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Can u make a masterlist?
Sorry but no. I have a plus size master list but this blog is 8 years old with over 24,000 posts, it would take me years to master list all that!
If you’re looking for something specific please use the search feature on the blog x
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
requested by anon
"Let's just hope they all stay in their enclosures... I'm not in the mood to be running from a bloody massive dinosaur today."
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Headcanons for Steve Harrington having an autistic significant other...
Tumblr media
He doesn't really understand it at first, there's not a lot of research on it and there's never been proper coverage on it so he doesn't get it but he's willing to learn. He likes you and he wants you to know that no matter what, he accepts you for who you are and will love you just the same.
He takes time trying to research, asking doctors and medical professionals when he has the chance. Again, it's not widely known or researched yet so he doesn't get all the answers but he understands it a bit better.
If you're comfortable doing so, he'd like to sit down and have a chat about it and what it involves for you.
"I've been trying to learn a bit about it... There's not much in terms of research but would you mind teaching me about it? If not that's okay, don't feel pressured. I just want to understand a bit more."
You're touched that he's went out of his way to learn about it. You really appreciate it.
He doesn't judge you, doesn't think any less of you... if anything it makes him love you more. He finds you so interesting and complex and he's always finding out something new about you.
Where you're unsure in social situations with social queues or eye contact or your words just don't come out right, Steve's there to help. He's never patronising and never rude, he just helps you guide through it more comfortably. You appreciate that he cares so much to help you.
He goes at your pace in the relationship, baby steps, to get you comfortable with a more intimate interaction and to get you used to what a relationship is like. He doesn't push you for more, he's always aware of your boundaries etc.
He grows to learn about things that you love, your special interests and things that you don't like. He finds it rather endearing when you start ranting about your special interest. He could listen to you talk all day.
He tells his friends all about you, going on and on about how great you are, about how interesting you are, about how pretty you are, about how much he cares about you. He raves about you and when you finally meet his friends, they can just tell by the way you look at each other that you're both completely head over heels in love.
If someone was to ever say anything negative to or about you, he'd see red. He would get so mad, he would go off on one, tearing them a new one. He would be so protective of you and he hates when others judge someone because of their differences.
He doesn't baby you, he'll help and support you but he's never condescending or patronising.
He compliments you all the time.
"You're perfect you know. Absolutely perfect."
"I love the way your eyes light up when you talk about stuff you love."
"You have the prettiest smile."
"Wow, is that a new top? I love it."
Steve learns your queues pretty quick, learns when you're getting overwhelmed and he's able to take you from situations so that you don't get too stressed.
If you're ever feeling overwhelmed or stressed, he's on it. He'll reassure you that everything's okay, that he's got you and he's going to get you out of the situation. He won't let go of you hand until you're out of the situation.
Soft kisses to your temple and soft touches to your hands and cheeks.
He indulges in your interests but you also indulge in his, even things that you aren't particularly fond of. He appreciates the time you put into him and you appreciate the time he puts into you.
You also find common ground, things you're both interested in, and you'll partake in those too.
He makes it a habit to take you on a date every week, even if the two of you have been in a relationship for a year, he's very gentlemanly and he wants to always set aside time for you. The dates could be simple; a walk along a beach, ice cream, pizza and a movie. Steve just likes setting aside time for you each week.
Steve's just perfect, he'll drive around with you in the passenger side singing and laughing. He'll take you to new exciting places for dates, he'll give you flowers every other week, he'll compliment you all the time. He's just very, very lovely and he makes you feel like the only person that matters.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
You'd grown up in the trailer next to Eddie's and were roughly the same age so from a young age, the two of you became friends. You'd spend the days together exploring the woods, playing Dungeons and Dragons, practicing on a skateboard, getting high... You and Eddie did it all.
You'd always had Eddie there and he was always your best friend but as the years passed, something else lingered under the surface too; love.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
When you'd first been selected to do a project with Eddie Munson, you'd been pretty worried about it honestly. Eddie had felt the same about going into it with you. You couldn't be more opposite. He was a freak, you were a cheerleader; what did the two of you have in common?
However after a few study sessions, the pair of you started to get on and feelings started to develop. You found yourself looking forward to hanging out with him and the more time you spent with him, the less time you wanted to spend with your own crew. He was interesting, funny, sarcastic, dramatic and he was fun and my god, you fell and you fell hard.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Here's two more chicks coming, dingus," Robin said turning to Steve, "let's see how quickly it takes for you to ruin this shot!"
