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i wanted to be a hogwarts student so I made myself one 😌✌️✨
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Cold Hands - [Zuko x Reader]
Tumblr media
Word Count: 1557
Tumultuous laughter echoed throughout the dark, dense forest. Normally, the Gaang would be more careful in order not to attract any unwanted visitors but no one cared at the moment. After a long time of traveling and training; you finally were about to relax. Well, as much as wanted war criminals could relax.
Everyone was circled around a small fire, where everyone retold stories and memories from their time together. Many inside jokes were shared, especially the whole Sokka’s cactus juice incident. 
Toph sat across from you, sitting against a rock with her arms rested behind her head. Next to her sat Aang and Katara, who were notably sitting rather close to each other; every once in a while stealing glances. Sokka was seated in between yourself and Katara, sulking due to the teasing and ridicule of cactus juice. A mere few inches from you sat Zuko, the infamous banished prince. Neither of you could deny the chemistry you had together; the stealing glances, brushing hands, unnecessary supply runs, sitting too close to each other, all of the works. Of course neither of you would admit it. The rest of the Gaang would never let you hear the end of it. They rooted for you two. You’d be lying if you didn’t think about being in a relationship with him, but you would never admit it. 
A cool breeze blew through the camp, causing the fire to sizzle and crack a bit. It was close to summer and it was still outrageously cold. Maybe it was the mix of the cool breeze and the shadows of the trees, not that it mattered. The only thing that did matter was how freezing cold your hands were. In comparison, they were basically ice cubes even though it wasn’t that cold out. Your hands were just naturally cold you guess, and the cold breeze just made them even more so. As everyone talked, you desperately rubbed your hands together trying to warm them up but they eventually just settled under your thighs for warmth. Your eyes watched an animated Sokka as he explained some things he used to do in the Southern Water Tribe with Katara. 
Suddenly, a mischievous smile spread across your face. Zuko turned to you questioningly as you slowly stood up as no one else paid attention to your rising form. You see, Sokka is like the annoying brother you wish you never had; so when you had the chance to pester him you would take it. Silently you ventured behind Sokka, who was way too invested into his story to notice you. The others did, however, notice your obvious form lurking behind the unsuspecting water tribe boy. You quietly and quickly shushed them before they said anything by bringing your pointer finger up to your lips. 
You placed your hands on the back of the unsuspecting boy’s exposed neck, “Are my hands cold?”
Sokka immediately screeched and jumped up, trying to remove your ice cubes for hands off of him. However you stood your ground.
“What the hell?! Why are your hands so freaking cold?! Get off of me!” Sokka screamed, the pitch of his voice heightening until it cracked. Everyone erupted in laughter as Sokka unsuccessfully removed your hands off of him, causing him to thrash around sightly.
Zuko watched the scene in front of him. Toph, Aang, and Katara laughed at Sokka’s discomfort while you stood behind Sokka. Your hands still firmly place of his neck with Sokka’s hands placed on yours, trying to remove them. Zuko’s eyes flashed with jealousy as he slightly glared at the poor brown boy. He should be the one holding your hands, not Sokka. Once his golden eyes shifted to your form, the jealousy in his eyes softened to admiration.
Your laugh rang through Zuko’s ears, and a sense of warmth spread through his chest. He loved your laugh. To him, it was the most beautiful thing ever. He knew if he’d tell you that you’d disagree with him because of the occasional snort or wheeze that left you as you laughed. If anything, that’s why he loved your laugh. It was unique and practically radiated happiness. Your laugh never failed to make him smile. The soft smile on his lips was proof of that.
He loved the way your hair flowed, slightly covering your face as Sokka thrashed around in your hold. Oh how he wished he could just run his fingers through your silky locks. Twisting strands of your hair between his thumb and pointer finger while you cuddled up next to him. When you finally let go, you doubled over and laughed. One of your hands resting on your knees as your other hand pushed your (h/c) hair out of your face.  
But your eyes, oh spirits, they were probably one of his favorite things about you. The way they practically sparkled as you laughed, the way they glistened in the sun, how the looked in the orange fire, how they softened when you looked at him. 
Man, you drove him crazy. But he loved it. 
As everyone settled down, you treaded back to your spot. What Zuko didn’t expect was for you to sit closer to him. Almost completely closing the space that was once between you two. Your hand rested in between you and Zuko, as everyone began to converse yet again. After a while, a wave of confidence overwhelmed Zuko. He cautiously placed his hand over yours, expecting you to retract your hand in disgust. You simply looked over at him and smiled, an obvious blush dusted your (tanned/pale/dark/etc.) face. Zuko had a matching blush on his face and the both of you turned, engaging in the conversation with the rest of your friends.
After another hour of talking, the Gaang decided to catch some sleep since they would be leave tomorrow morning. With the help of Zuko, you pulled your sleeping bag from Appa’s saddle. 
