as more load continues filling up Haseul, slowing your pace gradually. Even more leaks out and dribbles onto the table, which Haseul whines upon when she realizes not all seeds want to make a devil inside her swelling tummy.
“Nnh! Deeper, Devil-ie! Seulie’s leaking your cum!”
Not responding anymore, your body seems dead even before your core spends its entire reserve apart from your heaving chest. Your head dips down, eyes avoiding Haseul completely as you stare at her abdomen. In the corner of your vision, however, the cherry-emoted message adds a new quote to your phone.
> Meeting’s starting soon, right? Good luck, oppa! (Choerry; 17:26)
> I know you’re missing me, oppa! Me too! But don’t let Haseul-unnie down! There’s a reason she brings you instead of me! (Choerry; 17:26)
> I love you! And you need to love unnie as much as you love me! (Choerry; 17:26)
Meanwhile Haseul, barely recovering from orgasm, raises her hand and caresses your face. She freezes.
“You…” She can’t believe what she’s feeling. “Are those tears?”
Your trembling shoulders and shivering hands really shouldn’t be what you’re doing before a NASA meeting. Ignoring her own fatigue Haseul sits up and cups your face. She lets your eyes lock with hers, and it confirms her question.
You aren’t sobbing, or crying or anything distressed. Haseul sees a hollowed devil letting crystalline droplets roll out of your eyes.
Suddenly your eyes blink, streams of tears splattering the coffee table without your notice it seems.
“S-Sorry, Seulie,” you stutter, “we… gotta get ready for real.”
Haseul blinks as well, concern fully written on her eyes. And her mind, slowly replaying that day when you got drunk in her office.
“Sorry Choerry… I love you… I really, really love you but…I'm not the perfect guy for you, Choerry… I'm not I'm not I'm not…”
“Why can't I… why can't I even do anything properly! I don't wanna lose everything I have! I don't wanna lose my job; I don't wanna lose Choerry! I love her so much, I really do! I fucking love Choerry, but I'm never the right guy to love her!”
An anticlimactic ending to the pre-meeting sex. You simply get off from Haseul, and fix your attire in no time. It is now Haseul who is now stunned in the waiting room.
It’s actually something Haseul has expected, though—you love Yerim more than Haseul. She knew that the first day she started dating you.
“So please… Seulie… make me― make me like you more than Choerry… I'm feeling so much pain… You're the only other person that trusts me the most… so make me… make me love you… make me think only of you… make me make me make me…”
Because that was what she exactly did to make you happy.
“Did it backfire, Devil-ie…” Haseul mutters. “Are you fearing you don’t love me enough?”
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authorsquidward · a month ago
One For The Road
Tumblr media
"Oppa, I'm leaving soon!"
You leave your desk at Minjeong's call. Your beloved girlfriend has to leave for Japan for their showcase, and you know you'll miss her so much in her absence. 
Round a corner, step down the hallway, and there's Minjeong, admiring herself in the mirror. You give her a once-over—
Oh, fuck.
Minjeong looks hot—
A rib knit crop top wraps Minjeong's body underneath a cropped button down, paired with a pair of jeans. Her short hair is tied up neatly, exposing her nape—
You lick your lips at the faint lines on Minjeong's tummy, her abs and navel just peeking out from her jeans.
Fuck, she's so attractive—
"How do I look, Oppa?"
Minjeong turns to you, and she tilts her head. She grins, and you bite your lip—how could she look so hot and so adorable at the same time?
Two steps, then another two. You slide your hands onto Minjeong's shoulders and turn her towards the mirror once again. You wrap your hands around her waist, planting them right on the abs that you love so much. 
"Oppa, you're warm."
"Mm." You hum as you pull her back against you. Push your cheek against her hair, and Minjeong sinks into the embrace. 
"You look so pretty, baby."
"Mm. So, so, so pretty." You begin to rub her abs, feeling the muscle beneath her smooth skin. You lean down and plant a kiss on her cheek. 
"I'm gonna miss you."
"I'll miss you too, Oppa."
A check of the clock on the wall shows thirty minutes before the company car arrives. More than enough time, then…?
"Hmm?" Your girlfriend's saccharine voice has you grinning. She's so adorable, so lovable.
"How about one round for the road?"
You shift ever so slightly.
"One round? What do you—
You watch Minjeong's ears turn red slowly at the sensation of your hard bulge pressed up against her ass. She stares at you, her mouth open in shock. 
"The car comes in thirty minutes, Oppa—"
"It's enough."
Your hands on her tummy slide up, before you raise them to her button down. You work the few buttons that hold the shirt together, and the crop top underneath comes into view. Your fingers play with the hem of it.
