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hello if u still follow me ur all real ones, it’s been a wild month and more but tl;dr i got c.*vid and then a rare neurological condition as a post-c.*vid thing which landed me in a hospital (two actually) for like two weeks :) but im recovering rn so no stress !!!!!
i might even come back here soon with the aim to keep getting Creative and writing my favs. but today i saw b.nha 362 leaks and i have three moods which i need to convey accurately
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been playing g.enshin and d.estiny 2 recently. i won the 50/50 for x.iao and am lowkey about to add him to the list of muses after playing 2.7, and d.estiny reminded me of my love for my exo guardian that is a hunter with zero self preservation and all the knives possible
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🢖  ⸻      the air is getting colder,  rigid,  icy;   there is a threat in the air,  followed by a distant and yet eerily close growl...   be aware.   nothing is sacred when a predator prowls.
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the feminine urge to compliment another woman
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steve running from vecna through the hellish landscape as “holding out for a hero” plays in the background
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Tumblr media
In this list, I’m including each muse’s gender identity, orientation, birth chart (western + eastern zodiac, sun/moon/rising and element respectively) and MBTI type.
Note: muses are organised in strength (primary, secondary, tertiary).
Steve Harrington.
Cisgender male.  Biromantic, bisexual. Leo sun, Scorpio moon, Aries rising.  Fire Horse.  ESFP-T.
The Huntress.
Cisgender female.  Homoromantic, homosexual. Capricorn sun, Virgo moon, Scorpio rising.  Wood Rabbit.  ISFP-T.
Commander Asteria Shepard.
Cisgender female.  Biromantic, bisexual. Aries sun, Libra moon, Taurus rising.  Wood Tiger.  ENFJ-A.
Garrus Vakarian.
Cisgender male.  Biromantic, bisexual. Libra sun, Aries moon, Leo rising.  Fire Dragon.  ENFP-T.
Cisgender female.  Biromantic, bisexual. Sagittarius sun, Scorpio moon, Aquarius rising.  Earth Dog.  INFJ-A.
Diluc Ragnvindr.
Cisgender male.  Demiromantic, demisexual. Taurus sun, Capricorn moon, Capricorn rising.  Water Tiger.  INTJ-A.
Shadow the Hedgehog.
Non-binary, male-identifying pronouns.  Demiromantic, bisexual. Scorpio sun, Aries moon, Scorpio rising.  Water Dragon.  INTJ-T.
The Legion (Frank).
Cisgender male.  Heteroromantic, heterosexual. Leo sun, Aries moon, Aries rising.  Fire Tiger.  ESFP-A.
The Legion (Julie).
Cisgender female.  Heteroromantic, heterosexual. Taurus sun, Sagittarius moon, Gemini rising.  Fire Rabbit.  ESFP-T.
The Legion (Joey).
Transgender male.  Biromantic, bisexual. Libra sun, Gemini moon, Leo rising.  Wood Ox.  ESTP-A.
The Legion (Susie).
Transgender female.  Demiromantic, demisexual. Cancer sun, Pisces moon, Pisces rising.  Fire Rabbit.  ISFP-T.
Mordin Solus.
Cisgender male.  Aromantic, Asexual. Taurus sun, Leo moon, Gemini rising.  Metal Dog.  INTP-A.
Vetra Nyx.
Cisgender female.  Biromantic, bisexual. Aquarius sun, Taurus moon, Libra rising.  Fire Snake.  ESTP-T.
Tali’Zorah vas Normandy.
Cisgender female.  Biromantic, bisexual. Pisces sun, Cancer moon, Pisces rising.  Metal Rooster.  INFP-T.
Kremisius Aclassi.
Transgender male.  Biromantic, bisexual. Cancer sun, Capricorn moon, Sagittarius rising.  Wood Monkey.  ISTP-T.
Zevran Arainai.
Cisgender male.  Biromantic, bisexual. Gemini sun, Aries moon, Leo rising.  Wood Rat.  ESTP-T.
Cisgender male.  Homoromantic, homosexual. Cancer sun, Libra moon, Virgo rising.  Fire Pig.  ESTP-A.
Elliott Spencer / Pinhead.
Cisgender male.  Biromantic, bisexual. Capricorn sun, Leo moon, Libra rising.  Fire Pig.  INTJ-A.
Yui Kimura.
Cisgender female.  Homoromantic, homosexual. Aquarius sun, Leo moon, Virgo rising.  Earth Dragon.  ESTP-A.
Nyx Adaar.
Cisgender female.  Homoromantic, homosexual. Capricorn sun, Capricorn moon, Capricorn rising.  Metal Goat.  ISFJ-A.