You laid out your sleeping bag next to Katara’s giving her a good amount of space between you two. Zuko placed his next to yours, not looking you in the eye as he shifted his a bit closer; still giving your respectable room but not as much room as you gave Katara. As everyone climbed into their own sleeping bags, Aang put out the fire. Plunging the camp into darkness, the only light came from the stars and moon. 
In record time, Aang’s loud snores and Sokka’s sleep talking rang through the camp. You shivered as you snuggled deeper into your sleeping bag. You didn’t understand why you were so cold, no one else seemed bothered by the breeze. Maybe your clothes were a little too thin? Or perhaps it was your sleeping bag? Regardless, you were cold and it was hard for you to sleep. Everyone else seemed to be in deep sleep so you shifted a bit, your sleeping bag rustled a bit as you lay on your side, facing  Apparently, your body decided not to agree with you as you continued to shiver; causing your sleeping bag to rustle a bit. 
“Are you cold?” Your eyes snapped opened, meeting a pair of gold ones. The golden orbs captured the shining stars beautifully, almost recreating the heavens above. You almost forgot the question that left his lips as you quickly snapped out of your dazed.
You didn’t trust yourself to speak. So you closed your eyes and just simply nodded your head. 
Zuko seemed to contemplate with himself as he lay still after you answered. A long ten seconds dragged out until you heard Zuko shift. You reopened your eyes to see Zuko slip out of his sleeping bag. He bent down and picked up his sleeping bag, placing it back down right next to you. The banished prince climbed back into his sleeping bag. The only difference being that he slowly wrapped his arms around you, giving you time to pull away in case he was overstepping boundaries. Seeing that you didn’t pull away, he fully wrapped his arms around you; one underneath you with his hand resting on the small of your back and the other wrapped around your waist. You can tell he slighly warmed up his hands, not to the point where it burned, but to where the warmth caused you to turn putty in his hands. 
Immediately, you’re engulfed in warmth. You weren’t sure if it was the natural body heat the fire bender radiated or if it was the blood that ran to your cheeks. 
“I-Is this okay?” Zuko whispered. For someone who was bold enough to cuddle you, he was extremely nervous. You looked up at him and grinned. 
“More than okay.” You answered.
You nuzzled your face on the crook of his neck, warming up the tip of your nose. Zuko’s hand that was resting on your back moved upward, losing itself in your hair. Slowly he began to twist and twirl stands of your hair around his fingers, occasionally moving up to your scalp softly dragging his nails over it; causing you to hum in approval.
“What if they see us?” You asked, referring to the rest of the Gaang, “They’ll never leave us alone after this.” 
Zuko placed a soft kiss on the top of your head, “Let them see.”
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Snuggles Not Struggles - Zuko x Reader
Tumblr media
This is my first Zuko x Reader, I’m sorry if its bad! This gif isn’t mine but please enjoy! I got a bit carried away! Please request!
Word Count: 2489
You stared out at the sky where fluffy clouds were scattered within it, your (h/c) hair whipping around your face. Here you sat, with your knees tucked underneath your chin, on your third day of nonstop travel with the rest of the Gaang. The cool wind felt nice against your hot skin, but sitting on Appa for three days straight was starting to get to you. Everything started to get irritable. Katara and Sokka bickered for what it seemed like the millionth time that day for whatever reason, something about food or something which would make sense because Sokka always seemed to be hungry.
“Will you two just shut up!” Toph screamed, looking, or at least trying to, towards the sound of the bickering siblings. 
“Don’t tell us what to do!” Sokka retaliated as Katara ‘hmphed’ and nodded in agreement. 
You let out a sigh and looked over to your friends. Sokka and Katara sat in one of the corners of Appa’s saddle, shoving each other as they still continued to bicker despite Toph’s protest. Top sat in the corner next to them, outwardly groaning as she threw herself on her back and covering her face with her hands. Your eyes traveled to the corner next to you, where a certain banished prince sat. He rolled his eyes at the scene in front of him and rested his chin on his hand, looking out towards the trees below them as Appa finally descended closer to the ground. His hair flowed in the wind as his pale skin glistened in the sunlight. He looked so, in short, beautiful. 
It wasn’t a secret about how you felt about him. Everything about Zuko just made your heart flutter. From the first time you met him at Kyoshi island, to the time he tried to join the Gaang. You don’t know why he made your heart skip a beat. Maybe it was the way his black hair fluttered in the wind, or how his eyes shone like flecks of gold in the sunlight, or even how his voice always seemed to soothe you no matter how anxious you were. Okay, maybe you did know why you crushed on him but you would never admit it. You would never hear the end of it from Katara. She had caught you staring at him as he trained with Aang once, and she never let go. She would always give you knowing smirks or winks whenever you’re around Zuko. 