"Oppa, I don't thi—"
Minjeong never finishes her words—she gasps at the feel of your lips on her nape, then the trail of kisses you leave on her neck. She moans softly when your lips ghost over her left earlobe. 
"Can I?"
You tug at her crop top, staring at the mirror as it slides above Minjeong's petite chest. One more tug has her breasts fall from the clothing, her pink nipples already taut in arousal. 
"So pretty, Minjeong-ah."
You plant your lips on her neck again as your hands wrap her breasts. They fit perfectly in your hands, and you knead the soft flesh as you pepper kisses all over her skin. Your girlfriend moans and gasps softly at the pleasure coursing across her body. 
"You sound so good, baby."
Lust and embarrassment flush across Minjeong's face, and you chuckle. Your baby loves watching herself, and you just know she's getting really turned on watching you play with her chest. 
A shift below grabs your attention. Minjeong's undone the button of her jeans, and she slides the zipper open. You catch a glimpse of her pink panties, and you decide to help her get out of them. You kneel down and tug at her jeans first, and when they pool at her ankles, she steps out of them and kicks them aside. Her panties fall almost immediately, and they're kicked aside too, forgotten in her new desires.
Minjeong yelps when you rise—you lift her up in a bridal carry when you stand straight up, and you carry your almost-naked girlfriend to your bedroom. You lay her down on the bed, and you attempt to burn the sight of Minjeong shyly covering her face with the back of her hand, her legs closed tightly together as she begs you to strip with her eyes.
Tug your shirt over your head, pull your shorts off to join Minjeong. You look back up, and you freeze at the sinfully delicious sight in front of you. 
Minjeong has her legs spread open. Her hands rest on the pillow, palms up, her short breaths of anticipation and need escaping her slightly open mouth. You stare at the rise and fall of her chest before your eyes lock onto her dripping slit, slick coating the shaved skin between her legs. 
"Please, Oppa, quickly…"
You climb onto the bed, between Minjeong's legs. You know there isn't much time left, but you can't resist the temptation as you lower your head right to Minjeong's cunt. You give her a long, slow lick, ending with a soft suckle of her clit as she writhes and moans, her hands clasping your hair firmly on instinct. When you rise from Minjeong's pussy, you meet eyes with your desperate girlfriend, her hands searching for yours to hold. 
You silence her with a soft kiss as she wraps her arms around your back, then you pull back. You line yourself up with her, and with one soft thrust, you part her walls with your hard shaft. 
You grit your teeth as you push yourself in all the way to the hilt. Minjeong always feels amazing, and while you'd love to savor the feeling slowly, time is not on your side. You begin to pull out of Minjeong, thrusting in when you're halfway out. Chase her lips again for another loving kiss, and Minjeong clasps your hands in hers as you make love to her. You begin to trail kisses from her lips down to her neck, and you remove your left hand from hers to knead her right breast. At the contact, Minjeong arches her back as she pushes her chest into your hand. 
"Oppa, so good, so thick, so fucking good, Oppa~!"
Minjeong yelps when you nibble on her earlobe. You can feel her tighten when you whisper sweet nothings into her ear. 
"I love you so much, baby, fuck… You feel so good, so, so good, God, fuck. You're my beloved baby, my best girl, my favourite girl. I love you so much, so very much, and I'll miss you so much when you're gone."
"Oppa, Oppa, Oppa!"
She's beyond words at the moment, and you know that well. Minjeong's super sensitive, and she's usually only capable of sounds or short words during sex. You know what she means anyway, and you're more than happy to know she feels the same. 
"I'll speed up, okay?"
At Minjeong's nod, you begin to thrust faster. Your baby's moans rise in pitch, and you catch her lips in an openmouthed kiss, both of your moans mixing between your mingling tongues. Minjeong attempts to shift herself against your thrusts, desperate for even more pleasure. Every stroke hits her G-spot, and with her free hand now rubbing circles on her clit, you know she's not far off from her orgasm. 
"Oppa, just like that, just like that!"
You keep your thrusts just the way Minjeong wants it. 
"Fuck, fuck, fuck, I'm getting close, baby."
Minjeong nods, and she chases you for another openmouthed kiss. She wraps her legs tightly around your waist, and you know she wants it inside her. Every time you've made love to her, she's always wanted you to cum deep into her, and this time, it wouldn't be different.
Minjeong's sweet moans have you groaning. 
"Oppa, I'm—!"