Taeros Lavellan.
Cisgender male.  Biromantic, bisexual. Taurus sun, Aquarius moon, Leo rising.  Water Horse.  ENFJ-T.
Non-binary, male-identifying and neutral pronouns.  Aromantic, asexual. Virgo sun, Taurus moon, Capricorn rising.  Earth Goat.  INFJ-A.
Cisgender female.  Biromantic, bisexual. Aquarius sun, Aries moon, Cancer rising.  Fire Dragon.  ENTJ-A.
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Tumblr media
@spphirrgue​:    " harrington. " oh poor steve. serene holds up a slip, detailing a book he so very borrowed and maybe forgotten to return. " ive reminded you several times already, now do I need to approach your parents about this ? " / lol
🢖  ⸻      he freezes in place at the mention of his last name.   hazel eyes glance behind to notice the librarian standing there with a slip in hand   —   clearly labelled with the book he’d stashed away somewhere in his room,  forgotten and dusty,  lost to his personal realm.   he recognises the title;   neuromancer.
truth be told,  it likely has not moved from its designated corner,  left to keep collecting dust while the king of hawkins kept sneaking out at night to have some extra fun on the side and maybe cause some mischief with friends.   he originally borrowed the book to seem a bit more sci-fi savvy to a girl that happened to like that kind of thing   —   he never really did understand it,  in the end,  considering it didn’t work out and he couldn’t even get the most common quotes right anyway.   stumbling and saying a poorly hashed attempt of a quote with wrong words and pronouns to someone who seemed genuinely impressed that you had some clue on what you were saying?   embarrassing.
but that doesn’t mean he can get away with not bringing it back to the library.   there was probably some nerd out there angry that the one copy of this damned book was already out and to someone who wasn’t as appreciative of the author’s brilliance...   realistically,  steve didn’t give a fuck about that.
he did give a fuck about that possible notice to his parents,  though.
Tumblr media
❝    look,  miss,  i have it home safe and sound.   i ain’t even touched the damn thing since i got it,  anyway.    ❞
he can imagine his mother looking at him with that stern,  disapproving look,  and his father pacing back and forth while telling him to sit the fuck down,  tearing into him for not having any sort of respect for the harrington name and blah blah blah down the rabbit hole to finally focus on his drug-taking and midnight outings.   then he’ll find some way to put him in the most ridiculous scenario that is “practical and a lesson on respect”,  and steve will despise every second of it because it’ll make him look like a fool.
a grimace.   brows furrow a fraction and jaw tenses,  arms finding their way across his chest,  posture straightening a fraction.
❝    if i get the book and get it to you today,  you mention absolutely nothing to my parents about this whole thing.   i’m even on my free time,  so i’ll go on the first okay.    ❞   even if his parents weren’t home to let him in.   he keeps his window unlocked for a damn good reason,  after all.   ❝    so?    ❞
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celebrating st s.4 early with some awesome banners for steve n demo
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profanecenser·      /      𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐘 𝐓𝐀𝐋𝐋,  𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐘 𝐒𝐏𝐎𝐎𝐊𝐘.
Tumblr media
Adiris had not bothered to learn the names or anything else about the survivors she was forced to hunt; her focus was on pleasing it, after all. The being in question had favored her, granting her the ability to kill a survivor by her own hand during this session of playtime- although… Adiris hated the thought of killing more. 
With her censer in hand, the tall killer set about doing her duties-
Well, she would have, if one of the survivors had been paying attention to where he was going.
Adiris was not moved by the force bashing into her legs; she was taught to keep up appearance from a young age after all. She glanced down upon Steve and examined him closely, before tilting her head in a curious manner.
Tumblr media
“ You act as if I enjoy doing this, small one- some of us dislike these games as much as you do. “
Tumblr media
🢖  ⸻      if there was ever a time that steve harrington wished he had taken that bat wherever he went,  because while this wasn’t a demogorgon,  he could’ve—
had a...   conversation with her?
...   he considers,  for a moment,  how he’s witnessed nancy and jonathan whip up a crazy hunting scheme to kill the demogorgon,  of which he participated in;   and he’s traversed the upside down to protect a bunch of tag-tag kids that insisted on going into the very not-human-friendly environment.   rationally speaking,  he’s had stranger things happen to him.   brushing off any dirt and grime he can manage from his uniform   —   which isn’t much,  considering the grease on his hands and the dust from jumping through old buildings   —   he spares the much taller woman another glance with a raised brow.