As you admired how Zuko looked in the golden sunlight the sunset produced, he turned and his golden eyes met your (h/c) ones. You felt your whole face flush and quickly turned away. He caught you staring, how embarrassing. Desperately, you covered your face with your hands to cover faint blush dusting your (s/c) cheeks. Next to you, Zuko’s face was dusted with the same blush. Unbeknownst to you, he had been admiring you just a few minutes before. 
“Look a village!” Aang pointed, gaining the attention of everyone. “We can stop there for the night!” He continued which elicited cheers from everyone as he landed Appa near the entrance of the tiny village.
Sokka was the first one off of Appa, planting kisses on the grass. Everyone took the time to stretch their limbs. After three consecutive days of being on Appa, it really took a toll on your limbs. You stretched until you heard a satisfying pop, causing you to sigh in content. 
“Oh, ground! I never knew I’d miss you so much!” Sokka practically moaned, still kissing the grass.
“That’s how you get sick. Disgusting,” Katara stated as her face contorted in disgust which caused Sokka to glare at her. Sokka opened his mouth to deliver a snarky response but you quickly stopped it.
“Come on guys, no more fighting. Let’s find somewhere to stay,” You stated, trying to keep the peace. Zuko walked over to you and placed a hand on your shoulder closest to him.
“(Y/N)’s right. We should head in before the sunsets.” Zuko agreed, a trace of nervousness his voice. He quickly removed his hand and walked towards the village.
Sokka grinned at you and placed his hand on the same shoulder Zuko had.
“(Y/N)’s right. We should head in before the sunsets. Also, (Y/N), I’m in love with you but I’m too much of a baby to admit it. Let’s make out.” He mocked, deepening his voice as best he could, as he made kissing noises at you. 
You quickly shoved Sokka off of you as your blush deepened from the small contact you had with Zuko, which caused Katara to giggle. 
“Shut up.” You muttered as you headed towards the village with the rest of the Gaang in tow, who continued to tease you. 
Everyone decided to do some quick supply shopping before you all turned in for the night. Since the food had run out everyone decided to get some nonperishable food first, considering no one wanted Sokka to whine about there not being food. Sokka lead the group through the market, with Toph next to him, Katara and Aang chatting behind those two, which left you with Zuko. As you walked, there would be the occasional brushing hands together but neither of you stopped nor acted upon it. 
Sokka stopped to browse one of the stands, in turn, you decided to look around as well. Your eyes landed on a small stand run by a young woman, it was a little jewelry stand. You approached it as the lady made eye contact with you.
“Hello! Is there anything I can help you with? Is there something specific you’re looking for?” She asked.
“No thank you, I’m just browsing,” you answered as you offered her a smile.
“Let me know if you need anything!”
With that, she left you. Your eyes scanned through the jewelry; necklaces, bracelets, rings came in all sorts of assortments, sizes, and color. As you browsed, your eyes landed on a small necklace. The necklace itself was simple, the centerpiece was a small crystal held horizontally by small chains. Regardless of its simplicity, you loved it. You made a mental note to come back tomorrow morning as the sun began to finally set. You hoped it would be there tomorrow as you headed back to where your friends were.
Before the Gaang began their shopping trip, this wonderful elderly couple offered their shed to them. One thing they forgot to mention was the bed arrangement. As they entered the shed, they realized how spacious it was but the problem was that there was one four beds, each on a different wall of the shed. There was six of you. None of you thought to bring your sleeping bags with you and Appa was all the way back at the entrance so everyone fought for those four beds. 
Toph already called one of the beds and no one really wanted to fight her for it. For someone that small, she could really pack a punch. Everyone else had to decided who got what. Of course the only way to do it was playing elemental rock, paper, scissors. In the end, Sokka came out as the victor and earned a bed to himself. That left you, Katara, Aang, and Zuko. It seemed the obvious arrangement would be you and Katara then Aang and Zuko. However, it seemed Katara had different plans. Her lips spread into a condescending grin as she pulled Aang to one of the other beds.
“Goodnight (Y/N)!” She sang as she dragged the poor air bender behind her, who had an obvious blush coating his face. 
It was obvious what she was doing, and it frustrated you. How could she, you’d never forgive her! 
You and Zuko looked at each other in disbelief.
“Uh. We don’t have to share a bed if you don’t want to. I-I can sleep on the floor.” Zuko offered as he refused to make eye contact with you, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. This time, you didn’t miss the pink tinge of his cheeks.
“No!” you responded a little to quickly causing a feeling of embarrassment to rush through your veins. “I mean, n-no I-I don’t mind. The floor wouldn’t be too comfortable anyway.” Zuko gave you a small smile in response. 
