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more spy x family manga coloring…
my love for bond burst through my skin like loid and bond burst through that window
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Since someone already translated the Mission 1 of the Novel, I’m gonna proceed with Mission 2 and the rest: You can read the Mission 1 story: Anya’s Nature Class HERE
SxF Light Novel: Family Portrait Translation Mission 2: Yuri’s Day Off (Part 1)
Note: The italicized sentences are the characters monologue, while the bold and italicized quoted sentence are the ones Anya’s reading. DO NOT REPOST
Tumblr media
“Hello, Mr. Bellman. How are you feeling?”
Yuri Briar. 20 years old.
He lost his parents at an early age and was raised by his older sister, his only immediate relative.
“Oh, I’m sorry. This room kinda smells a bit, isn’t it?”
Wanting to make his beloved sister’s life as easy and happy as possible, he studied hard from an early age, and joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by skipping grades, and is now traveling around the world as a young elite diplomat…but it is just his title on the surface.
Currently, Yuri Briar works for the National State Security Service, also known as (SSS). Ranking as the second lieutenant.
“Even if I ventilate the room, the smell of a filthy traitorous bastard keeps coming back. I wonder where the hell is the smell coming from? Right? Mr. Bellman?”
The man is a secret police officer.
“When was the last time you took a rest, Yuri?”
“Thank you for your hard work, Lieutenant. I took a nap three days ago, so don’t worry about it.”
When he called him out as he came out of the interrogation room, the younger subordinate replied with a smile.
Yuri is tall but slender and with a baby face, his SSS uniform looks like a school uniform when he wears it.
“I want to devote myself to this work, to make the country where my sister lives a better place.”
With a bashful face, he talks about his dream like a young little boy.
But the lieutenant knew that his harmless smile was not all he had to offer. Even now, Thomas Bellman is still vomiting, the traitorous politician who could not be dropped by anyone. The reason why the black gloves are soaking wet must have been from the blood of the traitor. This is what this man is, bloodthirsty.
“Then take a rest tomorrow. It’s a holiday.”
“I told you, I’m fine. My energy is on max!”
“That’s an order from your superior.”
Yuri exclaimed in frustration when he casually ordered him to do so.
“I don’t have time to do that. I must catch Twilight as soon as possible to eliminate the threat coming from the West!”
He’s like a tenacious hunting dog.
Although he can be an uncontrollable mad dog sometimes, he is usually astonishingly serious and diligent. He is like a loyal dog to his owner, the country.
In this man’s case, it is not the country itself that he pledges allegiance to, but rather, to “the country where my sister lives.”
And for that reason, he gave up his bright future and chose to do dirty work himself….?
Being a diplomat is a dream job for many students today. It’s not something that you can just aspire to become but rather, it’s something that you have to work hard for.
What would his sister think if she found out that her young brother had abandoned his brilliant career and was now working everyday in a place where the sun doesn’t shine, getting his hands dirty? Or maybe that’s the reason why this man is hiding real job from his sister…, as he thought about that, he immediately stopped.
Everything is just his own speculation. If there is one unwavering truth, it is that everything Yuri Briar does, exists only for the sake of his sister’s happiness.
Good grief, what a healthy boy he is.
He is not stupid enough to be sentimental, but he admires the unwavering faith of his young subordinate. Therefore, he don’t want to use them up with the stupid things like overworking……due to the lack competent personnel.
“You need a reasonable rest regime so that you can work more smoothly and accurately. It’s fine, you can rest tomorrow. And after the holidays, you can go back and work harder.”
“With all due respect, sir, but…”
“This is for the country. More importantly, it’s for the sake of your sister’s happiness.”
“……I understand.”
At the mention of his sister, Yuri reluctantly agreed in the end. Looking at him, his face, which became sulky, did not look like a ruthless secret police.
“Aaah. they suddenly told me to take a rest, but what should I do now?”
Yuri, who was forced to take a day off half-heartedly, was lying on his bed at home with a lot of free time on his hands in the morning.
Outside the window, which can be seen from his bed, there is a cloudless blue sky.
Oh right, I remember Dominic said he was going on a trip with Camilla. Ah, I also want to go somewhere with my sister for the first time in a long time….It would be nice if we can eat something delicious together.