You curse as Minjeong's pussy squeezes your shaft hard. Your girlfriend goes rigid beneath you before she arches her back, her body shaking as her orgasm washes over her. Her pussy gets tighter and tighter, and rushes of slick coat your shaft as she cums all over your cock. Minjeong's deep moans are what push you over the edge though—she sounded so sexy, looked so fucking hot cumming all over your cock like that. 
Semen bursts out of your cock, deep into Minjeong's body. Your balls pulse as you fill shot after shot of your love into your girlfriend, and you pull her into a deep kiss as you keep thrusting into her, prolonging her orgasm as you join her in climax, both of you enjoying the orgasms together. You don't know how many shots of cum you fire deep in Minjeong, but you just know that you love her so much, so badly, and that you'll love her for the times to come.
Both you and Minjeong cuddle for a bit—with ten minutes left on the clock, you know you can sneak in a quick cuddle before Minjeong has to freshen up and get ready again. You plant a kiss on your baby's forehead, and when the clock hits five minutes, both you and Minjeong rush to get her ready. It doesn't take long before Minjeong gives you one more kiss goodbye. 
"I'll see you soon, Oppa."
"Mm, I'll miss you."
Minjeong pulls you into a tight hug. 
"I love you, Oppa."
"I love you too."
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authorsquidward · 2 months ago
One For The Road
Tumblr media
"Oppa, I'm leaving soon!"
You leave your desk at Minjeong's call. Your beloved girlfriend has to leave for Japan for their showcase, and you know you'll miss her so much in her absence. 
Round a corner, step down the hallway, and there's Minjeong, admiring herself in the mirror. You give her a once-over—
Oh, fuck.
Minjeong looks hot—
A rib knit crop top wraps Minjeong's body underneath a cropped button down, paired with a pair of jeans. Her short hair is tied up neatly, exposing her nape—
You lick your lips at the faint lines on Minjeong's tummy, her abs and navel just peeking out from her jeans.
Fuck, she's so attractive—
"How do I look, Oppa?"
Minjeong turns to you, and she tilts her head. She grins, and you bite your lip—how could she look so hot and so adorable at the same time?
Two steps, then another two. You slide your hands onto Minjeong's shoulders and turn her towards the mirror once again. You wrap your hands around her waist, planting them right on the abs that you love so much. 
"Oppa, you're warm."
"Mm." You hum as you pull her back against you. Push your cheek against her hair, and Minjeong sinks into the embrace. 
"You look so pretty, baby."
"Mm. So, so, so pretty." You begin to rub her abs, feeling the muscle beneath her smooth skin. You lean down and plant a kiss on her cheek. 
"I'm gonna miss you."
"I'll miss you too, Oppa."
A check of the clock on the wall shows thirty minutes before the company car arrives. More than enough time, then…?
"Hmm?" Your girlfriend's saccharine voice has you grinning. She's so adorable, so lovable.
"How about one round for the road?"
You shift ever so slightly.
"One round? What do you—
You watch Minjeong's ears turn red slowly at the sensation of your hard bulge pressed up against her ass. She stares at you, her mouth open in shock. 
"The car comes in thirty minutes, Oppa—"
"It's enough."
Your hands on her tummy slide up, before you raise them to her button down. You work the few buttons that hold the shirt together, and the crop top underneath comes into view. Your fingers play with the hem of it.
"Oppa, I don't thi—"
Minjeong never finishes her words—she gasps at the feel of your lips on her nape, then the trail of kisses you leave on her neck. She moans softly when your lips ghost over her left earlobe. 
"Can I?"
You tug at her crop top, staring at the mirror as it slides above Minjeong's petite chest. One more tug has her breasts fall from the clothing, her pink nipples already taut in arousal. 
"So pretty, Minjeong-ah."
You plant your lips on her neck again as your hands wrap her breasts. They fit perfectly in your hands, and you knead the soft flesh as you pepper kisses all over her skin. Your girlfriend moans and gasps softly at the pleasure coursing across her body. 
"You sound so good, baby."
Lust and embarrassment flush across Minjeong's face, and you chuckle. Your baby loves watching herself, and you just know she's getting really turned on watching you play with her chest. 
A shift below grabs your attention. Minjeong's undone the button of her jeans, and she slides the zipper open. You catch a glimpse of her pink panties, and you decide to help her get out of them. You kneel down and tug at her jeans first, and when they pool at her ankles, she steps out of them and kicks them aside. Her panties fall almost immediately, and they're kicked aside too, forgotten in her new desires.
Minjeong yelps when you rise—you lift her up in a bridal carry when you stand straight up, and you carry your almost-naked girlfriend to your bedroom. You lay her down on the bed, and you attempt to burn the sight of Minjeong shyly covering her face with the back of her hand, her legs closed tightly together as she begs you to strip with her eyes.