You couldn’t believe how attractive this man was, especially in the light of the fire that you guys had started. He practically glowed. Maybe, you could forgive Katara, just this once. Zuko had already climbed into bed, facing the wall. Not wanting to seem weird for staring, you climbed in after, facing the fire that was a good couple of feet away from you. The bed was small to the point that your backs were touching which caused your heart to flutter. You tried to sleep for a good ten minutes but you couldn’t seem to. To be fair, you were sleeping next to your crush. Kind of a hard situation to just ignore. You tried shifting around a little bit by placing your leg over the side of the bed, but that proved to be very uncomfortable. There were’t very many positions you could sleep in since most of the space was compromised. 
No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t get comfortable. You tried shutting your eyes and forcing yourself to sleep but it never worked. Zuko didn’t seem to be able to sleep either, as he continuously shifted on his side of the bed. Eventually he just flipped over. His back was pressed against the wall as he faced you. That seemed to prove more comfortable for him as he stopped shifting. You could feel his warm breath on the back of your neck, causing you to tense up; creating goosebumps on the back of your neck. Your heart beat rang loudly in your ears and you silently hoped that he couldn’t hear it, but you doubt he couldn’t. Hell, you’re pretty sure Toph could hear it from the other side of the room. 
You let out the breath you didn’t know you were holding and shifted for the millionth time. Your body was close enough to the edge of the bed to the point you thought you were going to fall off, maybe you should just sleep on the floor. Maybe then you’d stop your heart from racing.
Suddenly, she felt arms wrap around her waist that pulled her back slightly.
“Is this okay?” A sleepy Zuko whispered in her ear. In that moment you were sure your ovaries exploded. And you thought his voice was attractive as it was, his sleep voice was even better. 
“Y-Yeah,” you chocked out after trying to get a coherent sentence out. You silently cursed at yourself for stuttering and tried to even out your breathing. 
You could still feel his even breath on your skin, so he had to be asleep. Everything felt unreal. Here you were, being spooned by the most attractive person you’ve ever met. There was no was you were going to be able to sleep. 
About half an hour passed and you still had no success in sleeping. You decided to shift your position one last time. You sat up a little, pushing up the thin blanket covering you, and pushed your self back into Zuko’s chest. While trying not to wake him up, you tried to mold yourself against him as you push your backside against him still trying to get comfortable. A soft grunt escaped Zuko’s lips as his hands gripped your waist, holding you in place. 
“Are you trying to turn me on?” Zuko grunted in your ear. “Stay still.”
Blood immediately rushed to your face as you struggled to formulate words. 
“I-I’m so-so s-sorry.” In which Zuko on hummed in response. Where did this come from, last time you checked this boy was awkward as hell. Yet here he was, spooning you while he rested his head on the crook of your neck. His surprisingly soft hair tickling you. Your heart was beating out of your chest and your mind was racing. You couldn’t believe this was happening and how nonchalant he was about it!
Your body seemed to give you mercy as you finally were able to fall asleep.
Sunlight immediately impeded your vision, causing you to squint your eyes. Your eyes were met with Zuko, sleeping peacefully his hair covering his face. Man, you could get used to this. His eyes fluttered open, gold ones meeting (e/c) ones. You couldn’t quite name the look in his eyes, maybe the best way to describe it was adoration. Zuko smiled softly as he raised one of his hands from the small of your back to brush a strand of hair out of your face. He opened his mouth to say something but he was instead interrupted by squealing. 
Startled, you pushed yourself away from Zuko, causing you to fall of the bed. You groaned in pain as you rubbed your back. Zuko immediately sat up and looked down at you.
“Are you okay?!”
As you headed back to Appa, you never heard the end of it. Katara talked off your ear, asking you a bunch of questions which you didn’t answer. Toph just teased you about the whole thing. You were sure the boys were doing the same exact thing to Zuko a few feet behind you. Ignoring everyone else, Zuko caught up to you gaining your attention.
“Hey so uh, I saw you looking at this yesterday and I thought it would look really pretty on you. Not that I was staring at you or anything I just happened to notice...” Zuko rambled. He gave you a cute little box that was topped off with a bow. You raised an eyebrow and opened it. You then realized that it was the necklace you were looking at. Grinning you threw yourself onto Zuko, pecking him on the lips; successfully shutting him up. 
“Zuko, I love it! You didn’t have to!” You smiled at him. “Can you put it on me?” You asked, handing him the necklace. He nodded and motioned you to turn around, which you did. His fingertips brushed your shoulders and the back of your neck as he clipped on the necklace, causing your skin to tingle. Once he was done you turned and faced him, the necklace resting in between your collarbones. 
“Beautiful.” Zuko stated as he wrapped his arms around you, pushing you flush against his chest. Both of you leaned in until there was little to no space left in between you. 
“Finally! I thought we were going to have to force them to kiss!”
“Sokka! Shut up! You’re ruining the moment!” Katara scolded, causing the two to start bickering.
Rolling your eyes, you closed the space, pressing your lips against Zuko’s as the siblings bickered in the background.
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