What came to his mind was the smiling face of his beloved sister, Yor. At that, Yuri’s face loosens sloppily.
“Today’s a holiday…. So the city hall will be closed.”
While looking at the calendar, he looks at the picture frame on the low chest and sees Yor smiling at him in the photo. Yuri’s cheeks blushed at the beauty that would make even the goddess of beauty fade away.
If my sister is also on break from work, maybe I can go visit her again…. It’s been two weeks since I saw her….Oh, but if it’s a holiday, then the hospital is off too.
In that case, the loathsome Lottie is also supposed to be at home.
Loid Forger, who works at Berlint General Hospital, is, regrettably, Yor’s husband. Yuri, however, did not approve of this. To him, Loid was nothing more than a diabolic thief who took away his most precious sister in the whole world just because he is a little bit nicer, a little bit taller, a little bit refreshing, and a little bit caring, an excellent doctor.
Why does he need to have a day off anyway? He needs to work like a sled cow, regardless of holidays, then die somewhere because of overwork!
As he was getting frustrated remembering the wastefully well-dressed face of his sister’s thief, Lottie, the phone on the top of the low chest rang.
Yuri lazily lifted himself out of the bed, while clicking his tongue as he said,
“It’s so early in the morning, who the hell is calling? Yes, Yuri Briar speaking.”
When he answered the phone in an unfriendly voice, he heard a beautiful, angelic voice coming from the other side of the receiver.
“Oh, Yuri. It’s me, Yor.”
The tone of Yuri’s voice jumps up an octave.
“I’m so sorry for calling so early in the morning. Are you going to work now?”
“No, it’s my day off today.”
Yuri responded shyly. At that, Yor’s voice brightened.
“Y-Yeah….sis. I don’t have any business trips and it’s a holiday today, so I’m free for the day.”
“That’s great.”
Yuri’s heart was ringing along with the cheerful voice of Yor.
Sis is happy that I’m off from work. I’m sure that she also wanted to see me….Oh, Lieutenant, thank you so much.
As he was thinking of sending a bouquet of gratitude to the superior he was complaining a minute ago, he heard Yor says,
“That’s good. Actually, Loid is not here for work today .”
Yor said something that made him even more happier. Yuri’s heart suddenly became light, airy like the blue sky today.
“Something like an urgent call came in…”
“I see, Lottie has work today. That’s amazing, no I mean, that’s tragic, sis.”
He rephrased, but he can’t even keep his voice from getting lively.
“Come on, don’t call him that. Loid is way older than you,Yuri. And he’s also your brother-in-law, address him with respect, okay?”
Yor reprimanded Yuri in a troubled voice.
Although Yuri obediently responded, “Yes, sis,” he honestly had no intention of addressing Loid with respect. Furthermore, he doesn’t even have any intention of calling him “brother-in-law.”
I still haven’t acknowledged him as my sister’s husband. No, like I would ever admit it. I won’t admit it even to death, Forger
As he was harboring hostility towards Loid inside, Yor asks him over the phone,
“So, Yuri, can I ask for a little favor? Could you please come over now?”
“Of course sis! I’ll be right there!”
Yuri danced wildly with joy at the request from his beloved sister, he ran out of the house almost fully clothed and headed straight for the apartment where his sister was waiting for him, His steps were lighter than a bird’s feather.
“I’m here, sis. What do I have to do? You need something in a high place that you can’t get? Or maybe, you need help to carry heavy loads? Or do you need someone to sign the witness testimony in your divorce papers? I’ll do whatever you need!”
Yuri opens the door to the Forger’s house with a bright smile. Then, Yor, who seemed to be waiting impatiently for his arrival says,
“Yuri, you’re here. Thank you so much!”
She also greeted Yuri with a bright smile.This smile seems to come from their genes.
Oh, sis. How cute and well-groomed you are today. I’m the happiest person in the world having the most beautiful and kindest sister in the world.
As Yuri was trembling with happiness in his heart, a small creature appeared from behind Yor as if to disturb his surging joy.
“C-Chihuahua girl.”
Anya Forger, the child from the previous marriage of the loathsome sister thief, Loid Forger.