Steve rolled his eyes at her, "The last one was just a practice round, can't score every time."
You laughed at him, "So what about the last million you've hit on and failed to pick up? Just practice rounds?"
"Shut up and take their order."
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
"So that's why you dress as Supergirl every Halloween?" Steve asked, eyebrows and lips quirking upwards in intrigue.
You giggled as you nodded, "A girl can dream, Harrington!"
It was a little later as the game continued that Steve, on his way to get another beer, bent low and whispered in your ear, "It's not long until Halloween, sweetheart... Not long until I fulfil your fantasy..."
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Steve, can you go pick up the poo?" You ask, peering out of the kitchen window to see your dog finding a nice patch of grass to poop on.
Steve pretended to be sick, "No, yeah, that's a no."
You rolled your eyes, "C'mon, Harrington! I've done it for the last two days, it's your turn!"
Steve groaned dramatically as he grabbed the poo bags from the kitchen counter, "I'm only doing this because I love you."
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Fucking Ozzy!" Eddie yelled, hanging onto the seat and the dashboard, "I thought I was a bad driver! Jesus H Christ!"
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Headcanons for being asexual and dating Steve Harrington...
Tumblr media
At first, you kind of hold back the information from Steve. You know you shouldn't, it's not really fair to hide it but you're nervous in case he has a bad reaction. It's not a very well known thing and you're worried in case he sees you differently or breaks up with you.
Steve knows something's wrong; he knows you're hiding something but instead of forcing it out of you, he gently reminds you every so often that he's here for you.
"I know you're holding back, I don't know why but I'm sure you've got a reason, just know whatever it is... it's okay. I'll be here for when you're ready to talk about it."
When you do tell him, he's a little confused. It's not something that he's heard of before so at first, he doesn't quite understand the premise of it. However, after you sitting with him and explaining in great detail, he understands more.
He's more than okay with it all. He's so glad that you've told him, although it took a little longer, he's glad you opened up to him. It proves to him how genuine your feelings are for him because it proves that you trust him.
He's totally fine, like super chill about it and you worry he doesn't understand that it means no sex and maybe not as much touching as he's used to but he accepts it, and accepts you. He's more than okay with it. He'd been worried that you'd pulled away from him because you were going to break up with him so it's a big relief to him, honestly. He's very understanding about it all and only wants you to be happy so if that means no sex, he's more than okay with that.
"Baby, if that means no sex, that's okay. I love you that's not going to change... Without sounding rude, what can we do? I'm so fine with just simple stuff even if it's just hand holding but I just want to know where we draw the line, I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable or anything."
He loves simple touches with you, whether you hold his hand or snuggle into his side, he loves any minor or major touch you bless him with.
He's very cautious of your boundaries and usually checks a few times that something is okay. He makes you promise that if he ever does something that makes you uncomfortable, you tell him immediately.
He's very sweet about it in general, he reassures you when you worry that you're not enough for him or when you worry he'll get bored.
"Sweetheart, come on... If cuddling is all we do, that's more than enough for me. Stop worrying about it and just let me love you."
He doesn't want you to change, he loves you just the way you are and he shows and tells you that every single day.
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Eddie Munson's Type...
Tumblr media
I can see Eddie having various types but two stick out in particular.
He likes a prim and proper partner. Someone to corrupt, someone who starts off innocent and then he tarnishes. He finds it such a turn on when someone's very innocent and by the book and then he gets his hands on them and he turns them into something more... filthy. He also likes them keeping up the innocent persona in public so that he can have a dirty little secret with them.
He also likes a rocker, gothic partner. Someone who's got tattoos, likes metal, smokes weed and drinks beer. A freak. He likes someone who's just like him; a loner. He likes the idea of 'us freaks gotta stick together'. He enjoys the stares people give the two of them out in public, the glares and the jeers. He likes playing up to people's ideas of him so will always enjoy giving them a show. He likes someone that knows what it's like to be an outcast, that knows what it feels like.
He doesn't care about body weight or shape. He'll happily date plus size. He cares more about the person and if they can keep up with him more than how much they weigh.
Honestly I think Eddie would happily be with anyone regardless of anything. As long as they have a pulse. I just like two think of these two scenarios, the prim and proper and the freak and the two freaks.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
You held him tightly as he panted wildly trying to catch his breath, "I've got you," you said, holding him, "You're safe, Eddie, I promise."
