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Alright ok yes…following up on the tag game and I’m curious to hear more about “Say you feel the same way too” 👀
From @anstarwar
@anstarwar Thanks so much for asking! 
That is the new title for my Echo/Fives fic! I ended up making it a series and titling it ‘Reset the Dominoes’. I'm going to do my best to finish the second to last chapter today! (famous last words because it is already so late)
Anyway, it's the 'getting together' fic I've been working on for an eternity! XD It looks like the only way to get me to stop editing the heck put of anything and puttering around about posting is to write a rough draft and then edit each chapter as I go!
Please enjoy this little tidbit of mayhem:
Turning slightly to the side Gramm yells into the rooms behind him, “Nan, we have some special guests the winds have blown in agaaain!”
A large clatter and a few thumps later, Nan burst through a side door brandishing a broom in one hand and a spray can of some sort in the other.
Looking a little startled, Gramm waves his hands to stop Nan from spraying the two men infront of her. “No-no-no, not the tookas again dear. Our troopers have returned!”
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
POV: you and your bestie just captured Maul and the war is over
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Ohh this is fun! Thanks for the tag @marbled-polecat
Lessee, I too have too many WIPs to count but most I’ve worked on are:
Secret for the Mad
The One in Which Si Remembers
The Night We Met
The Cap
Meet Cute - Hound + Chi
Trust in the Force
Anyone who reads this is tagged but here’s a couple specific tags: @abelunwilling @r2wedoomed @imrowanartist @eyayah-oya
WIP Tag Game
RULES: post the names of all the files in your WIP folder regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Let people send you an ask with the title that most intrigues them, and then post a little snippet of it or tell them something about it.
Thanks for the tag @canonskyrissian!
Not writing much, but this is what I’m working on
Lando Kanera
Not very descriptive, but I know what they’re referring to lol
Uh, I’m tagging @isaakandreyevs , @tookas-have-teeth , @stardustgirl-writes and anyone else that wants to join in! 
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Tumblr media
My hands are very sore, so it might be a bit between arts (which sucks cuz I'm having fun!)
Here is a lap dog.
Reblog > Likes
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Quick Kit Fisto doodle because I stayed up all night playing God of War: Ragnarok (probably will be drawings for that soon)
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Karsha is already showing her affinity for healing to her clumsy little twin brother <3
(Kio just tripped over his own feet)
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🏳️‍🌈Aery's Pride Series🏳️‍🌈
PSA: Any negative message/ask I receive and respond to will now be tagged as "Aery's Hate Mail" so please block and filter that tag if you wish to only see the positive 💛 Also, all of this series is tagged as "Aery's Pride", so if you wish to not view it and only come for the art or my shenanigans, filter that tag accordingly as well.
This Post will be edited as I make more flags or receive requests 💛💛
Tips are completely optional, but I would greatly appreciate it 🏳️‍🌈💛 Thank you!
🏳️‍🌈 What is it?
Just something I'm doing for fun and free where I make Pride flag icons with or without special designs for folks! Any Pride flag is welcome and I love doing more specific flags (like loveless aro or demigirl, for example). As long as the added design isn't too complex, I'm more than happy to customize a flag! 🏳️‍🌈
🏳️‍🌈 How do we request a flag?
Requests can be made either here on Tumblr through DMs or Asks, or you can find me on Twitter as well! 💛 I take requests on discord, also, but generally only for folks I'm in servers already with.
🏳️‍🌈 What do we search for to find previously done flags?
All icons or icon batches will be tagged with "Aery's Pride" on Tumblr!
🏳️‍🌈 Can we use the icon anywhere?
Yes! The icon is free use anywhere as long as credit is given back to me 🏳️‍🌈 No need to even ask, although I do ask for folks not to use special designed flags (like the sun/skull trans flag) since those are tied to specific things whether it be a fic, character, or the individual themselves 💛
If anyone has any further questions, feel free to shoot em my way! 💛
🏳️‍🌈 Happy Pride, my lovelies!! 🏳️‍🌈
List of Finished Flags Available Below the Cut
Loveless Aro
Trans (also w/ Bi heart)
Gray Ace
Aro (with handicap symbol)
Ace (with handicap symbol)
Aroace (with handicap symbol)
Polyam w/ Pi Symbol
Heartless Aro
Still taking requests for flags!
Requested / To-Do
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Tumblr media
POV: you and your bestie just captured Maul and the war is over
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Tumblr media
Echo Base.