She’s such a hardcore idiot who misheard “knowledge is power” as “knowledge is swole chihuahua”. However, her auspiciousness of wanting to become a great person in order to feed his sister with delicious food is quite impressive. But after all, she’s still the child of that Loid Forger. Yuri can’t let himself be fooled.
“Don’t call me unkie, I’m not your uncle.Don’t you have school today?”
“Today is a holoday.”
“You mean, holiday”
But come to think of it, it’s a national holiday, so it wouldn’t be strange for the school to be closed. That was a blind spot, Yuri clicked his tongue inwardly.
“But still, it’s better than having Lottie. I’ll just let her watch her cartoons, and she won’t be able to disturb me talking to my sister. Oh, SIS, my SISTER! I’ll do anything for you my sister, Oh, my dear sister Yorrrrr, my SISSSSSS!!!”
Upon hearing those thoughts, Anya’s face painted an expression that resembled a Noh mask, belching softly.
“You always have heartburn, don’t you?”
“My stomach is full.”
You nasty brat. I bet you ate too much for breakfast. Well, I understand why you wanted to eat as much as you can. My sister’s cooking is exquisite. It has an indescribable aroma, the more you chew, the more you sweat, the stronger the taste of the ingredients, and occasionally it even includes chopping boards, so not only is it full of nutrients, it also makes your teeth stronger….. Oh, I want to be a food ingredient and be chopped up by my sister.
After a moment of screaming in his chest about his feelings for his sister, Yuri turned to Yor.
“So? What do you want me to help you with? Tell me whatever you need. Do you need me to carry the shopping bag, clean the fan, or do the laundry? I’ll do whatever you want.”
“Oh right, since the weather is nice, how about we do some redecoration? Let’s take this opportunity and maybe you and Lottie could have separate bedrooms..-”
“No, about that…”
Yor hesitated for a moment, frowning her brows slightly, looking troubled as she stammered in front of Yuri, who happened to be very enthusiastic. Yor looked wonderful even with a look like that.
“What’s wrong, sis? We’re close, aren’t we? If you have something to say to me, you can say it, don’t be shy.”
When Yuri said that with a cheerful and enthusiastic smile, Yor finally spoke.
“Actually, there’s an event organized by the city hall today…”
“Yes, yes.”
“Millie was supposed to be the participant, but this morning I suddenly got a call from her saying she has a cold, and I had to go instead. But Loid also has an emergency that he can’t missed out, and Franky, the one we always ask for, is also busy…”
Hmmm…Franky? Who’s that? That’s a completely unfamiliar name…
Yuri reacted strongly to the name of a man he had never heard his sister mentioned before.
Maybe he’s a nanny, hired for babysitting or something.If he’s serious and just doing his job then it’s fine, but if he’s a piece of shit who tries to make a pass on my sister, I’ll execute him
Yuri thought, gritting his teeth.
“The event will last for half a day and I couldn’t leave Anya home alone. So, Yuri, would you mind playing with Anya?”
Yuri stiffened involuntarily at the unexpected turn of events. Ruminating over Yor’s words, he asks in horror,
“I-In other words, you want me to stay in this house without you and with this chihu- I mean, with Loid Forger’s daughter? In this house without you, sis??”
“Yes. Can you do that for me?”
In an instant, Yuri’s beautiful holiday fell apart.
Oh my god, and here I thought I could finally spend the day with my sister…but I have to spend it with this Chihuahua girl? I’d rather read books on interrogation and study torture while surrounded by pictures of my sister, it’s a million times better than doing this.
Yuri almost collapses on the spot in despair. But Yor looked at him with moist eyes and said,
“Please, Yuri. You’re the only one I can count on.”
At that, as the brother who loves his sister more than anything else in the world,
“Okay sis, leave everything to me!”
He had no other choice but to say yes……
It has been 30 minutes since Yor left for work.
Yuri sat on the sofa in the Forger’s living room, casually flipping through the pages of a magazine. However, he wasn’t looking through it intently.
Before that….
“Well then, I’ll be back as soon as possible, I’m really sorry, Anya. I’ll bring you lots of gifts. Yuri, please take good care of Anya.”