Tumblr media
❝    this is fucking crazy.    ❞   steve runs a hand through his hair to push back a few rogue strands.   ❝    i’m insane.   of all the times to talk to—    ❞   a pause.   ❝    alright.   okay.   so why the hell are you here?   every other killer i’ve met’s wanted to chase me down the whole damn trial til i get hooked or get outta here.   bet it’s this stupid uniform.    ❞
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i gave it one (1) thought and so i think my s.hadow’s multiverse name could be revenant… 🤔
i promise i thought about it more than just “hm. revenant” lmao
see revenants are ghosts or reanimated corpses that return from the dead to haunt the living of their own volition, and usually the cause for their return is either they did something terrible and refuse to let death stop their ways, or they were so resenting of how they were wronged that they come back.
they’re kinda similar to draugr!  the biggest difference between a revenant and draugr is that draugr are cursed to come back, and revenants literally just.  choose.  it’s why i think it’s a fitting nickname;  someone somewhere probably called shadow a revenant, because he likely was presumed dead and now he’s back with the sole goal of getting revenge on those who wronged him and maria.  he’s not as much like that now, but the term stuck with him.
from there, when it came to multiverse travelling, shadow needed a word for himself to distinguish himself from others  -  and “revenant” was familiar.  feel free to also call him rev, just know it’s barely tolerated.
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i gave it one (1) thought and so i think my s.hadow’s multiverse name could be revenant… 🤔
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
some days my editing skills really do succeed
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send  me  “  and I  quote  !  ”  and  i’ll  write  a  little starter  based  off  of  the  prompts  given  by  the  incorrect  quotes generator.
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basically i was looking over the protective prompts and the hero prompts and it hit me that like. the unbridled angst and vibes of the whole “post-battle” scene, or a scene set after an attack or a disaster or smth, needs to be ADDRESSED!!! and so y’all get the full weight of my angst today, sprinkled with a lot of teamwork and selfless and sacrificing vibes. i hope you enjoy! do NOT add further contributions to this list!!! i will curse your potato crops!!!
“ can you hear me? hey… [NAME], can you hear my voice? “
“ come on… wake up. please… please wake up… “
“ oh! oh, thank god! i thought we lost you… “
“ hey, hey… look at me, okay? you gotta get up now. you think you might be able to walk? ‘cause they sent for back-up, and if they find us… we cannot let them find us. understand? “
“ go, go! save yourself! i’ll buy you some time! “
“ we both know i’m not walking out of this one. it’s okay, alright? it’s okay… just… do me a favor, will you? will you make them pay for this? i don’t care how. but… don’t let them get away with it. “
“ hey, how badly are you hurt? can you move? you think you can walk? “
“ if you can’t walk, i’m gonna have to carry you, alright? we can’t stay here. “
“ hey, look at me. i’m slowing you down, we both know it. it’s okay. i’ll hide and wait for back-up; you get yourself out of here. “
“ you’re gonna need to climb up on my back, you’re slowing us down with that injury. “
“ will you quit talking like that?! i’m not leaving you behind! “
“ what the hell are you doing here?! i told you to get out of here! “
“ you’re shivering… hey. hey, listen to me, okay? everything’s gonna be alright, i promise. here… take my jacket. don’t worry, i’m warm-blooded. “
“ i’ll get blood on your shirt… “
“ hey, don’t you dare close your eyes, you hear me? you die in my arms, and i’m gonna stick the dry-cleaning bill for this shirt in your coffin, that’s a promise! “
“ i know we almost died just now, but… am i the only one who’s hungry? “
“ we need to get you to a hospital… “
“ hey, come on now… you’re okay. you’re good, right? “
“ i must be hurt pretty bad if you’re being this nice to me. “
“ quit playing the martyr. we’re not leaving you behind. “
“ you know, i hate to be the negative voice, but… did… did we just lose? “
“ look at me… i’m not gonna make it. it’s okay, i’m fine with that. but… you can’t stay here. you’ve got a good long life ahead of you. and you’re smart, too; too smart to wait around here and waste that long life. so you get out of here, and you go live that life. live it for both of us. will you promise me you’ll do that? “
“ back-up isn’t coming. is it? we’re on our own, right? “
“ can’t sleep, huh? it’s okay. it’s probably all that adrenaline and shock; i can’t sleep, either. wanna keep each other company? “
“ i don’t give two shits about the back-up; i’m just happy you’re alive. “
as always, add a “+ REVERSE” to switch the roles!
[ CARRY ]:     having found the receiver in an injured/weak/unconscious state, the sender carries them in their arms to safety.