Tug your shirt over your head, pull your shorts off to join Minjeong. You look back up, and you freeze at the sinfully delicious sight in front of you. 
Minjeong has her legs spread open. Her hands rest on the pillow, palms up, her short breaths of anticipation and need escaping her slightly open mouth. You stare at the rise and fall of her chest before your eyes lock onto her dripping slit, slick coating the shaved skin between her legs. 
"Please, Oppa, quickly…"
You climb onto the bed, between Minjeong's legs. You know there isn't much time left, but you can't resist the temptation as you lower your head right to Minjeong's cunt. You give her a long, slow lick, ending with a soft suckle of her clit as she writhes and moans, her hands clasping your hair firmly on instinct. When you rise from Minjeong's pussy, you meet eyes with your desperate girlfriend, her hands searching for yours to hold. 
You silence her with a soft kiss as she wraps her arms around your back, then you pull back. You line yourself up with her, and with one soft thrust, you part her walls with your hard shaft. 
You grit your teeth as you push yourself in all the way to the hilt. Minjeong always feels amazing, and while you'd love to savor the feeling slowly, time is not on your side. You begin to pull out of Minjeong, thrusting in when you're halfway out. Chase her lips again for another loving kiss, and Minjeong clasps your hands in hers as you make love to her. You begin to trail kisses from her lips down to her neck, and you remove your left hand from hers to knead her right breast. At the contact, Minjeong arches her back as she pushes her chest into your hand. 
"Oppa, so good, so thick, so fucking good, Oppa~!"
Minjeong yelps when you nibble on her earlobe. You can feel her tighten when you whisper sweet nothings into her ear. 
"I love you so much, baby, fuck… You feel so good, so, so good, God, fuck. You're my beloved baby, my best girl, my favourite girl. I love you so much, so very much, and I'll miss you so much when you're gone."
"Oppa, Oppa, Oppa!"
She's beyond words at the moment, and you know that well. Minjeong's super sensitive, and she's usually only capable of sounds or short words during sex. You know what she means anyway, and you're more than happy to know she feels the same. 
"I'll speed up, okay?"
At Minjeong's nod, you begin to thrust faster. Your baby's moans rise in pitch, and you catch her lips in an openmouthed kiss, both of your moans mixing between your mingling tongues. Minjeong attempts to shift herself against your thrusts, desperate for even more pleasure. Every stroke hits her G-spot, and with her free hand now rubbing circles on her clit, you know she's not far off from her orgasm. 
"Oppa, just like that, just like that!"
You keep your thrusts just the way Minjeong wants it. 
"Fuck, fuck, fuck, I'm getting close, baby."
Minjeong nods, and she chases you for another openmouthed kiss. She wraps her legs tightly around your waist, and you know she wants it inside her. Every time you've made love to her, she's always wanted you to cum deep into her, and this time, it wouldn't be different.
Minjeong's sweet moans have you groaning. 
"Oppa, I'm—!"
You curse as Minjeong's pussy squeezes your shaft hard. Your girlfriend goes rigid beneath you before she arches her back, her body shaking as her orgasm washes over her. Her pussy gets tighter and tighter, and rushes of slick coat your shaft as she cums all over your cock. Minjeong's deep moans are what push you over the edge though—she sounded so sexy, looked so fucking hot cumming all over your cock like that. 
Semen bursts out of your cock, deep into Minjeong's body. Your balls pulse as you fill shot after shot of your love into your girlfriend, and you pull her into a deep kiss as you keep thrusting into her, prolonging her orgasm as you join her in climax, both of you enjoying the orgasms together. You don't know how many shots of cum you fire deep in Minjeong, but you just know that you love her so much, so badly, and that you'll love her for the times to come.
Both you and Minjeong cuddle for a bit—with ten minutes left on the clock, you know you can sneak in a quick cuddle before Minjeong has to freshen up and get ready again. You plant a kiss on your baby's forehead, and when the clock hits five minutes, both you and Minjeong rush to get her ready. It doesn't take long before Minjeong gives you one more kiss goodbye. 
"I'll see you soon, Oppa."
"Mm, I'll miss you."
Minjeong pulls you into a tight hug. 
"I love you, Oppa."
"I love you too."
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authorsquidward · 2 months ago
still active?
Yes! Ive just had some writers block, so Im probably gonna switch to a different writing project than the one I originally promise to do, that way I can get something out before I hit 3 Months since my last fic.