After saying that, Yor rushed to work. Her graceful appearance as she walked out the door was still reeling in Yuri’s mind.
“I’m bored, Unkie.”
Anya stretched out as she lay on the carpet under the low table, reading the comic “SPYWARS”.
Yuri nodded and got up on the sofa.
“Then, do you want to study?”, he asked.
Anya made a blatantly disgusted face, but she didn’t mean to harass him.
Yuri, who usually doesn’t interact with children, could not imagine playing with children in a way that would please them. All he thinks about is to get a better job as soon as possible and become a man who can protect his sister. Journalist, lawyer, doctor, technician, he studied all fields evenly so that he can handle all kinds of occupations. Therefore, he didn’t have any time to play, but he never complained about it. In fact, he is proud of the fact that all knowledge he has cultivated in this way is the foundation that supported him today.
“Tell me what subject you’re not good at, we’ll focus on that part.”
“I-I don’t have any subjects I’m not good at. I’m good at everything.”
“Don’t try to lie to me with that stupid face of yours. Well then, we’re going to study all the subjects.”
When Yuri said this in a nonchalant tone, Anya groaned “Geh” sounding like a strangled frog.
“Is this girl really an Eden student? I bet my sister must have suffered a lot because of her….Poor sis, married to a man who already has a child. Right! What if my tutoring made her a little smarter? Then, my sister would say, “As expected from you, Yuri.”, with a sparkling smile like jewels. And then maybe, she will reward me with a kiss on the cheek reward, just like when I was a kid. Oh sis, my beloved SISTER. I love you. You’re the most beautiful woman in the world, no one can compare to you, sis.”
Suddenly, Yuri felt a cold gaze directed at him, stopping his overflowing feelings of love for his sister running out of control. When he looked to his side, he saw Anya staring at him silently. When Anya met Yuri’s eyes, she let out a heavy sigh. It was as if she was saying “Good grief, what a troublesome guy.”, she was so annoyed that she had a persistent cough, but was only able to let out a dry cough.
“Come on, hurry up and go to your room and go get your notebooks, textbooks, and reference books. Don’t forget to bring your learning supplies too.”
“I don’t feel like studying today.”
“Even though you have a lot of free time?”
“I have free time, but I don’t have time to study.”
Yuri sighs at Anya’s cheeky remarks, “Well, go watch TV then.” he told her.
Efficiency doesn’t increase even if you beat the ass of people who don’t like it. Even though he had lost his sense of reason towards his sister, Yuri was still rational enough to realize this. However, Anya appeared to be even less endearing.
“There’s no cartoons to watch at this time.”
“In that case, lie down and take a short nap. Like that fat dog over there.”
Yuri, who was annoyed, pointed at the dog sleeping peacefully on the carpet. It’s a lazy dog that makes him wonder why people keep such a dog. It can’t even be a substitute for a guard dog.
“Ah no. No need to take a short nap, just fall deep asleep. Sleep until my sister comes back.”
All of the sudden, Anya looked at him staringly. She looked extremely dissatisfied.
“What? You look like you want to say something.”
Saying that, Anya quickly left the living room. Yuri thought that she had most likely sulked and retreated to her room, but she soon returned with a notebook and pencil in hand. She sat down directly on the carpet and began to write diligently on the low table. Occasionally, she would glance at Yuri and would chuckle meaningfully, then move her pencil diligently again.
What is she writing about?
Looking at Anya’s hand, Yuri saw a series of squiggly lines on the paper, involuntarily he exclaimed “That’s dirty!”. The writing looked like worms crawling on the ground, harder to read than any type of treason code.
“What’s that…. Is that some kind of curse spell? That’s creepy.”
“A diary, I’ll show you later.”
Anya grinned eerily saying that. Yuri replied with a “Huh”. He then took the notebook from Anya and tried his best to decipher it……
“Today is a holiday. And yet I have to stay at home with Unkie. Unkie isn’t like uncle scruffy, he doesn’t play with me. Unkie told me to sleep like a dog all day. Unkie is bad, I’m so sad”
After reading it, Yuri fainted with his head in agony. It was truly a cursed word, a cursed book.
If my sister reads those lines, she’ll definitely hate me!!