"Did- Did you really just use your favourite song to save me?" Eddie panted, "You really sang Blondie to save me?"
You shrugged, "I knew that it would remind you of me so... yeah! It worked, didn't it?!"
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Tumblr media
steve harrington + jenny hopper
from my fanfiction; life is strange :)
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'Robin Buckley's Most Played' Playlist
check out my robin buckley playlist inspired by her fast pace hyper nature!
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Being Steve Harrington's girlfriend who struggles with anxiety would include...
Tumblr media
At first, he doesn't understand your anxiety. He's never had experience with it so during the beginning of your relationship, he's like a fish out of water and just doesn't know what to do.
He spends hours talking to you about it, if you're comfortable, finding out what it feels like, what triggers it, what helps it etc. He just wants to be able to help you so will do whatever it takes to understand better.
He even goes so far as researching in the library about anxiety and breathing techniques on how to help.
He holds you late at night, shushing you and helping you to breathe nice and deep.
Steve hates your anxiety; he hates that it makes you suffer so much. All he wants to do is help you and sometimes all he can do is hold you when it gets bad. Sometimes that's all you want him to do.
He tries so hard to help. He'll take you out of situations if he notices you picking at the hems of your sleeves or fidgeting with your fingers. He's quite good at spotting the warning signs of an oncoming attack.
If you're wanting to talk about it, if that would help ease some of the worries in your mind, he'll stay up late talking about it with you, offering solutions and advice. If you're just wanting to try and forget about it, he'll put on a movie and always comes up with new topics to talk about to distract.
You worry that he thinks you're silly, that he won't take your anxieties seriously but he does and each and every time he'll sit with you, working through these 'silly' worries and reassures you every single time.
"I promise you, (y/n), I'm not going to leave. I don't think you're silly, I don't think any less of you... Your anxiety doesn't define you as a person. I love you, nothing's going to change."
He's found little ways to help you like distracting you from an oncoming attack by being silly and singing songs and asking you to concentrate and asking you to tell him the next line of the song. He'll tell you long winded stories about something him and Dustin did to distract you from it. He'll let you play with his hair so that you're concentrating on something other than the rising panic in your chest.
If it's been an anxious day or night, he ensures that you fall asleep wrapped in his arms first before he even thinks about falling asleep.
"I've got you, baby. You're safe, I promise. Nothing bad is going to happen when I'm here. Breathe in and out, just like me."
Steve's able to make you feel safe and calm and being around him is such a caring partner. He would do anything for you so whenever you're feeling anxious, whenever you're feeling that rising panic, he'll do whatever he can to calm you down and to help you.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
requested by anon
It had happened when you were on one of your adventures with him. You'd been away for a little longer than either of you had anticipated and it wasn't until you landed back in your hometown two weeks from when you'd left, your phone blew up.
You immediately knew that something was wrong.
You had around one hundred missed calls from your mum and a load of voicemails from her. You listened to a few which were her sounding pretty panicked and sad before you heard the devastating news.
"I didn't want to tell you over the phone, darling, I-I've been calling but-but I think you're off with that- the Doctor so I-I have to tell you just now... It's your gran, love. She's gone. You know she was in hospital and she- she went last night around nine in her sleep- no pain. I-I-Call me back, darling."
The Doctor had held you as you sobbed. He felt awful. He hadn't meant to keep you for so long, he should've dropped you off a week ago and yet he'd gotten too caught up in having fun adventures with you that he'd forgotten.
A while later, he'd given you a cup of tea as you sat in the TARDIS with him before the TARDIS started to whir and signal that it was leaving to go somewhere else.
"Where are we going?" You asked, head snapping to him, "My-My family-"
He gave you a sad smile, "I'm giving you the chance to say goodbye."
You dissolved into tears again, running to hug him tightly, before the TARDIS landed and the whirring stopped, "Thank you, Doctor."
"If my calculations are correct is should be just after visiting hours are over. It'll just be you and her for a couple of hours until she... passes."
You pulled back, smiling up at him through your tears, "Thank you so much."
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
"You must be (y/n) Wheeler, the eldest Wheeler sibling, and the prettiest." Eddie smirked, bowing low to you in a dramatic greeting.
Your lips tugged upwards into a smile, "And you are the infamous Eddie Munson. King of the Freaks."
"That's me," he grinned proudly at his title, "say would you like to go for a drink with me?"
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