A fitting name, for not only the way the few noises that occur bounce down long frozen corridors, but how one's thoughts, while stuck on the base, circle around and around, in endless loops, each one just a little more dire than the last.
“Here’s a riddle for you, Commander,” Hera flicks the toggle to shut the data pad down, then boot it up again, “What do you call a pilot who isn’t allowed to fly, a spy whose cover is blown, and two droids with terrible personalities?”
Cassian Andor, in return, offers a small sardonic grin. “Mission control of Echo Base, clearly.”
My Cassian and Hera friendship fic is updated! And there’s stunning art commissioned from @crow085 to match!
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🥹🥺 thank you @littlefeatherr that’s so sweet of you!
I’m thankful for this community and some folks in particular are @omiomicron @imrowanartist @itsstrangelypermanent @cacodaemonia @marbled-polecat @abelunwilling @voxmyriad @r2wedoomed @jadetheaverage @shadowlight17 @cobaltbeam and so many more!
Thanksgiving tag game!
It’s thanksgiving tommorrow! Tag the people you’re thankful for!
I’m thankful for:
everyone who sees this :D
(these are people who’ve put a smile on my face in the past few days and I need to get things going so: @shyranno @oifaaa @super-turtlephant @mooonjin @antisocial-mariposa @anonymous-asexual @bibannana @kaijusplotch @one-happy-silent-geek-girl)
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*shameless self-promotion of my partner's writing* It's not Star Wars related but I'm very proud of and excited for my partner's writing. He really knows how to spin a tale and keeps stories engaging, even if you're not familiar with the topic.
If you're looking for new things and new subjects to read about, check out his stuff on itch.io!
(reblogs greatly appreciated, thank youuu!)
So it’s Creator Day on Itch right now, and I wanted to put my stuff out there.
As of right now I have three things for sale out of the five items listed. Everything is Pay What You Want, so if you like what I write, please consider throwing me a few bucks!
Here’s what’s listed:
I Signed Up For a Rec Team And Now I’m Playing For The ULTIMATE LEAGUE In Another Dimension??
The thing I’ve been posting twice a week! If you can’t wait to finish the story, the book is available for download right now!
"So you have been pulled from an alternate dimension and chosen to play in the Ultimate League. Congratulations!"
Oliver Trashcat had only wanted to play corkball in a recreational league, to meet people and get exercise. Now he's in an alternate dimension with no way to get home, playing in the Ultimate League with a bunch of strangers. He's never cared about winning anything in his life, but between secretive teammates, bloodthirsty fans, and mysterious league owners, he's starting to feel like his life depends on it...
The Witches of Warwick
Forest spirits, disagreeable umbrellas, ancient gods, coffee, food trucks, BEES. All in all, ordinary days for young witch punks in the city of Warwick.
A collection of four stories and four illustrations.
Raketo number 1
I wanted to make a zine, just to talk about some things I enjoy. Thoughts on dabbling in hobbies, photos of slap stickers, an essay about what Blaseball means to me, and, of course, Business Boy.
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Tumblr media
I'm having a commission sale! Now through December 31, 2022 I'm offering waist-up full color busts for $25!
Interested? Please fill out this form
One character - $25 USS
Additional Character(s) - $10/each
If you want two separate images they're $25/each.  Please fill out a second form if you want separate images, thanks!
If you want additional characters in one image those are an additional $10/each
Price includes:
Full color fully rendered
Simple color background
Digital download only, if you want a printed copy that will be extra (price depends on where it's being shipped)
Will Do: Star Wars Marvel Lord of the Rings NSFW (some limitations apply, let's talk!) Animals/stylized pet portraits Furries/Anthros Light gore (like if a character has a minor injury) Other fandoms - if I'm unfamiliar with a character or fandom I'll just ask for details and research
Won't Do: Extreme body horror Cars Realistic pet portraits Architecture
I'm also offering 15% off my regular commissions. If you're interested in more than just a waist-up commission, you can find prices and form over here
(Reblogs very much appreciated, thank you!)
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
digital doodle Sill :)
Funfact about the captain: there was one evening where some lieutenants organized a holo-movie night. They showed a tragically bad rom-com holo. Sill was sobbing by the time the two characters in the movie finally kissed. In the morning, there was a video going around in the battalion of their Captain Sill loudly sniffling under a blanket some shiny had given him. Sill has it saved as one of his favourite memories
read about Silly Sill and the gang on AO3 here
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Tumblr media
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