“Yuri, that’s too much! I hate you for being such a bad kid!”
Yuri imagined his sister saying that while furiously turning her back. Just thinking about it, he banged his head against the low table in despair and confusion.
“You’re so violent, Unkie…”
Anya swallowed, flinching at Yuri’s eccentricity.
“Let’s go out!”
Yuri stood up, blood streaming from his head.
“You’re bleeding.”
“Don’t worry about it.”
He looked at Anya, who was pointing at his head, and gave her a serious order.
“We’re gonna go out to play now. Get ready, chihuahua girl.”
“Ooting! Ooting!”
“Stop flapping your feet. And it’s “outing”, not “ooting””
Yuri had been awake for several days in a row before his superiors gave him a reluctant day off. And now, he couldn’t help but sigh as he sat in the tram with the daughter of the despicable thief. Why should he, an excellent secret police officer who pledged allegiance to the country, have to suffer such a fate?
An old woman sitting nearby looked at the excited Anya, she squinted her eyes and said,
“Oh my, she’s so cute.”
What’s so cute about her? Damn it, this is all because of Millie - my sister’s co-worker
Going to his sister’s house, helping her, eating the food she cooks, talking with her - this dream holiday was ruined all because that girl caught a cold.
Does she really even have a cold?
The timing is just too good to be true. If she had forced her beautiful, kind-hearted, angelic colleague, who never doubted others, to work on a troublesome holiday, then such a woman should be executed right away. She doesn’t deserve to live.
….No, no matter what kind of woman she is, she still might be an important working companion for my sister. After all, if I have to execute someone, it should be Loid Forger, who forced his daughter to my sister on a holiday and is working on his own ….Damn it, if that man were a spy, I could have executed him with dignity.
While Yuri was thinking about those things, the tram arrived at the station they needed to get off. Anya jumped off the platform.
“Where are we going, unkie? To the amusement park? I want to ride a ferris wheel.”
“Since you’re just gonna play anyway, why not go to an educational place where you can play too, right? We’re going to “STEP WORK KIDS”.”
Anya repeated it as “SNACK WAAK KISS”. A young woman who was walking nearby heard it and burst out laughing.
She’s really a total embarrassment. Even though he was annoyed, Yuri corrected her.
“It’s Step-Work-Kids. I remember one of my seniors at work told me he went there with his wife and kids.”
“What’s it like? Is it fun?”
“To simply put it, it’s a place where children can simulate working in their field of interest and help them choose a career for their future. It’s a huge government-approved indoor entertainment facility created with the aim of encouraging the development of the necessary human resources such as lawyers, judges, military personnel, doctors, scholars, engineers and other professionals needed in Ostania.”
“It’s a little bit difficult.”
Anya looked at him with dull eyes like a dead fish.
“You’re talking like an alien, unkie.”
“….in other words, it’s a place where you can play around with different jobs and decide what you wanna be in the future.”
Hearing that, Anya’s eyes immediately lit up. She clasped her hands tightly in front of her chest and sighes excitedly.
“Sounds like fun.”
“Right? Let’s get going then.”
As he said this and turned to go to the address where the amusement facility was located, something soft touched his left hand. Yuri then realized that Anya was trying to hold his hand, he winced involuntarily at that.
“…..what are you doing?”
“When we go ooting, I have to hold papa and mama’s hands, and so does scruffy.”
“What’s with this scruffy? And we’ve been outside for a while now.”
Honestly, Yuri was reluctant to hold her hand, but then he realized that if he lost her just because he didn’t want to hold her hand, he would have no face to show to his sister, so he unwillingly held her hand. The hand he held was warm and a little damp, probably because her body temperature is higher. Moreover, her hand is very sticky.
God, it’s dirty….why didn’t she wash her hands properly?
While thinking that, he was also surprised how small her hands were.
“How old are you?”
“I’m six years old.”
“I see.”
Yuri glanced involuntarily.
Are these hands smaller than a child’s at her age? Or are they bigger? He had no idea what size a six year old’s hands would have.
…..come to think of it, sis used to hold my hands like this.
But of course, his young hands were never sticky with candies…..
“How many minutes, unkie?”
“About 10 minutes.”