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authorsquidward · 2 months ago
I havent even read it yet and Im already reblogging. Defile Yeojin
You asked for it
Male Reader x Im Yeojin
Length: 3645 words
Tags: degradation, self degradation, spit, vibrator, anal play, teasing, begging, crying, doming, name calling, dehumanizing, mind-break, rough sex, slaps, breeding kink, daddy kink, slave play, spanks, harsh, hardcore, stand and carry, missionary, slave!Yeojin / master!Reader
TW: ofc spoilers, but this one is very hard. Massive degradation, dehumanizing, slave/master dynamic, mind break, spitting at idol
Inspiration: Her outfit. Yeah.
Credit: @sooyadelicacies for co-writing. Thank you, it was a pleasure!
(A/N: another collab with Sooya! And this time, we went berserk. Poor Yeojin)
Tumblr media
“Uhm, hey…”
You never really noticed Yeojin before, but her hair, the outfit and especially the outfit—this was a new Yeojin.
“I’ve heard what you’ve been doing with some of my bandmates and I want what they get from you, Daddy. Isn’t that what you like to be called when you are dicking down my Unnies?”
Keep reading
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authorsquidward · 2 months ago
hey squid can i get a hooooyeeeaaaaaa
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authorsquidward · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Misana join oc to corrupt pure dubu 😏
Kim Corruption: The Video Version
Kim Dahyun x Minatozaki Sana x Myoui Mina
Length: 575 words
Tags: dialogue only, anniversary sex, lesbian sex, sextape, cunnilingus, threesome, girlfriend!Dayhun / boyfriend?You
(A/N: A very short one I wrote in 30 mins, I'll let you guess who is who xD)
Tumblr media
"Is the camera set up, Mina?"
"Is the couch ready as well?"
"And what about the—"
"Sana, stop worrying! It's going to be fine. Just let her in already."
"Okay, okay, if you say so. 
“Dahyunie~ You can come in now~!"
"Sana, what is all the fuss about—oh my God, what is this!? It's so pretty!"
"Happy Anniversary! Congratulations on your two years relationship!"
"Huh? B-but how did you two know?"
"Your boyfriend told Sana and I about it a week ago. He was the one who sent the cake and the new couch. We only did the decorations."
"Wow, it's all so… I can't believe it! Thank you so much you too! When he told me he was on a business trip, all hope was gone. But you two saved it. You even came dressed up!"
"So did you, hihi. Is that from the shoot? It looks so good."
"Yes it is, Sana, thank you. The couch is so big and colorful, how did you two get it up here?"
"I disassembled it, and actually Mina had to come in and save me. She knew how to reassemble it again, hihi. It was chaotic, but we're glad that it worked—and that you like it~"
"Aw, come here you two! Give me a hug~"
"Even the last bite is delicious. An amazing cake."
"Your boyfriend knows you really well. He is such an angel."
"You're so right, Mina. You two are too, I have no idea if I can make it up any time soon."
"Oh, sweetie~ I bet you can. There is one last thing, kind of like a return gift for him."
"Hm? What do you mean?"
"Say, Dahyunie, do you see the camera over there on this shelf?"
"Oh, yes. I didn't notice it before. Hey, Sana, where are you touching—"
"God, you look so hot in that dress!"
"Mi-mina what is h-happening?"
"Your boyfriend asked us if we could help you get a little loose, you know? In an intimate way."
"I don't understand—Sana! Don't pull up my dress!"
"I'm sorry, Dahyunie, your thighs, your ass—I can't help it anymore. Mina, explain it… nevermind."
"If you start down there, I'll start up here. There is still cake on your lips, Dahyun."
"Where? C-can you show me?"
"Naughty girl~"
"You two sound so lewd while making out~ Give him a good show, while I'll get rid of these."
"Mina, I think there is more cake on my lips and in my mouth."
"Later, precious. Sit down on the couch first. Let's give it a first, great usage."
"B-but it's embarrassing!"
"Your pussy looks so cute though. Mina, spread it a little for me~"
"Is she delicious? Let me help you. You can't finish this meal on your own."
"Y-you two! Don't stop, it feels so g-good!"
"Scream for me, Dahyunie~ Let your boyfriend hear how wet you are, how much you love being eaten!"
"Fuck, my pussy, feels—"
"Mina, I'll put two in. Suck on her clit for me, please~"
"You don't order anyone around, you slut. But fine, let's finish her off. She better stain the entire fucking couch."
"Sana, Mina, fuck! I'm so close, just a little more!"
"Think of your boyfriend, Dahyun! Think of him, pouding your pristine pussy, his tongue on your face and hand on your throat—"
"Ahhh, fuck!
"I'm—oh my God, so much!"
"Fuck, so delicious."
"Hm. Good girl."
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