[ TILT ]:     the sender gently tilts the receiver’s chin up so that they can check to see if they’re okay.
[ PULL ]:     sender takes the fallen receiver’s hands and carefully pulls them up so that they’re standing once more.
[ WAIST ]:     sender, while physically supporting and steadying the receiver, loops an arm around their waist for extra support.
[ BACK ]:     sender crouches down slightly to let the wounded receiver climb on their back, giving them a piggy-back ride to safety afterwards.
[ HAIR ]:     while in the process of checking the receiver for injuries or other signs of harm, the sender gently brushes several strands of hair from their eyes.
[ TEND ]:     sender begins to care for the receiver’s injuries.
[ LEAN ]:     the wounded sender leans against the receiver for physical support.
[ SUPPORT ]:     the sender encourages the wounded receiver to lean against them for physical support.
[ PUSH ]:     the sender gently pushes the receiver back to lie down so they can check them properly for injuries.
[ COAT ]:     sender removes their jacket and drapes it around the shoulders of the trembling receiver.
[ BLANKET ]:     just as they’re all about to go to sleep, the sender covers the receiver with their own blanket.
[ AWAKE ]:     the sender, unable to sleep, gets up to go for a walk, and finds that the receiver is also unable to sleep.
[ TOGETHER ]:     when the receiver awakens, they discover that the sender has been sleeping next to them, arms wrapped around one another for warmth, comfort, protection ( or something more… )
[ BANDAGE ]:     the sender sits down across from the receiver and begins to bandage their wounds.
[ DRAG ]:     unable to leave them behind, the sender drags the wounded receiver out of danger and into a safe hiding place for both of them to wait until help arrives.
[ TOUCH ]:     the sender nudges or touches the receiver to check and see if they’re alright after the attack.
[ CLEAN ]:     the sender gently and carefully begins to bathe the blood/soot/ash/dirt from the receiver’s skin during a moment of calm.
[ PRIORITY ]:     when they arrive at a designated safe place, the sender refuses to be examined or cared for until the receiver is taken care of first.
[ PROMISE ]:     before leaving to get help/food/water/a rescue mission etc, the sender assures and promises the receiver that they’ll return safely, refusing to bring them along or to stay behind.
[ BROKEN ]:     after having promised the receiver that they’d return, it’s learned that the sender died during their mission. how does the receiver respond?
[ TRAPPED ]:     after having promised the receiver that they’d return from a mission, the receiver learns that the sender has been kidnapped or otherwise trapped, requiring a rescue mission to bring them home.
[ RESCUE ]:     the sender and receiver reunite after the sender embarked upon an infamously perilous rescue mission to save the receiver.
[ FOUND ]:     after a massive rescue mission to try and find the missing receiver, the sender is the first to find them just as the efforts are about to be abandoned.
[ HOPE ]:     just as the receiver is about to lose hope in ever finding the sender again, a message or clue of some kind is discovered that essentially guarantees that the sender is still alive, restoring the receiver’s hope once more.
[ CLING ]:     having finally been reunited, the sender pulls the receiver into a tight, overwhelmingly relieved embrace, clinging to them and burying their face in their shoulder. the whole deal. make it EMOTIONAL–
[ TEARS ]:     having finally found the receiver, or having finally been found by the receiver, the sender breaks down in tears of relief, fear, and many other emotions as they officially reunite.
[ SACRIFICE ]:     knowing that the circumstances only allow one of them to survive, the sender sacrifices their life in order to guarantee the receiver’s survival and safety.
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@son1cb00m​​      /      ❤’d for a starter!     //     shadow  >  sonic.
Tumblr media
🢖  ⸻      crimson eyes hone in on the other hedgehog with slight disdain,  little boredom,  unenthusiastic stare   —   arms crossed tightly across chest,  daring all to approach while proving himself unapproachable.   it had been a while since they’d crossed paths;   fingers twitch,  itching for something,  but there were other matters to attend to.
a wrong to right,  in his mind.   sonic would likely not see it in the same light.
Tumblr media
❝    i suggest you step aside.   while i wouldn’t mind kicking you into the dust,  my issue is not with you.    ❞   rather,  it was one of his friends   —   likely something that sonic will try to hold him back from doing anything,  if he knew.   simple solutions to simple problems.   ❝    what has you stepping in my way,  anyway?   for all you know,  i could be having an issue with dr. eggman,  and it wouldn’t be so tragic if he happened to disappear for a while.    ❞
well,  he had problems with eggman too.   but one step at a time.
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here’s shadow’s tags bc i realised i needed to make em while in the middle of a starter rip
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