“So exciting.”
“Look straight ahead. No more glancing sideways.”
Despite his nagging warnings, Yuri didn’t realize that he had unconsciously adjusted his pace to match up with Anya’s footsteps.
“Welcome to STEP WORK KIDS!”
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Crime incoming.
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happy birthday!!!!! you're such a delight to this fandom and i smile every time i see your art on my dash :) i hope you have a day as wonderful as you 🫶
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them ....
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this feeling is real
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This man is fully incapable of interacting intimately with yor as loid like all he’s doing is feeding her a bite of her dinner and he has to go full twilight mode
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His girls have had bad days, but it’s okay, he’s there. (Post reveal domestic bliss)
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An Almost Proposal
***This is my longest post yet so grab a beverage of choice and a plushie to keep your company. It's going to be a long, long read.
[LOID and FRANKY are having an intense discussion at an outdoor café. YOR is out running errands when she sees them.] 
LOID (to FRANKY): I already told you I tried thinking of over 800 ways to do it but... 
LOID: *sighs, heavy-hearted* 
LOID: None of them seem good enough.  
LOID: *fiddles with small velvet box in his gloved hand* 
LOID: What if she doesn’t even like it? 
FRANKY: *spots YOR walking over to them* 
FRANKY: Why don’t you ask her yourself? She’s heading our way now. 
LOID: What— 
YOR: Loid! Franky! Imagine running into you two here! 
LOID: Yor!  
LOID: *quickly stuffs his hands in his pockets* 
LOID: What...what are you doing here? 
FRANKY: Is that any way to greet your wife? 
LOID: Shut up, Franky. 
YOR: Is Loid mad at me? What if they were talking about something important? What if they...don’t want me here? 
YOR: I...I just dropped off Anya at Becky’s house and decided to run some errands before going home. I-I hope I’m not interrupting anything. 
FRANKY: Oh no, not at all. We were just bouncing around some ideas... 
FRANKY: *glances sideways at LOID, a sly glint in his eye* 
FRANKY: As a matter of fact, we would love to hear your opinion on something... 
LOID: *blanches* 
FRANKY: *ignores LOID’s frantic hand signals from behind YOR* 
YOR: Sure, I’d be happy to help. 
FRANKY: Great! What Loid wants to know is— 
LOID: *about to have a heart attack* 
LOID: Nothing! It’s nothing! 
FRANKY: Oh, it’s something all right. It’s definitely something.  
LOID: *looks at FRANKY murderously* 
FRANKY: *ignores LOID* 
FRANKY: He wants to know what’s the best way to propose to someone.  
YOR: Propose? Propose what? 
LOID: Thank God my wife is so innocent... 
FRANKY: Propose... 
FRANKY: …marriage.  
YOR: Oh! That! Of course!  
YOR: *laughs nervously* 
FRANKY: He’s asking for a friend, of course, seeing as how he’s already married to you. 
YOR: He’s asking for a friend? Is the friend...you? 
FRANKY: *full-body shock* 
LOID: What’s THAT look for? 
FRANKY: *clasps YOR’s hand as tears stream down his face* 
FRANKY: Yor, you think...you think I can get a woman to marry me someday? 
YOR: Why, of course I do! You’re going to make some lucky lady very happy someday.  
FRANKY: Oh, Yor, that’s the most confidence anyone’s ever had in me since...well, ever... 
LOID: *cuts in between them and snatches YOR’s hand back* 
LOID: That’s quite enough of that. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ in whispers ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
LOID: That’s my wife’s hand you’re holding! 
FRANKY: *grins toothily* 
FRANKY: Someone is in a little too deep. 
LOID: I am not! It’s only because...if someone sees Yor holding hands with another man, they might get the wrong idea... 
FRANKY: Yeah, sure. That's the reason you’re so anxious to take her back. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~end whispers~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
FRANKY: So, Yor, what do you think? How would you want someone to propose to you?  
LOID: You don’t have to answer that, Yor. 
LOID: Although I wouldn’t mind the inspiration... 
YOR: No, I want to help. 
YOR: *thinks hard, then brightens* 
YOR: The best way to propose to someone is... 
LOID & FRANKY: *leaning in eagerly* 
YOR: With respect! 
FRANKY: *recovers first, then thumps LOID on the back* 
FRANKY: Well, there you have it, Loid! The best way to propose to someone! It’s so obvious I wonder why we didn’t think of it ourselves! 
LOID: *deflated* 
LOID: Yes, of course...It was...staring me in the face...the whole time... 
FRANKY: Now you can go tell this...friend...of yours the best way to propose to his lady love. 
LOID: I will. Erm, thanks, Yor.  
YOR: Of course. Anything I can do to help!  
LOID: Well, I think we’re done here so why don’t I walk home with you? 
YOR: Are you sure? You two looked like you were having a good time. I just wanted to stop by and say hello. 
LOID: No, I’m sure.  
YOR: All right then. It was nice to see you again, Franky. Come by and visit us sometime. 
FRANKY: Oh, I will. I’m waiting on some good news that should be coming very, very soon, and when it does...I’ll swing by to celebrate. 
YOR: Please do. 
LOID: *grimaces as he tips his hat* 
LOID: Franky. 
FRANKY: *gives LOID a cheeky grin and two thumbs up* 
[As soon as YOR and LOID turn their backs, FRANKY shakes his head.] 
FRANKY: Sheesh. That guy’s got his work cut out for him. 
LOID: *walks home with YOR, hands still stuffed in his pockets* 
LOID: So what did she mean by that? Was that code for something? No, of course not. She didn’t even know we were talking about her. But that means her answer didn’t give away anything at all! I still don’t know how I’m going to do this. I’m back at square one. 800 ideas and nothing to show for it! Come on, think, Twilight. Surely you can do better than this! If only I could come across some clue... 
YOR: Um...Loid? 
LOID: *stops abruptly, causing YOR to trip. He reaches out a hand to steady her* 
LOID: What? Oh no. Was she saying something? Was I ignoring her this whole time? Does she find me inattentive? Uncaring? Or worse, a...a horrible husband?! I knew it! She’s mad at me now. Well, she has every right to be. I’ve been so preoccupied that I can’t even take the time to listen to her when we’re together. All right, pull yourself together, Twilight. You can do this. You can— 
LOID: Ahem. Yes, Yor?  
YOR: Er...while I think it’s very sweet that you held my hand for this entire walk and you even kept it in your pocket to keep me warm, you...you’ve been fidgeting a lot. I’m worried that you’ll wear a hole in your pocket and the other thing you have in there will fall out. 
LOID: *freezes as the color drains from his face* 
LOID: I’m still holding YOR’s hand?! Please don’t tell me that I put her hand in the same pocket as... 
[LOID forces himself to look. His heart plummets. He pulls their intertwined hands out of his pocket, leaving the velvet box in there.]
LOID: Yes, well. I apologize. I was thinking very hard about this...friend of mine and how I was going to use your idea to help him. However, I can do that later. Right now, I should be listening to what you’re saying. 
YOR: Oh no, I wasn’t saying anything! I was very much enjoying our walk together. I’m just worried since you seem so tense. If...if this isn’t overstepping bounds, how about you tell me a little more about your friend’s situation and I’ll see if I can do anything further to help. 
[LOID thinks for a moment, then pulls YOR over to a nearby bench. They sit and LOID takes off his hat, twirling it on his free hand.] 
LOID: There’s not much to say, really. My friend has been with his lady for a while now. Neither one of them was looking for a serious relationship in the beginning and honestly, he’s surprised it’s lasted this long. However, what surprises him even more is...what developed during their time together. At first, spending time with her baffled him. She was so unlike anyone he’d ever met that it took time for him to figure her out. 
LOID: *bows his head, chuckling wryly*  
LOID: To be fair, he still doesn’t have her figured out. But he likes that, in a way. It keeps things interesting, keeps him on his toes. And there’s other things about her, too. Qualities that caught him off-guard, but things that he wouldn’t give up for the world and now can’t live without: her selflessness, her strength, her tenacity...and her tenderness.  
LOID: *moves YOR’s hand onto his knee, absently tracing her fingers with his thumb* 
LOID: And they work so well together. When he has trouble with something, she encourages him and teaches him, presenting new perspectives. When she struggles, he does what he can to support her and be there for her. It’s not every day that people find someone who complements them like that.  
LOID: *leans back into the bench and looks up at the sky which was turning a rosy hue* 
LOID: I guess that’s why he wants everything to be perfect. He wants to show her that even though their relationship wasn’t supposed to be serious at first, now he wants to prove that he’s never been more serious about anything in his life...than making their relationship real. And making it last.  
YOR: She sounds like a very special lady. 
LOID: She is... 
LOID: *bolts upright* 
LOID: I mean, from what I hear! From my friend! 
YOR: *giggles* 
YOR: And your friend sounds like he’s found his match. 
LOID: *glances at their interlaced fingers* 
LOID: That he has. 
YOR: *squeezes LOID’s hand* 
LOID: *looks up at YOR, surprised at the look in her eyes* 
YOR: Loid, I don’t know this friend of yours, but I know you. I know how intelligent and talented and creative you are. I know how hard you try. I know how much you want to help. The fact that you’re so worried about your friend tells me how much you care. However, if you carry on like this, you’re going to worry yourself to death and then you won’t be able to help your friend at all! So I want you to do something for me. 
LOID: W-what is it? 
LOID: YOR never asks for anything... 
YOR: I want you to believe in yourself. Believe in yourself the way Anya and I believe in you. Believe that you can and will help your friend. Believe that everything will work out. I know it will because I know you. I know you can do anything. 
LOID: *stares at YOR as a strange feeling washes over him, YOR’s words baptizing him in her unshakable faith, momentarily absolving him of the anxiety, fear, and stress he’s suppressed for so many years* 
YOR: Loid, are you...okay? 
[LOID’s hand goes limp and his hat falls from his fingers.] 
YOR: Loid! Your hat! Here, let me... 
YOR: *catches LOID’s hat just before it hits the ground. She holds it out to him, but he doesn’t move* 
YOR: Loid? Please say something. 
LOID: *unable to speak because he’s fighting every instinct to get down on one knee and propose to her right then and there. Instead, he leans forward and kisses her forehead* 
YOR: What...what was that for? 
LOID: For being my special lady.
YOR: O-oh... 
LOID: *takes the hat and places it back on his head, then pulls YOR to her feet* 
LOID: Come on, Yor. Let’s go home.  
YOR: O-okay.  
LOID: Only this time... 
YOR: Yes? 
LOID: Let me hold your other hand. 
LOID: *takes YOR’s other hand and places it in his other pocket, then walks home with one hand holding onto his wife and the other hand holding onto a small velvet box, hoping to join the two someday soon* 
***Special thanks to Nick Offerman for the inspiration. And yes, I mean THAT Nick Offerman. The Ron Swanson guy. Who’s married to Karen Walker. If you don’t know who any of those people are, please Google them. I promise you it will be worth your time. 
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aerequets · 19 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Post cold-war (read: post reveal/ end of mission etc), the borders are reopened. Loid takes his little family around his hometown.
(Inspired by a personal memory. My grandpa would take my brother and I to this particular river under a highway just to see tadpoles whenever we visit. It’s usually the highlight of my day)
(Also pls don’t repost)
(Also I have no idea how yalls add random hashtags?? I wanna tag #slice of life but for the life of me it wouldn’t show up)???
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drunk Yor
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they should kiss
spy x family
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man i think they should kiss
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I’m back bitches
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aforementioned vintage pic below
Tumblr media
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aerequets · 22 days ago
I am kind of of the frame of mind that Loid rationalizes Anya's uncanny perception as a normal "clever child" thing. As a young boy who lost his family and had to go to war he probably had to adapt and be a people pleaser, Anya came from an orphanage and is obviously desperate to be loved. Maybe he sees himself in that. But of course she's just a mind reader lol.
aww thats a good (and sad/sweet) point! we even see in the manga when anya goes to work with loid and does the sandbox test that he totally overanalyzes her (completely bs'ed) arrangement and connects it to her past. i think he does see himself in her to an extent which might be why he wants to protect her innocence and childishness, and doesn't think much about how 'suspicious' she may be acting because. she's just a kid who has had a hard time
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Officially a dad.
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